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Holidays: 6 Gifts of More Lasting Value

Stuck on what to give the relatives for Christmas? Here are a few suggestions that will beat out the traditional soap on a rope or fruitcake.

How to Make a Girl Unshy

More than 50 percent of the people in the U.S. are considered to be shy, according to Dr. Renee Gilbert, a clinical psychologist, and shy people come in both sexes. Helping a girl become unshy is a process that can take a lot of work and investment in the person. You can never force a girl to open u

How to Make Homemade Tinkerbell Outfits

Tinkerbell is the small fairy from "Peter Pan" whose voice sounds like the tinkling of a bell. In the 1953 animated Disney movie that introduced her to millions of children, the blond sprite wears a short, lime-green dress with little pompom-topped slippers. If you want to dress like Tinkerbell for

Princes and Queens Costumes Rock This Year

Isn't Halloweena great time of year? It's the only time of year where you can be anyone you want. Dressing up can be really fun and exciting, especially if you choose to be someone that is original. Dressing up as a queen is the type of costume that is fun for any girl, big or small.

How to Make a Costume From the Clothes Already in My Closet

For a costume or Halloween party, it's customary to arrive in something other than regular street clothes. Costumes can be expensive or time consuming to make, with some costumes requiring extensive sewing or assembling. With a little makeup, however, clothes in your closet can become part of a cree

Christmas Tree Cake Decorating Tips

Christmas tree decorationschristmas tree image by Maria Brzostowska from Fotolia.comThe Christmas season is a popular time of the year for baking. Even those who do not bake regularly attempt at least one or two Christmas cookie recipes. More ambitious bakers, or people baking for a large...

Superman Birthday Ideas

Superman is possibly one of the most popular super heroes around. He is a symbol of strength, justice and virtue to all that know him. Superman also has a myriad of super abilities such as ultra sensitive hearing, telescopic vision, X-ray vision, superhuman speed and strength and the ability to fly.

How to Make a Puking Halloween Pumpkin

Halloween is about the fear and scares associated with the holiday, but it is also about the fun and gags that come with it as well. From pranks to funny costumes, Halloween brings a lot of entertainment and much of this can come from Halloween decorations. Spinning off of the traditional Jack O'Lan

Most Popular Christmas Gifts

Christmas is associated with merry making as much as for gifts for your children. Sometimes looking for gifts that your children want or have been dreaming for can prove to be an arduous task. Lot many times you will find that you have been late in looking for the appropriate gift your children were

Valentines DayA Day Of Love For Singles Too

Generally, the Valentine’s Day make the singles nag for not being in a relationship. But there are lots of ideas that singles can use to make their day memorable and filled with joyous moments.

Toy Story Costumes - Where to Locate the Perfect Costume

What an incredible story line. Toys that are alive and have a community of their own? The popularity of these toy characters was so overwhelming that websites and stores began marketing the toy story costumes and these were an incredible success. At Halloween and parties for children or adults you w

Fun 40th Birthday Gifts

Have fun with a 40th.birthday image by Albert Lozano from Fotolia.comWhen it comes to milestone birthdays that signify a true life transition, the 40th takes the cake. While some may be disheartened about reaching the four-decade mark, coming up with some fun and creative gift ideas can...

Halloween and Autumn Fun for Families

Have fun this Halloween as a family. Make pumpkin carving even more fun with these unique ideas. You're sure to have a ridiculously good time while also having the best dressed house on the block!

Easy Easter Food & Crafts

Use colorful jelly beans to make edible Easter crafts.Tsuneo Yamashita/Digital Vision/Getty ImagesWhen planning an Easter party, make charming food crafts, which can double as table décor and dessert or favors. Save time by making easy and festive baked goods and candy-inspired...

Fun 19th Birthday Ideas

Celebrate your 19th birthday with fun festive activitiesHappy Birthday Balloon image by Dawn from Fotolia.comYou should always celebrate every birthday. Often times the birthdays that fall outside the milestone birthdays--16th,18th and the 21st birthday gets down played. Your 19th...

Places to Rent for Events in Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia is full of history and culture, which offer special locations for event rental. You can choose from a southern mansion, an art gallery, a country farm or a beautiful park. When planning your next event consider exploring all Atlanta, Georgia has to offer. Select a special location f

Craft Gift Ideas for Mom

Craft gifts for Mommother and daughter image by Joann Cooper from Fotolia.comThe most important element of any gift is not the money spent on purchasing it, but the time spent thinking of a loved one while creating it. Craft gifts are a perfect way for children to express their love and...