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Benefits To Buying Books Wholesale

Buying books from wholesalers is a more practical options, if you are planning to order a large volume for any reason. If you are a school administrator ordering books for your students or a company executive wanting to give your employees something useful to read, buying wholesale is a good choice

Michael Pearl's Good and Evil Book

A Bible version intended for all ages is the recently improved comic book bible, Good and Evil. Written by Michael Pearl and drawn by Danny Bulanadi, an ex-Marvel comic book artist particularly on The Incredible Hulk, the Good and Evil comic book bible is now a success in all regions on the planet t

Stopping Identity Theft - 10 Easy Steps to Security by Scott Mitic

Imagine my surprise when I received a letter from the State Bar of Montana in regards to my application to take the Bar Exam, and reading the letter that basically stated, "You told us you had no delinquent accounts, but your credit report shows two credit cards that have not been paid for two

Romance Book Review: LA Caveman by Christina Crooks

L.A. Caveman is a pure romance with a sexy air that pits hero against heroine in the modern-day corporate world. Recommended for those who like romantic tales set in the modern business world, and want to see some steamy encounters.

Do Not Go Gentle By Terra Ziporyn - Book Review

With the incredible popularity of such shows as CSI and Law & Order, Americans clearly have an appetite for morbid crime drama. Now that craving can be filled through print, with Terra Ziporyn's psychological thriller,'Do Not Go Gentle.'Ziporyn takes the reader beyond your average &qu

Powerful Black Female Poets

They follow in the footsteps of Phyllis Wheatley. Nikki Giovanni, Maya Angelou, Sonia Sanchez and Gwendolyn Brooks are groundbreakers in their own right. Their work captured the essence of the black experience.

Lost Empires by J B Pirestley

Lost Empires is a novel set in theatres, most of which are called Empires. It is set in 1913 and follows the exploits of a twenty year old man after he joins the travelling troupe of an illusionist and conjurer. From the perspective of the permissive 1960s, the book's first person narrator, Ric

The Tudor Dynasty

"A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse" - these words in Shakespeare's Richard III tolled the knell of the Plantagenet Dynasty when Henry Tudor vanquished its last king on Bosworth Field in1485; the last act of the War of Roses. This conflict was a series of civil wars opposing the

Review of William Bernhardt's Capitol Offense

If you enjoy seeing the law through an attorney's perspective and you like a cozier approach to legal thrillers, Bernhardt is your man. This is the 17th book in the Ben Kincaid series set in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Little Girls and Powerful Men

The beautiful little girl often lovingly brings out the humane side of a powerful man, who is not always disposed to be humane in attitude to others, but is loving to her. This little girl eventually grows up, not to supersede him, but with the desire to only know him as a humane man - no matter wha

Metaphorically Selling

This article is based on the following book:<br>Metaphorically Selling - A Book Summary<br>How to Use the Magic of Metaphors to Sell, Persuade & Explain Anything to Anyone<br>By Anne Miller<br>Chiron Associates, Inc., New York 2004<br>ISBN: 0-9762794-0-1<br>161 Pa

Blog Inferno Review - A Cross Promotion Scam?

When I came across the Blog Inferno's sales page, I actually enjoyed reading it as the owner (Colleen Slater) wrote it in a story-telling style. She is a single mom who has a full time job and only works on her online business for an hour a day. But she managed to pull in over $100,000 a year.

Great Ways to Promote Your Poetry in Magazines

Poetry is a great way to express oneself, if you have the talent to do so. And, if you have the talent, why not let everyone know about it? In this article, we explain how you can go about publishing your poetries in a magazine.

The Ultimate Secret - Book Review

Understand what the "Law of Creation" is and how it can lead to your dreams and desires being fulfilled. Access knowledge that will allow you to change your circumstances, create a new environment and chart your course with a clear destination in mind. Prepare to be launched on the road to

Book Review - Start Late, Finish Rich

Like most books of financial advice, Start Late, Finish Rich reinforces the commonsense principles you probably already knew you should be following. Also like most of them, it contains a few of the author's personal and sometimes counter-intuitive ideas.

The Hour A Day Entrepreneur by Henry J. Evans

I picked up "The Hour A Day Entrepreneur: Escape the Rat Race and Achieve Entrepreneurial Freedom With Only One Focused Hour A Day" by Henry J. Evans after reading quite a few positive reviews and endorsements of the book. (Evans did a great job of getting people to endorse his book - ther