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Classroom Algebra Games for SMART Board

Algebra is a difficult subject that may require extra attention outside of the classroom. Fortunately, there are several SMART Board activities focused primarily on algebra. A SMART Board is an interactive whiteboard developed by Smart Technologies. The SMART Board provides touch-enabled controls fo

Science Projects That Collect Data

At some point nearly every child will find themselves with a tri-fold presentation board or sheet of poster board, planning a science project. Some will attempt a demonstration, some will try an experiment. Most will use deductive science to arrive at a conclusion. Occasionally, a student will use i

College Choices - Homeschoolers Have Options!

Homeschoolers have blazed trails in elementary and secondary education, and they are now earning early college credit through exams or dual-credit classes, completing college at home, or simply choosing to attend a local college while living at home. There are more options now than ever before!

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Human Prehistory

Robert Meier's introduction to paleontology for the non-professional reader is an entertaining, painless way to learn about the fascinating subject of human prehistory.

Science And Civilization

The longevity of life has increased.Science also provides entertainment to millions of people. In agriculture, the use of fertilizer, manure and latest methods of farming are sure to increase our foodstuff, ten times more.

Important tips for CLAT preparation

Are you one of those candidates who are looking for the tips and tricks that can help them in locking their seats in reputed campus linked with LLB courses?

Core Educational Tools

Textbooks are the foundations of learning in schools.Shana Novak/Photodisc/Getty ImagesEducational tools increase the learning capabilities of children and adults by providing support to help them study. In 2009, the Center for Learning and Performance Technologies published a list of the...

Activities for Three-Year-Olds on the First Day of School

Engage three-year-olds with first-day activities.School girl image by Mykola Velychko from Fotolia.comEven the most welcoming preschool classroom can seem like a big and bright box of confusion to three-year-olds on the first day of school. Weeks of anticipation lead to the moment...

Crafts for Pre-Kindergarten

For pre-kindergarten children, craft activities should emphasize the process of having fun and developing skills. Although it is important to provide supervision and starting points for craft activities, you should also encourage children to use their imaginations and to experiment with the resource

UK Paralegal Courses

Selecting an appropriate Paralegal course is now becoming a minefield. How can you evaluate the most effective type of course to study? As a general rule, courses which cover Procedural Law and gives a hands-on approach to procedures, form filling, research, interviewing and such practical knowledge

Show Your Pet Some Love This Valentine's Day

Scientists have shown that dog owners get the same level of emotion as mothers watching young children. It was discovered that dog owners showed a rise of the hormone oxytocin while playing with their pet. ...

Scholarships For Young Mothers - Get the Money You Need to Pay For College

When you first think of college it can be both exciting and a little scary. Trying to get into college though can be even scarier. The most difficult thing for many people is trying to pay for it and for many young mothers who have left school and decided they want to finish their education it can b

Career in Aerospace Engineering

Now is a great time to get in aerospace engineering. NASA is beginning to phase out the space shuttles (due to be retired in 2010) and is in the process of developing the Ares rockets. ...