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The Power of Conscious and Subconscious Thought

What one expects to happen has a strong tendency to occur. The stronger the expectancy, the better the change of its outcome. We become what we think about daily. Imagination has more power than knowledge.When imagination and intellect conflict, imagination always wins.

What Do You Say When You Talk To Yourself?

Every minute of the day we engage in a continuous internal conversation or "self talk," which is ultimately reflected in our moods, attitudes, actions and habits. By monitoring and exerting control over this inner dialog we can begin to effectively control every other part of our lives.

Things to Note Before You Can Learn How to Type Faster

Though many of us understand that learning how to type is important in this computer dominated society. However, other than knowing how to touch type, it is also equally important to learn how to type faster so that your productivity can be further improved.

Motivation and Personality -Which Type Are You?

Personality has a big impact on how we are motivated in our lives. Motivation and personality are definitely connected. There are three basic personalities that seem to be motivation for what we do and who we want to become.

Learn About The Emissaries Of Divine Light

There is a movement about in the world, where those who seek a better life based on love and joy are gathering together as Emissaries of Divine Light. There is a worldwide organization called the Emissaries of Divine Light, which is comprised of a group of people whose desire is to foster love and s

Painful Memories - Un-Repaired Damage in the Foundation of Your Life

When memories of difficult early experiences have been walled off and kept painfully "pristine," the unconscious feelings of powerlessness and inadequacy that existed "then" remain a constantly undermining undercurrent in the present. Once the memories have been examined they can

How to Tap Into Your Potential

Some people choose to live their lives full of struggle. Fact of the matter is, it really isn't necessary at all. One key characteristic of those who live their lives filled with struggle is a negative mindset. When people choose to live their lives with a negative mindset, often times, it&apos

Is Financial Freedom Ethical?

People who've achieved financial freedom often get bad press. Children whose life purpose seems to be having a good time spending the family wealth in front of the press cameras; financial traders earning massive bonuses while their actions ultimately push others into financial ruin; and succes

Boredom For You Is Being Alive To Me, Or Is That Just Backwards?

I do know people who fritter away their time at work and do nothing productive, but they don't seem bored. I also know many people who are really busy at work - and still do nothing productive. They don't seem bored either. What is the secret?

Understanding Codependent Relationships

Codependent relationships are an unhealthy type of relationships that are typically doomed to failure. Learn what it means to be codependent and what steps you can take to overcome this destructive pattern.

The Never-Ending To-Do List

Have a long to-do list? Here are some tips from Certified Life Coach Mark Strong to make that list less daunting and more manageable.

Let Self Hypnosis Stop You From Smoking

Ah the delights of a bad habit. The people look at you as if you had suddenly grown another head. If you smoke, they ostentatiously wave their hands at you, not in greeting but in a gesture to get rid of the smoke.

Self Hypnosis using the Staircase Technique

This article describes how to get yourself into a hypnotic trance using the "Staircase Technique". It is what's called a "hypnotic induction" and allows you enter a state of mind in which you can effect change.

Stop Overeating With Hypnosis

Can you believe that over one third of people in the United States are considered overweight? With such a high number of Americans being overweight it is no wonder that dieting and losing weight is such a popular topic. Our health has become an ever growing concern that we all would like to improve.

How To Get The Perfect Bikini Body And Look Great On The Beach

Regardless of cardio, it is also best in the event that you add specific muscle exercises For your program. Similar to the plank we start in a push-up like situation with out hands and feet on the ground.Look into my weblog ... trimdownclub com - similar website -

What Makes You Tick?

Have you noticed that successful entrepreneurs seem to know what makes them tick.... they know what they want and they know how to get there. Only once you truly know yourself, will you be able ...

How to Promote Happiness Within Your Family

Being close to your family is a unique feeling. It is the type of closeness that you can't get from anyone else. In a healthy, stable family, this feeling translates into happiness, contentment and a feeling of security that can't be duplicated in other relationships.