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Gangster Books Libraries Should Carry

Do you like gangster books or hood books? Are you interested in gangster books that tell a story that takes place in the ghetto? There are a ton of authors that have interesting gangster or ghetto books. There are few new authors that have taken writing to a new level. Like an author by the name of

Mexico's Mezcal Receives Exhaustive Treatment in Holy Smoke: A Book Review

Holy Smoke! It's Mezcal! A Complete Guide from Agave to Zapotec by John McEvoy is a valiant attempt to synthesize a broad body of inquiry regarding Mexico's iconic agave based spirit. McEvoy provides an honest, detailed account of the history, nuances, regulation and innumerable incarnatio

Hogback Is a LOL Satirical Look at the Inter-Generational Gap

When the residents of a small Oklahoma town, Henryetta, get embroiled in an Inter-Generational golf tournament designed to bring the town's generations together, things humorously backfire, causing the inhabitants to become further apart than ever. A young female reporter for the local newspape

Efficacy of Bacteria

Bacteria enclose a large group of prokaryotic micro-organisms that are single-celled. Bacteria typically measure few micrometers in length and show a wide range of shape. They may be spiral, rod-like or spherical. Bacteria are ubiquitous and are present in every habitat possible on earth like soil,

Buying a First Edition Used Book

Don't buy a Book Club Edition Book thinking it is a First Edition book. Here are some helpfull guidelines to tell the difference.

One of the Leading Magazines of Australia - OK! Magazine

The magazine tends to feature special interviews and personal experiences of celebrities which includes engagements and pregnancies. In 2005, celebrity pregnancies which were covered were those of Peter and Jordan, Alex Curran and Steven Gerrard.

The Ugly Looking Crows

Crows are very common birds most frequently observed in the sky. They are actually passerine birds belonging to the genus Corvus and family Corvidae. Their body size may vary from small pigeon to large wild raven. They are the inhabitants of temperate regions except South America. The genus was desc

Lawsuit Funding Brokers - The Good News

The purpose of this and all articles posted by the undersigned is to educate the public about the lawsuit funding business as a whole. The premise is that if the public is more aware of the business and how it works, it will benefit the lawsuit loan industry and clients alike.

Winners Have Patterns of Behavior That You Should Know About!

Have you ever looked at a highly productive and high performance individual and wondered how on Earth are they doing that? How come they are always in the winner's circle? What makes them tick, how can they succeed at so many things? Why are they always in the top tier? Well, I would submit to

The Anti-Inflammation Zone by Dr Barry Sears

Reversing the silent epidemic that's destroying out health is the subtitle. This is my favorite Zone book because it's up to date and ties itself to good health rather than the more popular weight loss.

Circuit of the Smart!

You can be very smart! You can even be the smartest. Discover how in this article. Please, read on!

Critique of Gordon Frazier's The New Physics: For The Twenty-First Century

With considerable research to his credit and employing contribution from twenty-three other physicists eminent in their particular fields, and together with one hundred-eighteen bibliographic gems, this author brings the world up-to-date concerning advances and theory from experts working in the sev

Hike And The Aeroplane - Sinclair Lewis's First Novel

Hike and the Aeroplane was the first novel written by Sinclair Lewis. Published in 1912, only 1,000 copies were printed. This novel was published under the pseudonym Tom Graham, because it was a "pot boiler" novel, which was a term for a poorly and quickly written novel just to pay bills,

A Solid Gold Mystery!

When a mysterious hand-carved leather journal finds its way to the Chicago bookstore Zodiac's Rare & Used books, because one of the co-owners is the highest bidder, little does she and her friends realize that it contains potential information about the legendary Seven Cities of Gold in New Mex

We As Women

How can one feel good with gender discrimination? When all sorts of abuses are openly advocated and thrust upon this assumes greater degree of recognition when it is racially oriented not a word about atrocity is said or lamented How do I feel as woman in such matter? Is it not the global concern or

Michael Crichton's "Next" Is Serious Monkey Business

The first thing you should know about Michael Crichton is the dude can tell a story like few others ever have. Not unexpectedly, this holds true with his 2006 book, "Next." You also should remember that he was six-feet-nine inches tall. I'm not sure what that factoid has to do with a

When the Game Was Ours by Larry Bird and Magic Johnson With Jackie Macmullan

"When The Game Was Ours" by Larry Bird and Magic Johnson with Jackie MacMullan is an engaging jaunt through the careers of Larry Bird and Magic Johnson and the National Basketball Association of the 80s and early 90s. These were two of my five favorite players while growing up, and I thoro

In the Midst of a Storm

A great storm erupted in Mary Ann's life. With her faith and love of God this woman was able to overcome the obstacles that were giving her great challenges. She exemplifies the gift of being one of this generation's most talented spiritual writers. "In The Midst Of The Storm" ha

A Review of "Gold - The Once and Future Money"

The book that is the subject of this review is "Gold: The Once and Future Money," written by Nathan Lewis and published in 2007. The author provides a thorough examination of using gold to support the value of a currency (the gold standard ), as well as a history of gold standards in the p