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How to Remove an Owner After Foreclosure

The foreclosure process consists of a number of different phases. One of the more complicated elements of foreclosure is removing the owner from the premises if she does not voluntarily vacate. There is a specific process in place through which you can remove an owner after foreclosure. The code of

How to File a Texas Mechanic's Lien

An auto mechanic’s lien is a legal claim for compensation against work done on a vehicle. When the automobile's owner refuses to pay a mechanic for his services, a lien can be filed. This allows the mechanic to seek compensation from the owner. If the owner still refuses to pay the lien, the

Landlord Rights to Break a Lease

While tenants have the right to remain in a property for the duration of their lease, there are circumstances in which a landlord has the right to break the lease and evict the tenant. This situation is almost always brought on by the tenant's own misconduct.

Succession Rights of Rent Stabilized Tenants

Leaselease image by Renato Francia from Fotolia.comThere are laws which protect the succession rights of rent stabilized tenants. The rule is that eligibility is determined based upon status as a family member. Family members who wish to qualify for succession rights must have lived...

How to Terminate a UCC

A Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) lien is a commercial lien that helps a bank or lender protect its financial risk when making loans to businesses. A UCC statement is filed with the secretary of state's office in the state where the loan is approved. This statement provides the terms of the loan, incl

Extending Your Lease - Mistakes to Avoid

Although extending your lease can significantly enhance the value of your flat, the whole lease extension process is not without pitfalls. This argument summarises the mistakes to avoid when applying for lease extension.

The American Dream Turns Into a Nightmare

Homeowners who have recently discovered that they have tainted Chinese drywall are uncertain as to whether they are legally obligated to pay their mortgage. Legally, the borrower is obligated to pay their mortgage unless an abatement or forbearance is negotiated and granted by the bank.

California Laws on Accepting a Notice to Vacate

A notice to vacate provides a recipient legal notification that the sender is going to leave a property or wants a tenant to leave. In California, such a notice is regularly used by landlords and tenants in rental agreements or leases when one side has decided to end the agreement. The notice provid

Married Women's Act of 1922

The Married Women's Act of 1922 is also commonly known as the Cable Act of 1922. The act begins by stating that "the right of any woman to become a naturalized citizen of the United States shall not be denied or abridged because of her sex or because she is a married woman." But additional stipulati

Florida HUD Rules on Manufactured Housing

Florida has HUD rules in place for mobile homes.Camping a€" Mobilhome image by albillottet from Fotolia.comFlorida, especially the southern tip, is prone to hurricanes. Since many mobile homes are not mounted on permanent foundations, the possibility of a home literally blowing away in a...

The Rules of Eviction in Virginia

A rental lease constitutes an agreement between a tenant and landlord and outlines the rights and responsibilities of each. Landlords reserve the right to evict tenants in certain instances, but must follow a legal protocol outlined by the laws of the state in which he resides. He cannot...

Florida Notice to Owner Laws

Florida homeowners must be aware of regulations that guarantee a remodeling contractor will receive payments due.Modern kitchen image by MAXFX from Fotolia.comFlorida law states that any contractor that performs home construction or remodeling on your property has a legal right to place a...

How to Evict a Tenant in Kansas

Kansas state law provides clear guidelines for lease termination and eviction of rental tenants. If a renter is not paying rent and refuses to leave a rental property, there is a procedure to legally evict them. This procedure involves submitting legal notice of rental agreement termination to the t

NYC Rent Regulations

New York City rent regulations help keep housing unit rental prices apartment building image by green308 from Fotolia.comNew York is the nation's most populous city, and has both rent control laws and rent stabilization programs to help stabilize housing unit rental prices....

How to Remove a Property Lien in Texas

A property lien is when your property is legally held in a way that you cannot sell it until a debt has been paid. In the state of Texas, as in many other parts of the United States, there are several ways you can remove property liens. Depending on your situation and access to legal aid you may wan

Tenant Rights in a Rental Foreclosure

"First in time, first in right" is a legal concept that resulted in leases being wiped out in a foreclosure when they were written after the mortgage on the property had been recorded. In many places throughout the country, this meant tenants in foreclosed buildings had few rights, especially when

How Do I Ask a Tenant to Move?

Whether it is for breach of contract, property damage, non-payment of rent, or you simply need to take back possession of your property, a landlord must follow specific laws when asking a tenant to vacate a property. As a landlord, you are required to give tenants written notice asking them to vacat

Electrical Requirements for Landlords

State laws often require landlords to provide working electrical service.electricity image by Mat Hayward from Fotolia.comElectrical power is a necessity in the modern world, and no tenant wants to be without it for long. In most places, landlords are required by law to provide access to...

Florida Mortgage Disclosure Laws

Mortgagees benefit from a series of increasing stringent federal disclosure laws from 1968 to the present.New Home image by Ryan LeBaron from Fotolia.comOne Florida insurance law deals with disclosure requirements related to mortgages. The state of Florida also complies with several...