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Reasons Social Media Needs to Be on Your Strategy List

Every now and then I come to you with a laundry list of reasons why I think social media is one of the most powerful tools on the Internet and absolutely must be on your marketing tactics sheet. Guess what - this is another one of those articles, and for good reason. If you're somehow, inexplic

Restaurant Marketing - Four Free Ways to Increase Your Cover Count!

Okay make that 4 ways to use one method and get free guests.One word TWITTER!Twitter falls into the realm of "Micro-blogging" users get 140 characters in which to share their lives and the events therein with others.The key here is that in large markets, there are literally thousands of pe

Burbn to Instagram: A Right Name Change Can Earn You $1 Billion

Facebook's acquisition of the famous mobile app, Instagram has made a lot of noise early this April. Instagram wouldn't have rang a bell in people's ears had they not changed their name, which was, by the way, originally Burbn; did you know that?

Do You Have a Strategy For Joining Groups? No, Well You Should! - Part I

Social Networking Group options are truly unlimited, you can find groups for virtually anything and everything; but which ones should you join? Should there be a strategy involved or do you just join them all? The truth is that you MUST have a strategy or your membership will serve no purpose. Here

Why Lists Are a Social Media Favorite - Easy Link Baiting Techniques

Forget pictures, forget creative writing and forget interesting videos. These are rare skills and therefore, few websites manage to make it big solely on these characters. Creating a list is perhaps the simplest way of incorporating the traits mentioned above in your articles. Lists are simple to un

Learn How Facebook's Popularity Could Help Your Online Business

In 2003 Facebook was created by a couple of students who were attending the University of Harvard. Since then the website as turned into highest visited website amongst all other social networking sites. The site enables users to communicate and share information with whomever they would like.

How Twitter Saved the Cupcake Nazi

In our time, failure to take part in the knowledge economy can lead to exclusion from economic opportunity and growth. Social media can provide innovative economic opportunities that didn't exist only a few years ago.

Myths, Lies and Social Media

Social media is all the rage at the moment. Twitter... Facebook... YouTube... everybody's talking about it. And there's a lot of myths and lies out there.

Should Businesses Promote Their Facebook Page?

Facebook is the rage in social networking and I surmise we are probably connected already, one way or another. (Just in case we're not, feel free to connect with me on Facebook!)

Social Media and PR: A Partnership of Results

The advent of Social Media Marketing has radically changed the world of PR. Traditionally, Public Relations is used to build rapport with customers and the general public using media to promote their brand message through broadcast, radio, print and online engines. In contrast, Wikipedia denotes: &q

The 3 Most Idiotic Marketing Mistakes You Can Make on Facebook

Facebook is an awesome social networking tool for your business, as long as you are using it the correct way. However, there are many people and businesses out there that aren't using it right, so they aren't getting to take advantage of all the perks of being on Facebook.

What Exactly is Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is something that I find a lot of home based business owners don't know a whole lot about and they should because it can really help them promote their business online. So what is social bookmarking? Well you know the bookmarks that you have on your computer?

5 Ways to Do Marketing Through Social Media

Would you like to know where everybody goes to do marketing through social media? Have you ever wondered what the difference of these social media sites are? Well look no further, you have the answer right here in this article.

Twitter Marketing Secrets Revealed

Twitter has been the main reason for the success of my many online businesses. It can mainly be used for socializing and online marketing through advertisements. You can use some Twitter marketing secrets to make online marketing a great success.

Social Networks Equal a Great Way to Promote

Whether you have a business online or offline, social networks are a great way to promote your business. Many business people are unaware of the greatness of the internet world and the popularity of social networks. There are several social networks offline, but the online variety are growing in lar

Website Promotion For Free

A frequent question is 'Can I get website promotion for free?'The solution = Twitter! What is it? Basically its a mini blog, takes you less than a minute to do a post and get it out there. Now your post could be anything from - 'just finished breakfast' to promoting your venture.