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How to Capture All Elements in a Photograph

Focusing on several elements in photography--composition, light and depth of field--can dramatically improve the quality of your images. Upon mastering these basic building blocks, there are additional factors worth considering, including shutter speed, white balance and exposure adjustment. Althoug

How to Make the Colors of a Rainbow in a Photograph Stand Out Using Photoshop

Rainbows can be an impressive display of nature. And while it may appear easy to photograph them, the truth is that it can be very difficult to replicate them the same way as they appear in nature. Beginner and amateur photographers often will underexpose pictures taken of the sky. This is the resul

Learn Digital Photography Tips in No Time

This article will show you how to learn digital photography tips in no time! Photography is an extremely fun and rewarding hobby. Nevertheless, its a lot funner if you're good at it and know what you're doing. Everyone loves taking photos that look nice. Anyways, let's begin!

Basic Framing Materials

Framing is one way of preserving various art works such as painting, photographs, memento or memorabilia such as certificates of recognitions and citations, diplomas and among others. They are not only preserved for future generations but also serve as decorative art pieces that add beauty to our ho

To Blur Or Not to Blur?

Have you ever wondered how some photos have the foreground and the background of the subject of interest blurred out while in some photos everything in the photos are in focus and sharp? This is where depth of field (DOF) is applied to photographs. So what exactly is DOF?

How to Become a Photographic Journalist

A photographic journalist is different from your garden variety news writer in that the photographer uses pictures to tell the story. He may work for a newspaper or wire service, or opt to work as a freelancer, selling his newsworthy pictures to various publications. Becoming a photographic journali

Nikon Vs Canon in a Changing DSLR Marketplace

Nikon is in a very competitive marketplace, so what other manufacturers do has a direct impact on Nikons product direction. Twenty years ago, Nikon owned the 35mm professional photography market, and then along came autofocus, followed by digital. Canon was traditionally the number 2 company. Howeve

5 Reasons You Should Buy a Camera Strap

While you may come across a multitude of photography tutorials that focus on lenses, cameras and lighting, there is one significant photography gear that often gets neglected and somehow slips the photography forums- camera strap! Even filters and bags manage to get a lot of press but hardly anyone

Simple Ways to Edit Your Photos in Photoshop

Photoshop allows some essential and basic photographic editing to be done, but even just the most basic processes can greatly enhance images for both amateur and professional photographers. Photoshop is also known for its creative capabilities as well as its aesthetic corrective tools.

Better Pet Photos - In Three Easy Steps!

When you try to take portraits of your pets, do you end up with nothing but blurry blobs, down in the corner? Was your dog or cat even looking at the camera? Were they looking ...

DIY Photography Light Box

Without a photography studio, it can be difficult to take quality photographs of small objects. A photography light box is an easy and cheap alternative--it provides even illumination from all sides for any object that can fit in it, costs only $5 and takes 30 minutes of your time. Light boxes are p

How to Set Up a Home Photo Studio

Many photo enthusiasts are interested in setting up a home photo studio. Some want a more suitable space for taking pictures of family and friends. Others want to earn extra income or have full-time occupation. Whatever the reason, you can set up a home studio with the right space, setup and equipme

Equipment Needed for Bird Photography

The nice thing about bird photography is that it can happen anywhere on our beautiful globe. The not so nice thing is that birds are small or shy, and you need to be able to get close enough with your equipment. In this article, we will be looking at the ideal equipment for bird photography.

Indian Wedding Photographer Chicago

Photography is one of the events that results in illuminating never-ending assets of happiness and cherishing moments. Everybody never wants to lose loving memories of wedding. People are always in search of good photographers that ...