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The History of Indian Arrowheads in Georgia

What many call arrowheads are actually stone points used on spears and knives before the evolution of the bow and arrow. True arrowheads were not developed for thousands of years. Stone points and arrowheads have been found in abundance throughout Georgia, allowing archaeologists to develop a detail

The Best Countries for Immigrants

For much of the last four decades, close to 2.5 percent of the world's population has migrated from their home country to a foreign one. Half of all the metropolitan areas in the world with more than 1 million immigrants are in the United States. While the home of the brave may be one of the best co

How to Buy South African Music CDs from Overseas

World music has become increasingly popular due to culture globalization and the internet's effects on the music industry. According to, there is an increasing demand for music from overseas, especially from musically prominent places like South Africa. Due to colonization, South Afri

Cool Information on the Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is the largest man-made structure on Earth. It was originally constructed from earth, rocks and sticks by seven emerging states, known as "the Seven Powers," in an attempt to protect themselves from attack. As other rulers came into power and conquered "the Seven Powers," (a

The Different Parts of a Japanese Obi

A Japanese Obi is a large sash used as a part of the formal Japanese kimono. A Japanese Obi is used to tie the kimono together and conceal the figure of the woman wearing it. A Japanese Obi typically consists of several parts, including the obi-age, obi-jime and obi-dome.

Love Marriage By Vashikaran

In various aspects of life, people tend to visit the astrologers and palmists, to know about the kind of situation the future holds for them. They wish to know about the approximate predictions related to ...

Chippewa Facts

Chippewa Indians reign as one of the most historic Indian tribes. With a rich history that is very interactive with whites---including the French and the British---the Chippewa Indians made a name for themselves during the French and Indian Wars. The Chippewa saw their defeat during this very turbul

The Museum of Chinese Australian History in Melbourne

In almost all parts of the world, there are Chinese people who migrated from their native countries to settle in a foreign land where they establish their own communities. Chinatowns are part of many countries' ...

History of the Sakuting Philippine Folk Dance

Sakuting is a Philippine folk dance that interprets a fight between Ilocano Christians and non-Christians. This mock fight between rival folks is traditionally performed during Christmas at the town plaza or performed house-to-house as a form of traditional caroling show. Dancers perform the Sakutin

4H Clubs in New York City

New York City has one 4-H club location.Jumper/Photodisc/Getty ImagesThe 4-H club was started more than 100 years ago. Its original mission was to reach out to the youth of farming communities and teach them new methods and discoveries in agriculture. The four H's in 4-H stand for head,...

Crime Scene Clean Up Business: Gaining Momentum Everyday!

A totally new business niche, the Crime Scene Clean up, Corpus Christi, TX business has gained momentum in recent times as a result of the advances created in bio-chemical and forensic sciences. Blood being a ...

The Advantages of Migration to Australia

Australia is a sparsley populated country with many opportunities.australia image by Orlando Florin Rosu from Fotolia.comAustralia has a long history of receiving migrants, first from Europe and more recently from Asia. Stable government and the favorable economic climate contribute to...

Chivalry: A Thing of the Past?

Chivalry: A Thing of the Past? A research article (in €Psychology of Women') termed chivalry to be €benevolent sexism€. It says, €Benevolent sexism is using €he' to refer to an unknown person, helping a woman ...

Middle Eastern Night Clubs in Detroit

Detroit, Michigandetroit image by Alexey Stiop from Fotolia.comDetroit, Michigan, is most famous for being the US capital of the automotive industry. It is also home to a handful of authentic Middle Eastern night clubs, located throughout the city. Each night club is unique and offers a...

Etiquette for Monogram Initials

Monograms are an increasingly popular fashion statement, appearing on stationery, linens, shoes, accessories and all manner of household items. Whether you are monogramming a sweater, selecting a set of stationery or ordering bath towels, knowing the finer points of monogram etiquette will guide you

Tools of the Cheraw Indians

The Cheraw Indians developed and used their tools in and around the Carolinas. The first mention of these Indians is in Hernando De Soto's logs of 1540. Although there are no specific mention of the tools that these Indians were using at the time, anthropologists and historians have studied later do

What Formulas Did Benjamin Banneker Discover?

Banneker's almanacs were used by both farmers and scientists.feather image by peter Hires Images from Fotolia.comBenjamin Banneker was born a free man in 1731. From an early age Banneker was interested in intellectual pursuits. Banneker is best known for his work in helping to design...

What Are Moral Qualities?

Talking about morality can be tough. Not only does everyone seem to disagree on what actually constitutes moral behavior, but also the topic itself often comes across as outdated in contemporary society. However, it's important not to ignore the question of morality altogether. Whether we realize it

Icebreakers for Toastmasters

Toastmasters is an organization that teaches people how to become confident with public speaking. One of the club's assignments is to provide an "Ice Breaker" speech with members as the audience. The purpose of the Ice Breaker speech to tell the group about yourself within four to six minutes so the

The History of Vedic Math

Vedic mathematics is an old Indian mathematic system derived from the ancient Indian religious text called the Vedas. It is based on 16 aphorisms, called sutras, called the Sulbasutras.