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Stepan Bandera (A Cultural Icon With a Notorious Past)

Cultural icons matter. And historical symbolism is an expression of national identity. But if you are a person of good intentions and if you don't understand the controversy perhaps you should think again. It is the twenty-first century and global realities cannot be dismissed. Any individual w

The Seven Worst Star Wars Books

Over the last twenty years there has been a lot of Star Wars books released and I have managed to read most of them. While there has been some real pearls, they have also been a lot of duds. Here are some of them.

The Cage Keeper and Other Stories (Book Review)

"The Cage Keeper and Other Stories" is a collection of seven short stories by Andre Dubus III. The beauty of this book is in the potency of the characters and the author's mastery of the language.

Review of A Hard Death by Jonathan Hayes

Edward Jenner lost his New York license. He agrees to work as the Douglas County Medical Examiner for his friend who has a trip planned with his wife. Jenner believes things will be very quiet because he was told "Douglas County is a place where old money went to die, a place where no one ever

Lost in Shangri-La by Mitchell Zuchoff

I usually find nonfiction history to be so dry as to lose my attention. Lost in Shangri-La though is a non-fiction accounting of a plane crash that occurred in the last days of WWII with all of the elements of a fiction adventure thriller and author Mitchell Zuckoff has the spirited talent to paint

Cozy Mysteries Are Really Taking Off!

Cozy Mysteries are really taking off! More and more authors are jumping into the Cozy Mystery arena today. It seems like readership is up for this subgenre of the mystery genre.

"The Dark Dreamweaver" - Book Review

Travel beyond the realm of consciousness to the magical world of Remin, an enchanting land controlled by wizards and powered by dreams, with Nick Ruth's award-winning fantasy children's novel, "The Dark Dreamweaver." Ruth's positive debut novel is filled with magic, imaginat

Rescue In A Maelstrom

The two men had followed the girls, but were not yet themselves in trouble. When they became aware of the girl's distress, they raced to their rescue. The two were good swimmers, but, as they would soon learn, no match for the wrath of this angry maelstrom.

Book Reviews for the Top Five Weight Loss Diet Books

These five books are my personal recommendations for top level typical weight-loss diet publications available, specifically for people that are in the beginning stages of our weight-loss quest. There is certainly nothing revolutionary in regards to this nutritious diet program, and no one would cat

The Painter From Shanghai By Jennifer Cody Epstein

The Painter from Shanghai is a story of fiction based on the life of painter Pan Yuliang.Xiuqing is an orphan and left in the care of her uncle who has an opium habit. He told Xiuqing that they are going on a boat trip.

Their Voices Speak Out Loud

The voices of many have carved our world. Let them not be forgotten and the inspiration they illuminated for us to see. This list poem is a tribute to the voices of the poets.

Behind the Bathroom Door I Hide Or So I Thought

As a recovering addict I know that no matter how hard you try you can't hide it from your children. I hid behind the bathroom door while my babies knocked and pleaded for me to come out. They would lay against the door crying for me. As I look back it hurts me to know the pain I've caused

Life Never A Problem

Life was never a burden until I realized, I never owed allegiance until obliged. It was somewhat unique experience, I wanted to develop close allegiance...

Book Review: Seven Up

Janet Evanovich has written a rather large and interesting number of novels known as the Stephanie Plum series. The characters and humour are the same but the plots differ. This is the seventh book in the series.

Why You Should Read the Four Hour Work Week

There are thousands of self help books within book stores, and many of these have achieved incredible things, including being top of best seller lists. As far as I am aware, none of them have yet outsold the bible, but there are certainly some serious numbers which are achieved by these types of boo