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Disco Looks From the 70s

The 1970s disco era was fashionably distinct. Clothing became form fitting as Lycra, spandex and tube tops became popular. The clothing was worn to show how trendy you were, as well as to show off your figure and your confidence. You also wore these clothes as a way to leave the drudgery of the work

A Short History of Tattoos

Tattoos have a long history, as humans have been decorating their bodies for thousands of years. The forces behind this permanent form of body modification have varied through the ages. Sometimes tattoos have acted as amulets, sometimes as signs of tribal identity, and sometimes as stigmatizing bran

Value of Japanese Samurai Swords

Both the monetary value and the cultural value of a samurai sword depend on what variety of sword, how old it is and whether it was machine-made or forged by hand..

Baby Showers: Which Kind Is Appropriate For You?

When it may come to plan the baby shower, it must be an occasion that you adore. Whether you want a conventional shower, co-ed shower, a sprinkle or a green shower, there are many shower ...

Arabic Tattoo Ideas

Henna tattoos are usually seen at weddings.henna hand design and bouquet image by Gina Smith from Fotolia.comTattoos are unusual among people in Arabic cultures, mostly due to religious influences that see body alterations as sinful or "haram". However, temporary tattoos, such as those...

Planning an Affordable Destination Wedding

Many couples planning their wedding dream of marching down a sandy white aisle, have visions of grandeur dancing the night away in the ballroom of a mansion or even let thoughts wander to an intimate ...

Native American Coyote Crafts

Because Native Americans historically are intimately connected to the natural world, it's no surprise that animal life makes prolific appearances in the arts and crafts of these highly intuitive cultures. This is particularly the case with the coyote. The opportunities for collectors to discover or

Ojibway Indian Crafts to Make

The Ojibway nation is also known as the Ojibwa, the Chippewa and the Anishinaabeg. Most Ojibway bands currently reside across northern Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota and southern Canada, their ancestral range. Their traditional crafts reflect their surroundings, using materials from the north woo

What Are Characteristics of the African Savanna?

Savannas are a cross between a desert and a grassland with the majority of them located in Africa. The Serengeti Plains that straddle Tanzania and Kenya are among the most well-known. Vast annual migrations of zebras and wildebeest still occur in the area. Some 2 million years ago humans first appea

What is an Igloo?

An igloo traditionally is considered to be a house made from snow or blocks of ice. It is a word in the Inuit language that means house or home, but it is not reserved exclusively for a dwelling made of snow or ice. Today, ice and snow houses are rare. For the Inuit population, a group of Eskimoan p

Wedding Games in India

Wedding games help a couple and their familes get to know each rings image by Mat Hayward from Fotolia.comGames were a very important part in Indian weddings, as traditionally marriages were arranged and the bride and groom had never met. The games' purpose was to introduce...

Kujang is Traditional Weapon from Indonesia

In the discourse and Indonesia cultural treasures, Kujang has been recognized as a traditional weapon of West Java citizens or Sundanese (Sunda), and have magical powers. Some researchers claim that the term Kujang, derived from ...

Multicultural Art Activities Involving Native American Indians

Multicultural education is important in the United States because of the increasing ethnic diversity. To effectively teach about other cultures and societies, schools must make a comprehensive effort to integrate values, concepts and actions into the curriculum. Children growing up in America need t

Activities of the Kwakiutl Indians

The Kwakiutl Indians live in the central coast of British Columbia, Canada, in an area that has been occupied for 10,000 years or longer. It is believed that the word "Kwakiutl" means "beach on the other side of the water." The Kwakiutl people have their own religion and their own government headed

Moral Dilemmas Faced by Adolescents

Adolescents have always faced dilemmas. Adolescents may think that moral dilemmas are new to their generation, but there have been troubled teenagers as long as there have been hormones and developing brains. A lack of understanding by adults will sometimes exacerbate a feeling of isolation some ado

Chitimacha Indian Project Ideas

The Chitimacha Indians have lived on lands around the bayous in southern Louisiana from around 500 A.D. Today, the Chitimacha is the only native tribe in Louisiana that retains some of its original land, with a reservation at Charenton. The rich history of the Chitimacha provides many ideas for pro

Beliefs, Customs Traditions of the Erie & Huron Tribes

The Erie and Huron were part of the Iroquoian language family of indigenous peoples of the upper northeast area of what is now the United States. They were very similar in their customs, but the Erie are thought to have died out as a result of foreign diseases and warfare with other Iroquoian tribes

Instructions for Viking Endless Hoops

The Viking Endless Hoop provides an opportunity to sew embroidery in a long and continuous pattern. The hoop does not have to be removed from the embroidery machine in order for the pattern to be quickly aligned and rehooped. This makes the process much easier than it has been in the past when the h

How to Create a Memorial Page

The passing of a family member or friend can leave an empty place in the hearts and minds of family and friends. Each person will go through the grief process differently. Trinity Valley Community College suggests that the way a person grieves is not linear, but cyclical. There is no time limit for

Colonial Building Tools

Calipers of all sizes were used to measure between two points.old surgical tool image by JASON WINTER from Fotolia.comColonial builders had a variety of tools, often modified to suit a specific person or purpose. From tree to trim, colonial builders had a tool. The most common colonial...