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My Inspiration

All things work together for the good. A poem of repentance. live love and share what you have.

What He Said That She Didn't - Man Quit This Junk!

This is still a controversy raging regarding using water or hand sanitizer. The forces are gathered on each side of the fence. This poem takes a slight glimpse into the ongoing controversy.

"Follow the Other Hand" by Andy Cohen: Book Review

Andy Cohen brings a magician's perspective to his new business book, "Follow the Other Hand." Receiving critical acclaim within the industry, The New York Times reviewed Cohen's book in December '06, praising it for "simple, solid points" and noted the book as a po

Queens and Crescents - Book Review

What certainly stood out for me in Barry Southers novel,Queens and Crescents, was his strong and deep feelingsfor his family that Barry made apparent in the dedication forthis book. The love and appreciation he shares here is ...

Poetry and Meditation

Reflection on the Life, Nature, Arts and the Beauty in mood of Meditation and Contemplation. For poet words are like Mantras and preparation for growing Spiritual Life.

A Shine Like Light

She was blazing like sun shine. The nature had made her look good and fine. I never thought of making her mine. Dreamed a lot to sit with her and dine.

Why Should You Read Book Reviews?

A book review is one person's view of what they thought of a book they have read. After you read book reviews, you are likely to get several opinions. You might get some that rave about how enjoyable the book was to read. You will get others who might disagree and point out what they did not li

Vamps And The City

Synopsis of "Vamps And The City"... Hiding in a vampire harem for 4 years isn't TV journalist Darcy Newhart's idea of living. Bored out of her mind and angry at being made a vampire in ...

On a Journey With the Wind!

It flows, it grows, it is great, it is the wind! Have you felt it before? The wind against your face, in your hair, all over your skin, caressing you until it fills you up to the brim.Its restless. Its the intangible water. Its the best lover anyone can have; it is your friend, its your enemy. It ca

Boy Imperturbe by Andrew Nardo

An unforgettable novel about a young boy who uses his imagination to escape the reality of his surroundings.This work, by a new and extremely talented author, has a gripping storyline that will captivate readers of all ages.

One Stroke Two Birds

Rubbish, rubbish, rubbish. It not innocent game to finish. It is brilliance and execution of skill. That fulfills your aim and will.