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How to Store Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper is used to conceal presents for many different holidays and events. It comes in all kinds of designs and shapes. You may have several different rolls of wrapping paper in your home. These rolls can easily become unraveled. Also, since they are an odd shape, you may not be sure how to

Birthday Ideas for an 18-Year-Old Female

Birthdays are a cause for celebration. Eighteenth birthdays are an especially exciting milestone in a young adult's life. While planning birthdays can be a challenging task, there are many ways to make an 18-year-old female's birthday a remarkable event that she'll always remember,

How to Make a Magnolia Leaf Christmas Banner

A Christmas banner is similar to a swag, except that it hangs horizontally across a mantel or on a wall. It is easy to make and, depending on what material you choose, can last for many years. Magnolia leaves are the medium for this banner. When decorated with metalic gold garland and gold balls of

How to Make a Coffin for Halloween

Halloween coffins are popular for decorations both outside and inside. Put a skeleton or vampire in an outdoor coffin or fill an open coffin inside the house with drinks and snacks during a party. Because this coffin is made with foam board, it is lightweight and easy to construct. Paint it a brown

Ideas for Photo Christmas Cards

Turn your Christmas card into a photo gift.Christine Balderas/Photodisc/Getty ImagesChristmas time is a chance for family and friends to catch up on news and reconnect. Using a photo on your Christmas card gives you the added opportunity to show off your family, pets and activities from...

Gift Ideas for Engineers

Think outside the gift box when buying a gift for an engineer.Jupiterimages/ ImagesGive the engineer in your life a break from machines, devices, roads and buildings by giving him something he cherishes. The gifts can be funny and whimsical, or something that acknowledges...

How to Light a Nativity Set

A nativity set is a traditional Christmas decoration that depicts the birth of baby Jesus. Many lawn nativity sets need some lighting so the display can be seen at night. You can achieve this without hiring a professional electrician. Using some basic lighting items you already have on hand, like fl

Your Free Halloween Party Planning Guide

Get a Free Halloween party planning guide so you can find the help you need to plan this year's Halloween costume party. You can also find some free birthday party guides to help with all your party planning needs. Find the party games, recipes, party decorating ideas and some simple to use tip

DIY Costume Ideas

Creating a costume is a fun activity that can help get you into the spirit of Halloween. While a complex costume is fun and exciting to wear, it may be difficult to create on your own. Many types of costumes can be made from clothing and materials you have around your home.

How to Make a Duct Tape Whip

Several costumes -- animal trainers and equestrians, for example -- call for a pretend whip to complete the ensemble. Real leather whips are expensive, hard to find and dangerous. Unfortunately, toy whips sold in costume stores tend to look cheap. You can use brown duct tape to construct an inexpens

Holiday Survival 101

Do the holidays brings to mind, stress, frustration, aggravation and depression?Learn some simple tips to make the most out of the holidays and take care of yourself!

Scary Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas

Celebrate Halloween with traditional ghoulish imagery and costumes.halloween image by St??phane Magnin from Fotolia.comHalloween costumes can be funny, cute or sexy--but to get into the true spirit of the holiday, make and wear a scary, ghoulish costume. Halloween as we know it evolved...

How to Create Online Printable Halloween Flyers

Making flyers to spread the word about a Halloween event, contest, menu or party is a festive way to communicate with friends, families or co-workers. It's easy to create your own Halloween flyer online and to print it out from your home printer. You don't need artistic ability or experience with gr

How to Plan a 30-Year High School Reunion

A high school reunion is a wonderful way to revisit memories, reestablish old friendships and even form new connections. Planning a reunion can be a daunting task, especially if your classmates have dispersed across the country. If you're responsible for putting together your 30th reunion, reach out

Costume Ideas for 13 Year Olds

Halloween Pumpkinshalloween image by Nicolas D from Fotolia.comIt can be very tricky to find a Halloween costume for your thirteen-year-old son or daughter. Your tween wants to dress a little more mature this year, and you want make sure he or she is stepping out into the world in an age...

Ideas for Hosting a Halloween Bunco Night

Bunco is a simple dice game that has been played in the United States since the 1800s. It is well suited to large groups because it is easy to learn and fairly fast-paced, which makes it an ideal game for many types of parties, from birthday celebrations to Halloween parties. In the latter category,

Easter Tree Tradition

Easter trees are slowly becoming a part of mainstream North American Easter traditions. In spring, they can be found on the shelves of many stores. Instructions on how to make Easter trees have even appeared in Martha Stewart Living magazine. In spite of their popularity, the origins of the Easter t

How to Make a Homemade Du-Rag

A du-rag or skullcap is a fabric cap that ties in the back. Commercial du-rags can be made from many different fabrics in almost any pattern or style. However, for a unique du-rag, make your own. If you have basic sewing skills, you can make your own du-rag from ½ yard of material in as littl

How to Use Fake Snow for Christmas

The common media portrayal of the Christmas season is one of snow-filled landscapes and snow-dusted trees. For those living in warmer climates or looking to festively decorate inside their homes, fake snow is an option that will allow you to decorate for Christmas regardless of the temperature. This