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About The Norwegian Language

Norwegian is the official language of Norway, a country in the Scandinavian Peninsula in northern Europe. If you have plans to travel to Norway, or if you have Norwegian ancestors, you might want to learn more about the language. Even if you just like learning about different languages or about hist

What Is Cultural Invention?

A cultural invention is any innovation that exists solely within the intangible human cultural sphere. Cultural inventions are not physical, but encompass such things as language, politics and systems of laws. Scholars use the term "cultural invention" to emphasize that many human practices and idea

How to Find a Theme for a Toastmasters Meeting

Toastmasters International is dedicated to helping people across the world learn better public speaking skills. This nonprofit organization is made up of independently run local clubs that are each responsible for their own memberships and for running their own meetings. If you are in charge of plan

Difference Between True Conscience & False Conscience

Regardless of their religious beliefs, nearly all people have some form of conscience, and though this little voice in their head that tells them what they are doing is wrong or right may not be anything like those cartoon depictions of our conscience, the idea is the same. The concept of true and f

Types of Clothes the Nepalese Wear

The Nepali people, sometimes known as Gurkhas, are an ethnic group that live primarily in the country of Nepal as well as the northeast Indian states of West Bengal and Sikkim. Nepali people have incorporated influences from traditional Indian culture into their dress and religious beliefs but maint

About Choctaw Clothing

The Choctaw are a Native American people originally located in and around the Mississippi Valley. The Choctaw today are found all over the United States with the largest concentrations in Oklahoma, California, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. Early Choctaw were known for their adaptability

American Indian Stone Tools

North America has thousands of archaeological sites rich in Indian artifacts. These artifacts, such as American Indian stone tools, are clues to the way of life of the ancient inhabitants of the Americas. Archaeologists have noted the evolution of these tools over time.Early Indian...

What The Flock: Human Sheep? Baa Part One

We all probably like to pride ourselves for being independent thinkers and doers - thinking and doing outside of the box that society has tried to put us, and confine us, in. Dream on. Nearly ...

1950'S Hairstyles & Makeup

In the 1950s, women sported soft, feminine hair and makeup while men were either conservative or rebellious. Television, movies and music stars inspired fads such as the poodle cut and sideburns. Women spent lots of time and money trying to look natural after they put on their makeup. Men's hairstyl

How to Search My Father's Family History

Searching for the family history of your father can be rewarding for many reasons. You can find other family members that you may not have ever met before and you can find long lost relatives that are looking for the same information that you are looking for. There are many resources to help you tra

About the Mescalero Indians

The Mescalero Indians are one of several bands that form the Apache tribe. The Apache Indians were a nomadic tribe that dominated the American southwest for centuries. Today there are seven major bands of Apache Indians: the Western Apache, Navajo, Chiricahua, Jicarilla, Lipan, Plains Apache and the

5000 Students Catch Up in Zimbabwe

Melinda, a thirteen year old girl in seventh grade, could not hide her anguish after being told she failed her end of term test, barely two months before sitting for her final exam. She thought ...

How to Teach Children About African American Literature

"If you've read fairy tales, you know that everything can talk, from trees to chairs to tables to brooms," says J. California Cooper, an African American writer. Her self-descriptive writing practice illustrates ideas for children to explore their writing process. Sharing the creative process of dif

Purpose of African Tribal Masks

African tribal masks are considered among the most highly-treasured items in the world of art. While craftsmen take attentive care in creating them, their real purpose goes beyond the making of beautiful art.

The Concept of Yin & Yang in Chinese Culture

Every culture has its own belief system, and most of these include something to explain the workings of the universe, or at least the world man lives in. In Chinese culture, this is explained by the concepts of yin and yang.

How to Be an Iconoclastic Leader

Innovation is driven by a willingness to discard old ways of thinking and doing things. An iconoclastic leader uses creative problem solving to achieve his vision. Iconoclasm requires creativity, courage, and the ability to synthesize information in novel ways. Notable historic leaders in politics,

Traditional Vietnamese Art

Lacquered objects, silk paintings and wood block prints are some of the traditional arts which have developed in Vietnam over the centuries. Some art influences, like lacquering more obviously show the influence of other cultures. While others like silk painting, show sensibilities that have long