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Reasons to Purchase a Reliable RV Water Softener

Many people who own and operate recreational vehicles have come across the type of water that is packed with minerals when traveling to and using water at area campsites. Another word for this type of water is hard water and unless it's treated this kind of water can cause problems with the RV&

Things That You Need to Know About an RV Warranty

One cannot imagine life without motorhomes nowadays. After all what will be vacations be without RVs? These vehicles have now become part and parcel of almost every family that you meet these days. Such is ...

Bump It Up: Why Bumpers Matter

Remember riding bumper cars when you were a kid? Actually, many fun-loving adults still make a beeline for the bumpers when they go to an amusement park! Well, they're called bumper cars for

How to Add Freon to a 2000 Blazer

Even without significant leaks in the system, freon will eventually escape a 2000 Chevrolet Blazer's air conditioning system. This is an eventuality all vehicle owners must eventually confront. Normally, it is best to let certified mechanics deal with air conditioning repair, but recharging is simpl

What Do You Need in an RV Kitchen?

RV travel and usage is lifestyle option for people who prefer to have a home environment while on the road. An RV should resemble traditional living quarters, which means outfitting the kitchen area is essential.

Motor Home Cleaning - Beware of Flat Top Water Puddling

Before retirement, I ran a mobile car washing business, which also engaged in the washing of fleet vehicles. Often whenever I would go into a new city to set up business, I would survey the area and see what type of competition I had. Indeed it was for this reason that I would always see if there wa

Nine Reasons to Make Your Next Vacation a Trip in an RV

Ever wondered why people set off in those monstrous vehicles? The hobby is becoming even more popular, so take a look at these, nine good reasons why you should think about spending your vacation in an RV. Maybe you'll be next!

How to Wire a 7-Pin Trailer

A trailer has a 12-volt electrical system powered by the tow vehicle and transferred to the trailer via a 7-pin connection in the vehicle's hitch that provides electricity for turn signals, brake lights, marker lights, electric brakes, batteries and reverse lights. These systems are required by law

Truck Camper Basics

There are many different ways to go camping, and one popular way is to use what is called a truck camper. Truck campers are common items. They are pick-up trucks with a camper mounted on the back. But what some people may see as a simple camper on a pick-up truck, others see as a way to achieve ulti

RV Camping in Yellowstone

Yellowstone attracts over 3 million visitors annually every year due to various reasons. This national park offers a wide range of recreational opportunities. Yellowstone National Park is a mountain wildland featuring wolves, grizzly bears, and ...

RV Information Tips

In my many years of working around and using RV's, I would like to offer a few tips.

Instructions for Light Wiring a Mitsubishi Trailer

Your Mitsubishi is capable of towing a trailer when equipped with a trailer lighting harness and a hitch. The trailer harness is a four-pole connection that delivers power from your vehicle to the trailer's lighting systems. A basic trailer lighting package with brake, signal and marker lights is re

Why Choose A Bunkhouse Travel Trailer

There are many reasons to choose a bunk house floor plan. Multiple sleeping areas is one of the biggest. We will discuss in this article the other reasons.

Roofs You Can Park Your Travel Trailer Under

While some people rent storage space for their travel trailer, others choose to store the vehicle at home. In both locations, the trailer is often exposed to the elements, which can cause damage to the trailer over time. Therefore, it is important to shelter your travel trailer underneath some type

Small Trailer Regulations

Rules and regulations regarding the use of trailers are administered through state legislation. Small trailers are usually defined as those carrying loads of up to 2,000 lbs.

Eagle Cap Campers As a Truck Campers

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but after seeing one on an Eagle Cap Camper, I have to say that RV slide outs are a mistake. The camper in question belongs to my father in ...