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The Stress Cure - Is Stress Zapping Your Memory?

What is it about stress that causes us to dwell at length on negative thoughts? The answer has a lot to do with our memory. Although it's miraculous the brain - a three pound lump ...

Great Leaders Don't Need To Enjoy Training, Just To Benefit From It

While there is undoubtedly a need for leaders to obtain as much quality training as possible, and to become comfortable in as many leadership aspects as they are able to master and understand, it is not a prerequisite that they enjoy attending classes or being trained. While it is probably easier to

How To Overcome All Blocks To Personal and Spiritual Achievement

All blocks are of the personality; if you don't take anything personal, you can't become blocked. Continuous progress requires continuous self-awareness. But you have to know how to be aware. Awareness has to be clear, pure, or neutral, that is, without the personal intervention of thought

Getting Past The Average Line, One Way Or Another

Nobody wants to lose, nobody wants to be average. Many people say that to themselves at least, but in an outer and tangible way do not mean it at all. The few that genuinely do not want to lose or be average and win make it look harder than it is when genuine perseverance and "stubbornness"

How to Instantly Hypnotize Someone

Hypnosis is an art in itself. If you are practicing it often there will be no wonder someday you can instantly hypnotize people in 10 minutes after meeting them. Let's lay down the basic steps of how to instantly hypnotize someone in just 10 minutes.

Making a Habit of Personal Development

It can be a rather amusing task to sit back and analyze some of the daily rituals we perform, often without giving any conscious thought. I believe this is a good thing because we would ...

The True Power of Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is one of the most important things you need to practice throughout your life.People with a positive frame of mind think about possibilities, growth, expansion and success.Changing your attitude to look at the positive side of every situation is the best thing you could ever learn

Organizing Your Life!

Organization can be simple and fact, it can even be cool! Does this statement sound like a lie? Well don't worry because it's not. You are going to gain not only knowledge of how you operate but learn what steps you can take to become more organized - practical skills that can be

Setting Up Your Desk Area

Once they have gotten rid of piles of paper and rediscovered the tops of their desks, clients often ask me what is the best way to set up their desk areas.Sit down at your desk and spread out your arms in all directions. Any part of your desk that is at your fingertips is what I refer to as "pr

3 Foolproof Ways to Keep Your Promises

You know the usual process regarding a broken promise, don't you? We'd accept the challenge given to us by a friend or family member and seal the deal with the words, "I promise". Then when the time came, we just couldn't deliver.

Battling Medusa: How to Deal With Fear

Are you happy with what the tasks you accomplish but realize you aren't moving closer to your goals? I'm a chronic list maker (and a happy one at that!) But I discovered I was using list making to feel good about un-essential tasks, instead of moving towards doing things that that matter.

Keep Playing

When was the last time you just played?When was the last time you followed a passion and deeply immersed yourself in something you loved?What if you could have and do what you most enjoy?

Self-Discipline - 3 Tools to Make It Happen!

Self-discipline can be described as the act of disciplining or power to discipline one's own feelings, desires, and actions, especially with the intention of improving oneself. When we were children, most of us had parents to nudge us to do or not do something, so while we were learning, we had

How to Be a Great Mastermind Team Support Buddy

A strong Mastermind Team is an essential component of your success support system. An effective Mastermind Buddy relationship gives you someone to push you, to cheer you on, to challenge you when times get tough and to celebrate your success with. Here are ten tips on how to be a great Mastermind Bu

Do You Need To Change Course

Just because you think you are heading in the right direction doesn't mean you are and it doesn't mean you aren't. So what's the answer, how do we know if we are heading in the right or wrong direction in life? There are leaders, followers and those who don't fit into either

What Is Self Esteem

People say they want to be happy; yet real happiness is never easy to attain in a world full of differences and misunderstandings. How can I tell that I am worthy of what I have? ...

Confidently With Purpose

Confidence is developed by success and failure. Take what life teaches us and apply it.

And Just What Are Dreams Anyway?

What are dreams? People have wondered about dreams since the days of the caveman, perhaps even earlier. Find out what impacts our dreams.