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Things To Know When Renting A RV In New Zealand

Renting a vehicle in a new country that you are unfamiliar with requires you to be aware of the differences between what you are used to and the driving regulations, laws, and local knowledge of your destination country. If you are planning on renting a RV in New Zealand there are several things you

Tips for Storing Your Recreation Vehicle

If you own an RV you already know that both storing and parking it can be a major hassle.An RV is very large and obviously needs its own dedicated space to park and store when you are not using it for an extended period of time.Most of the time RV's are only used for a weekend here or a week th

Campers and Motorhomes Ideal For Families

Motorhomes are expensive items and give a lot of fun and pleasure to a lot of people. Yet many purchase their first leisure vehicle only to find, some time later, that it's not for them.

RV Reviews - Precisely Why They Are So Important

If you are considering acquiring an RV (recreational vehicle) you should realize that besides this being a serious transaction, it is one that usually requires comprehensive investigating before you m

How to Build a Motorcycle Cargo Trailer

A motorcycle cargo trailer can be a bit simpler to build than one for a larger vehicle. This is because you are constructing a smaller trailer frame that will need only one wheel and axle. Still, it's a complicated project that involves connecting steel pieces with a wheel and axle assembly. Every p

Truck Camper Loading Specifications

Truck manufacturers create ratings indicating the carrying capacity of the vehicle, ie, the GVWR or "gross vehicle weight rating." These ratings can generally be found in the owner's manual or somewhere on the driver's side door of the truck. Before loading your camper, determine the...

RV Winterizing - Getting Ready for the Cold

You need to know how to perform RV winterizing tasks whether you live in your RV year-round or you plan on storing it, if you live in an area that gets below freezing.RV winterizing is somewhat similar to winterizing your cabin or home if you leave it unheated.Most of the RV winterizing process deal

Troubleshooting Your RV Generator

Most generators will operate and perform in a reliable fashion without any difficulties, but if trouble does happen there are some things to look for so that the issue can be focused on and taken care of. Always look for a troubleshooting guide in your owner's manual and keep this booklet nearb

About Car Air Conditioners

It's hard to imagine a car without air conditioning, but car air conditioners have only been common for the last twenty years. Today, 80 percent of people in the United States drive a car with air conditioning. This is a relatively simple system in your car that provides relief from the heat and hum

How to Wire a 6 Plug for a Trailer

Commonly used on recreational trailers and horse trailers, the 6-wire plug provides an additional circuit to the trailer to power the electric brakes, and another to either charge a battery, power interior lights, or perhaps reverse lights. Wiring this plug is a task that anyone with a basic underst

How to Haul Boats Legally

Owning your own boat gives you some wonderful opportunities. You can spend your weekends water skiing or fishing with your family and friends. To make sure you get your boat to your destination safely and legally, take some precautions before the big day arrives. After you've hauled your boat a few

Calgary RV Dealers –The Best Dealer of Motor homes

Choose from the many dealers to find a great deal on an RV for the upcoming season. See what kinds of offers they can get you. Coming across good RV Dealers calgary is not a difficult thing to accompl

Cargo Cover Identification

One of the greatest benefits derived from owning a truck is the increased transport or cargo-carrying capacity of its bed. Often, the truck operator need to secure or protect that cargo. This is the role of cargo covers.

Used Campers Are Just As Great As New Ones

Campers are great to have. They offer you a place to stay when you go camping or go on holiday. You can stay in your camper instead of booking your family into a hotel which ...

A Short Introduction To Recreational Vehicles

Modern recreational vehicles had their beginnings in the US around 1910 when small family owned businesses such as Airstream started to build them. Over the next forty years, the market continued to grow with several sizes being developed, both mobile and immobile.

How To Find The Best RV Generator

There are many RV parts that you should be familiar with, especially if you are a RV owner, and the RV generator is one of the most important of all. The first thing you are going to want to do is learn about the different models that are out there so that you can choose the one that is going to be