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Gender Role Differences Among American Indians

American Indians (now more commonly called Native Americans) in the 19th century differed a great deal from one tribe to another in terms of culture and customs. These differences extended to gender roles, which varied widely across tribes. Even within a tribe, gender roles varied across time.

Chinese New Year 2012 in Canvas Art Walls

This occasion, it's the year of the water dragon! One of the most celebrated and most significant festivity in the Chinese calendar is about to occur. Several house fixtures of Chinese customs for luck, as ...

Historic Monuments of Tokyo

More than 12.79 million people live in Tokyo, 10 percent of Japan's population.building,shinjuku,tokyo image by yam from Fotolia.comIf you want an exciting adventure for your next vacation, visit Tokyo, Japan's largest city and capital. Take one of several guided tours to attractions,...

How to Speak With an Arabic Accent

Do you need to master an Arabic accent for a comedy routine or school play? It's not difficult, especially if you know a few basic facts about the Arabic alphabet. With only a few simple pointers, you'll be on your way to speaking English with an Arabic accent in no time.

American Wedding Culture

Few wedding traditions are completely unique to the United States. Most came mostly from European cultures, evolving from religious or social observances. However, the extravagance of modern American wedding culture is unparalleled except perhaps by foreign royalty. Approximately five million Americ

The History of African Tattoos

The first evidence of human tattooing was found 5,000 years ago in Egypt when a tattoo was found on a priestess who was mummified in a tomb. The practice of tattooing has continued in Africa, and was picked up by African-Americans in the United States.

1700s Medical Instruments

If you're the type of person who feels a little queasy when giving a blood sample, you would have been downright nauseous as a medical patient in the 1700s. Many of the instruments used by doctors during this time look to modern people like instruments of torture; in some cases, they probably actual

How Important Is Family to the American Indian?

Although family customs and structures may vary between tribes, the family is of extreme importance in American Indian culture. Most tribes consider it the backbone of their society. However, American Indian family structures are often misunderstood by non-Indians.

The Significance of Ferdinand Magellan

Ferdinand Magellan (1480-1521) was a Portuguese explorer who led the first successful mission to circumnavigate the Earth. He was one of a number of Mediterranean men who would follow in the footsteps of Christopher Columbus during the Age of Exploration.

What are the Different Types of Hanging Scales?

Hanging and balancing scales are old tools for measuring weight. The diversity of hanging scales combined with portability make these instruments ideal for weighing items quickly. Typically, hanging scales have a bottom hook for attaching the weighed item and a face dial to reflect the amount. Large

Mysterious Stone Monuments

Throughout history, strange and mysterious structures have been discovered all over the world. From Europe to South America and Asia these monuments and structures have become intriguing attractions for visitors. They are mysterious because no one really knows how or why they were erected and study

The History of the Rain Stick

Creating the sound of falling rain was once believed to bring about a storm, thus the magic powers of a rain stick. Made from a long, hollow tube--traditionally from cacti that was hollowed by drying in the sun--the tube is filled with beads or beans. When the stick is turned over, the beans fall th

How to Use an African Art Ritual Mask

During celebrations, initiations, crop harvesting, war preparation, peace and trouble times, African masks are worn by a chosen or initiated dancer, according to the Africa Rebirth website. Ritual ceremonies often summon deities, spirits of ancestors and animal, as well as other mythological creatur

Role of Family in Chinese Culture

Familial bonds hold a special place in most cultures throughout the world. These bonds help shape the culture of a nation. Family dynamics change through history and around the world. In China, the role of family plays an important part of daily life. The role of family in China has shifted to becom

Mummification Techniques

Mummification is a burial practice that goes back thousands of years.fouille image by jerome DELAHAYE from Fotolia.comMummification is an ancient practice that continues to intrigue both scholars and travelers. Every year, thousands of tourists visit Egypt to see mummies extracted from...

Production of Silk in China

China has led the world in silk production ever since they developed the silk industry in pre-recorded history. Silk, which is produced from the cocoons spun by silkworms, is produced on silk farms abundant with mulberry trees, as mulberry leaves are the silkworm's only food source. According to the

Native American Ways to Teach Kids

November is National American Indian Month, and including the study of Native Americans in your curriculum will give your students a better understanding of America. A study of the culture of Native Americans can be integrated into your curriculum across all subjects, such as science, art, language

Overview of Native American Boarding Schools

Native American boarding schools are a part of our history. During the time these schools were established, people felt they were necessary to teach Native Americans how to live in a civilized society. Children were taken from their tribes and placed in these schools far from their families.

How surpass death?

What is permanent in life? What remain forever as long as life is present on earth? Is life permanent or death permanent? The most fearful or scary or worrying truth that bother all living things ...

Sioux Indian Jewelry Traditions

Throughout its history, the various factions comprising the Sioux Nation have demonstrated a knack for celebrating their natural surroundings, animal spirits, and the Great Spirit, through ornate jewelry and intricately decorated clothing. These Native American Plains People have used bone (often ca