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What Are Some Consequences of Not Having Wills?

Those who pass away without designating property or assets to specific places or individuals leave family members to make difficult choices. Those who prepare for death by drafting a will with a lawyer settle matters of the physical world before parting with their loved ones. People who wish to be c

Types of Spanish Clothing

Fashion in Spain leans toward the conservative side of the fashion spectrum. Appearing well-groomed and fashionable is important to the Spanish who choose the cut and quality of their clothing carefully. Spaniards generally prefer conservative elegance to more flashy or revealing options. Tourists w

Jewish Customs After Death

In Judaism, death is regarded as a natural process and respected as a part of God’s plan. Jewish tradition values life with the highest dignity, and funeral practices focus on honoring the gift of life. Mourning practices in Judaism have two main purposes: to show respect for the dead and to b

History of the Queen Mary Ship

Construction on the Cunard Line's Queen Mary began in 1930 at the John Brown shipyard in Scotland, but work ceased during the Depression from 1931 to 1934. When construction resumed in 1934 Queen Mary of Britain declared the ocean liner her namesake. In 1936, the Queen Mary was completed. She began

Indian Tribe Grants

Native American ritual.native maya dancer image by Pierrette Guertin from Fotolia.comNative American governments are offered a number of avenues for support from the United States in order to help maintain and promote the indigenous cultures and heritages of North America. Watershed...

How to Sing Indian Songs

The use of ragas in Indian music ensures every singer's performance is completely original. Ragas are musical interpretations of color that are either sung or played on an instrument. They serve as devotional hymns or traditional celebration songs, depending on the arrangement of the ragas and the p

About Tiki Hut Supplies

Tiki huts and tiki bars can be an ideal way to bring the spirit and flavor of the islands to your backyard, rooftop, patio, basement or porch. A tiki hut can be any size or shape, so it can fit into tight corners and unused spots. Typical tiki hut design bases are platform, concrete slab, outdoor or

How to Apply for Child Adoption

National statistics released by the Children's Bureau of the Department of Health and Human Services showed that 302,000 children entered foster care in 2002. This number is up from 295,000 in 2001. The rising number of children who need to be adopted has steadily risen over the years. Many children

How to Design Monuments Online

Monuments or memorials serve not only as a record of birth and death, but as an expression of the life that a person lived. As a result, a lot of time and consideration go into the design of a monument. Online monument design applications help dispel some of the anxiety that can occur from attemptin

About the Paleo Indians

The term "Paleo Indian" is a broad one that encompasses a wide range of indigenous groups. The people made their livings in a variety of physical environments. What's more, it defines groups who lived throughout the Western Hemisphere from the beginning of human occupation until approximat

The Twelve Apostles & Their Flaws

The 12 apostles were disciples of Jesus Christ during his earthly ministry almost 2,000 years ago. Jesus picked each of the apostles; none of them chose Jesus until he had first chosen them. Jesus didn't choose them based on social status, intelligence, spiritual maturity or personalities. He chose

What Is a Domestic Partner?

"Domestic partner" is a personal or legal phrase that describes a person, typically gay, who has committed to a long-term, emotional and financial relationship with another domestic partner, typically of the same sex.

Cultural Differences Between Native Americans & Puritans

Native Americans were once the only people living in North America, but other groups, such as the Puritans, came to North America and supplanted their culture. The Puritans were a group of staunch Protestants. Some of them left their homeland in England for North America so they could practice their

History of African American Gospel Music

African-American gospel music is a major influence in nearly all genres of modern popular music, from rhythm 'n blues to jazz, from soul to rock 'n roll. The musical genre is a unique expression of the black experience in America. The emotionally-charged, wailing vocals and syncopated rhythms give t

Rap and Hip Hop Night Clubs in New York City

Always bring ID to a New York City nightclub.night club 6 image by Mikhail Malyshev from Fotolia.comNew York City has no shortage of nightclubs where you can dance the night away. The majority of nightclubs in the city play a variety of music and don't specialize in just rap or hip hop....

The History of the Wheat Penny

The wheat penny is one of the most recognizable American coins. It was the first coin to bear the image of slain president Abraham Lincoln, and was minted from 1909 to 1959. Most of the wheat pennies still in existence are in the hands of private collectors, and some are quite valuable. Other names

8 Ideas for 2012 Valentine's Day

If you want a romantic wedding to celebrate this day, here are 10 great wedding ideas for your Valentine's Day 2012. Note romantic destination wedding, Valentine Day, of course, be romantic enough. You can choose ...

Steps to Planning a Funeral

Planning a funeral is an emotional process involving a myriad of choices and decisions. Although it represents a sad moment in life, funeral or memorial services are an opportunity for family and friends to gather ...

The History of the Samurai Sword

Japan's medieval feudal system lasted from the late 1100s to the late 1800s, during which time its samurai knights rose to legend status. The samurai were famous for their strict code of honor, called the Bushido, or "Way of the Warrior." They also were known for the unparalleled quality and effici

Mexican Culture Costumes

Mexican culture is rich with the Spanish and indigenous, or Indian, influence. The traditional costumes worn by Mexican men and women reflect religious, cultural and regional customs. Traditional Mexican costumes also extend to the festive dresses worn by ballet folklorico dancers and the trajes de