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Book Review of "The Pocket Parent Coach" by Tina Feigal

Maybe your experience becoming a parent is like that shared by many others-it is a festive occasion where you contemplated the joyful experiences that were sure to come. Not too long into your development as a parent, perhaps, you wished that children came with an instruction manual. As our children

A Black Woman Scorned

This is talking about how horrible men treat this black woman. She probably won't talk to anymore black men!

Stillness Speaks, Unlocking the Power of Presence

Experience sacred solitude, the power of presence, captivating effervescence, intoxicating aliveness, invigorating in stillness. Feel the greatness of zen. Let go of your ideological spin. Stop wrestling and fighting within. Happily enter the world of being. Enlightenment and the power of presence i

Writing Poetry/Quotes - It's Actually Quite Easy

It's just that simply put! While other believe it is a God given talent, I believe anyone can learn the art of poetry; as long as the determination and drive are there. There are tons of resources all over the internet about writing your poetry, you could read all of them and it still wouldn&ap

Book Review: The Catcher in the Rye

I was afraid Salinger was going to offer some kind of a rosy ending that all coming-of-age movies/stories have, all the time expecting him to prescribe some quick-fix solution and almost 'knowing' that Holden was going to be 'lost' to the 'society'. I realised soon that

Professional BBQ in Your Own Home

Ever wanted to make pro caliber BBQ at your own home? America's BBQ secrets gives you the tools you need, and the know how you need, to do exactly that, all with the equipment you already own!

Book Review - The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle transports readers to a bucolic farm in Wisconsin where the Sawtelle family and 14-year-oldEdgar breed their famous dogs. An idyllic existence ends when Edgar's uncle returns and unleashes forces that result in tragedy. Engrossing and lyrical, the story is a re-imagi

40 Days of Power by TD Jakes

New York Times best selling author Bishop T. D. Jakes provides readers a study guide, "40 Days of Power," to accompany his book "Power for Living."This study guide or devotional journal is divided into forty individual themes which expand the concepts and principles found in the

What a Difference a Day Makes - a Survival Guide For Women - Book Review

Simple, clear and cut-to-the-chase, this light humor non-fiction self-help book will encourage readers to embrace happiness - as it is right there for their taking. Like most of us, Kerri Cartelli wears many hats that can end up draining her energy. These can include titles such as mother of three,

Facundo's Mother

She is at peace, Catalina, it wasn't that way in her earth-life; but perhaps someday Facundo will come to see the wisdom of some counsel, for this too is his way presently in earth-life. She loved her child, Facundo, and loved well. -Facundo's mother Catalina.

How to Select a Business Book

It must have happened to most of us; standing in the business section corner of a bookstore, not sure which book to pick up for a good read. Being able to choose the right books which provide a good insight into the world of business is a herculean task. With so many different kinds of books availab

Science Fiction Book Review - Themes From Asimov's Robot Series

I recently read "I, Robot," a collection of short stories written by Isaac Asimov in 1950's. The movie that came out a few years ago with the same title was loosely based upon some of the themes from the stories, but did not follow any particular plot in the stories. While I did enjoy

A Heroic Analysis of Romeo Montague

This article views a heroic analysis of Romeo Montague in Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet". It views how Romeo portrayed the different characteristics of a tragic hero in the aforementioned tragic Shakespearean play as indicated by Aristotle in his "Poetics".

What Happens in the 25 Years After 50?

Learning does not end in our 20s. Though childhood, adolescence and old age have been broadly studied, adulthood has remained unexplored based on the assumption that learning ends. I'm happy to report that, for the stage between 50 and 75, that era is coming to an end with an insightful new boo