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If A Leader Doesn't Know, Admit It!

One of the greatest challenges nearly all of us confront is to have the ability, self confidence and willingness to admit that there are things that we have little to no knowledge about, and to avoid the natural tendency to pretend that we have all the answers. As significant as this fact may be in

Father Power

Abraham Lincoln once said, "The strength of our nation lies in the homes of its people while the strength of the home lies in the moral fabric sewn by the father".True then, true today, but a permissive society and waning cultural standards have waged spiritual battle against the father, o

Isn't It Time You Learned How to Forgive Someone?

If you're like a lot of people in today's world, you have been deeply wounded or betrayed, abused or mistreated and to add insult to injury, it was most likely done at the hand of a loved one or trusted friend. The pain it has caused you will not go away and you are in an emotional prison

What Are Your Core Values?

The most important part of living a regret free life is living one that is governed by your Essential Core Values in Life. Fifty years from now when you look back on your decision making and your accomplishments, you need to be ready to tell yourself that every choice you made was worthwhile. You ne

5 Traits Needed to Get Rich Online

First off everybody has a different interpretation as to what getting rich online means! For the sake of this discussion achieving financial independence from your day job is riches enough. Read more to see if you possess the 5 traits all successful entrepreneurs have which enables them to find succ

Workplace Stress Trap - Are Your Career Goals Appropriate?

So you are in the mid-stream of your career. You have a set of career goals and you are working towards achieving these goals. But are the goals right for you? Are they too high or too low? And what does this mean for your life? Do you remember when you were young you had these incredible goals to b

More Abundance in Your Life

Do you need more abundance in your life? It is a known fact that what you focus on becomes your reality. I am sure that you have read many articles about abundance already. I am going to give you some tips on how you can improve your life a great deal. There is not catch to this. Read on and see for

If You're Happy And You Know It

Ever wondered why children seem so happy when they sing nursery rhymes such as if your happy and you know it? Well take a look at the following information about this old song and discover how it can actually motivate you to feel happy.

How to Motivate Your Staff during an Economic Downturn

As if doing business wasn't difficult enough, along comes an economic downturn. All of the problems that face the business owner or manager are now multiplied several times over. Morale seems to now be more ...

Authentic Leadership: The Eye of the Heart Sees Everything

Is it 'eye' or 'I'? That is the question. It is interesting that they are pronounced the same. The physical eye allows you to see the physical world. The 'I'-who you think you are-determines the clarity of your perception: how you see the world and your life experience.

Motivate Others Through Life Coach Training

There are always amazing opportunities to triumph over failure or a tragic event. Some people allow those events to break them and defeat their sense of purpose. Others rise to the challenge and live through ...

How Motivational and Inspirational Quotes Can Keep You Motivated

People generally get motivated from outsiders. One of the ways the motivation happens is through the quotes from the celebs or leaders. Many take the ways followed by leaders like Abraham Lincoln and Mahatma Gandhi for motivating them and perform the activities mentioned by them during their life.

Client Clinchers For Life Coaches

What makes a good client clincher? In other words, how can you increase the odds of closing the sale in your favor when you are talking to a somewhat uncommitted potential client? I'll break down this process a bit and then provide a sample client/coach conversation. Let's assume you'

Dwelling Places of the One Called "Holy"

The nature of God is manifest over the dwelling places of the Almighty - YHWH inhabits eternity and broken beings. How could two places be any more distant in actuality - the purity and beauty of eternity and the embodied imperfection of brokenness? Yet, God dwells in both. Such is the integrity of

10 Simple Tips to Stay on Track With Your Goals

There is something exciting about setting a goal. Perhaps it is imagining a change that would make you a better person or a better athlete and creating a feasible plan towards that change. Whatever it is, you are most motivated when you set your goals.