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The Top 3% of the People in the World!

Our home was all but destroyed from hurricane Katrina. We are back in our home now after some serious renovations and rebuilding.For twelve months Allstate Insurance paid the high rent for a two bedroom house under our additional living expenses clause.

Programming Your Brain for Business Success

Not having the level of success you deserve?John Assaraf's 'Winning the Inner Game of Business',can help you reprogram your subconscious, on a deep level, to 'see a

Develop Your Brain for Better Behavior

A recent video music awards event made several references to the incident last year when one singer grabbed the top award from another star. She penned a song of forgiveness with lyrics that included, " today is never too late to be brand new". The good news is that with recent research on

Where Do You Get Your Inspiration?

It occurs from time to time, you don't know where from and you don't know how to get it you haven't got it where to get it. Inspiration is a funny thing.There are many ways people gain inspiration for web design or content. Some use a process and others merely just hope inspiration co

The Law Of Attraction - Are You An Outlaw?

Many people read self-help books, like the sound of the Law of Attraction but do nothing practical every day in their daily lives. People delude themselves into thinking that they "live by the law" - but if you've no concrete results to show for your efforts, then you're doing so

Confidence Building - Getting Back to Basics

Simplifying and getting back to basics will greatly enhance your chances of boosting your confidence. As the saying goes "Rome wasn't built in a day" and neither will rebuilding your confidence.

Games and New Activities Improve Your Memory

Exercise your brain on a regular basis to help improve your memory. Whether you use high-tech or low-tech methods, new activities, learning and playing games can all help to improve your memory.

Law Of Attraction Is About Manifesting Happiness - Not Material Items

Law of Attraction is responsible for the creation all the major religions of the world.As you have noticed, the majority of religions of the world have turn away from the simplicity of the message of "Your thoughts are your prayers." Religions have striven to make the higher being in all r

The Secret To Happiness

The road to happiness and self-growth comes through kindness. We learn more about ourselves and gain a truer picture of who we really are; more importantly, who we are capable of becoming. It&#039

Change Your Life - Top Tips

When you want to change your life, it's easy to be waylaid by what you perceive as obstacles stopping you. These may not be as real as you imagine, so it's important to examine your beliefs about them. It's a common experience to not do something because you start to think about how o

How To Know Which Emotions Are Real

If you tell someone they are stupid and insult them, different people will react differently. Some will take it personally and feel bad, others will get aggressive and reply in kind. However, if you give anyone love and positive emotions, everyone will react the same. There are always exceptions, bu

Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

When you go out there to look for your ideal relationship,stepping out of your comfort zone is vital.Regardless of what it lookslike for you, asking someone you like out on a date, going to a singlesevent or even joining the online dating site, taking those big stepswill build your confidence.

Teenage Stress - What Are the Causes?

At home, at school, at work, and with their friends, it seems like teenagers are under constant pressure. They are under pressure to succeed, to perform, to excel, and to fit in. And, after a while, all of the pressures and demands being placed on them can seem overwhelming.

Success Through Mind Power Philosophy

SUCCESS THROUGH MIND POWER PHILOSOPHYAbstractExperts on the human mind claim that we use less than 10 per cent of our minds. Most of our mental faculty is said to be dormant. Michael Obi has developed in thirty years this philosophy to enable anyone use more of the latent faculty to achieve his drea

Crystals - Metaphysical Properties of 4 Multicolored Minerals

Crystals and minerals have unique properties, many also share common characteristics. Multicolored stones and crystals carry more than one energy frequency vibration. The more naturally occurring combinations found within each multicolored stone or mineral, the more each stone vibrates with its own