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How to Start a Writing Journal

A writing journal helps you hone your writing abilities while documenting your dreams, memories and thoughts as well as poetry and short stories. A writing journal doesn't have to be a physical journal, but it can be digital as well. Whether you want a digital journal or physical one, the key to st

Nancy Kerrigan - 1993

Picture of Nancy Kerrigan in her first-place performance at the 1993 US Figure Skating Nationals.

Science Projects With Natural Resources

As gas and energy prices continue to soar and the world grows more concerned about ecological disasters like the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, scientists continue to look to natural resources to find a safe, renewable source of energy. A science project that focuses on natural resources and th

Games to Teach Self-Control in Kids

A successful activity for teaching self control focuses on what motivates your students to participate. Most activities that teach self control aren't inherently fun; if self control were fun, there would be no need for games that teach it. However, by adding competition and measurable...

Online Schools, What's the Attraction?

Online schools and their degree programs afford you the convenience of studying at your own pace, on your own schedule, without ever having to set foot on a traditional college campus.They can offer you the flexibility and affordability to quickly earn the degree you have always wanted, and can make

The Need For Prototypes

In this age of rapid invention and globalization, the role of prototype is very important. It is needed in almost every invention. Prototype is the first manufactured unit of a product, used to conduct various tests, change and quality improvement before getting into commercial manufacturing.

How to Take Your First Steps in Home Schooling

There is an ever growing number of American families shifting over to home schooling. From a very small number a few years ago, it has now increased dramatically. There are a lot of factors to ...

Physical Therapy Assistant Programs

I was introduced to the career of "Physical Therapy Assistant" after breaking my arm in a cycling accident. Before being allowed to return to work after my cast was removed I had to see a Physical Therapy Assistant.I had been working in a manufacturing plant at the time. A personable guy,

American Study Abroad Programs

Try these opportunities to study abroad.castle in italy image by Albo from Fotolia.comAmerican study abroad programs are the perfect way for college students to get hands-on experience in the destination of their choice. Study opportunities range from semester programs for college credit...

How to Introduce Letters and Sounds Using Montessori Sandpaper Letters

Montessori sandpaper letters are raised, textured letters mounted on stiff cards. Each card contains one letter, and they are generally written in a lower case script. These cards are used by children as young as 2 to become familiar with the sounds, forms and names of the letters of the alphabet wh

How to Mentor a New Teacher

Teacher mentoring is an important part of a teacher's first year. New teachers tend to struggle especially in the areas of classroom management and lesson planning. This article outlines the steps involves for giving a new teacher the support s/he needs during the first year of teaching.

What's a Good LSAT Score?

What's a good LSAT score you ask? This frequently asked question is answered here with all the details about getting into the top schools in the country. What's a good LSAT score is a question you have to ask before you apply to law school!

Acupuncture Career Preparation and Courses

Preparing for a career in acupuncture has students completing a specific training program and course schedule. Educational opportunities are available from several colleges.

Truck Lease Financing Research

But when the person's credit score is bad they're able to nevertheless be eligible for the loan. The other variety of portfolio, for the off lease and repos, demand possibility a much more lenient strategy ...

High Schools Are Now Offering Online Courses

We're all seeing how learning management systems are changing how colleges and universities deliver their courses, but the online learning trend is constantly growing. High schools are now offering online classes to supplement conventional face-to-face ...