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Canon EOS 5000-A Competitive Review

I used the Canon EOS 5000 for taking my pictures in different ways. It is spring, and I want to photograph my daffodils, as well as to take a low viewpoint for the pictures. Canon facilitates me with

Facts on Macro Lenses

A macro lens refers to a camera lens designed to take very close-up pictures. A true macro lens can achieve a 1:1 magnification, which means the subject appears life-size on the camera's sensor.

Life of a wedding photographer

Wedding Photography is a very challenging business. I do not mainly mean by grabbing business, but most importantly creatively challenging. If you are a professional wedding photography, you know that after doing even fifteen weeding ...

Online Photography Courses - Painting With Light - Literally!

Often photography is referred to as a medium that 'paints with light'. This is true to some degree as you are using light to record the image. I'm not referring to this; I'm referring to actually picking up a light source (such as a torch) and paint your subject with it!

Make Your Freelance Photography Dream a Reality

For many people, photography is a beloved hobby. There's something beguiling about being able to capture memories, occasions, spectacular sights and nature's beauty on camera. With today's digital technology and the affordable cost of cameras, it's easier than ever to develop a l

Modern Photography for the Modern Family

The current times call for the current lifestyle. When it comes to family photography, modern is certainly the preferred trend nowadays. But what does modern photography means for the modern family? The modern family photography ...

Picture Search Engines As Your Tool to Find High Quality Pictures Online

Picture search engines aim to do the impossible: to read pictures. The problem is that search engines in general are only able to read texts. That's why even big photo sites have to make use of clear descriptions of each photo, because without the text they will not be able to index the picture

Digital Photography Lighting - Natural vs Artificial Lighting

If you are planning on taking high quality pictures that really capture the moment, digital photography lighting must be in place. Lighting is something that is often overlooked by amateur photographers, but it is a must for taking great photos.

Steps for Developing Film

As amateur photographers rely more and more on digital photography, finding a place to quickly develop negatives is growing harder. One option is to learn to develop your own film at home. Whether you're developing black-and-white or color film, the basic steps are the same. The times and required t

How to Use Soapstone in Art

Soapstone is a metamorphic rock with a high talc content, which makes it soft and soapy feeling. The soft physical characteristics make soapstone an ideal carving material, especially for beginners. The ease with which soapstone can be carved means you can work in this medium with simple tools. Soap

How to Take Portraits at Night

Night photography can offer stunning landscapes and colorful portraits of city lights. Most cameras' automatic settings fall short when shooting at night and in low-light situations. This can make night photography difficult if the photographer does not have a basic understanding of the manual setti

Film-Based Cameras

If your requirement is for a film-based camera, relying on a scanner to create digital image files, you are spoiled for choice in terms of camera size, features, degrees of automation, and price. The least expensive, most compact, and easiest cameras to use are rangefinder types. These are distingui

Important Metal Alloys

Steel is one of the most common metal alloys.Jupiterimages/ ImagesAlloys are metals that are man-made by combining two or more different types of metals. The benefit of alloys is that you can combine metals that have varying characteristics to create an end product that is...

Sweat Street Photography

What constitutes the street in terms of territory from a pictorial point of view? Can a rural, non/asphalted location be considered "street photography", and if not, why exactly? How urban the location...

What Is Photo Enlargement?

A photo enlargement for film is a print or projected reproduction that exceeds the dimensions of the negative or slide frame. In digital photography, the print is an enlargement of a computerized picture file--usually in the JPEG format. It is important to understand how an enlargement affects pictu

Mystical Lighting Tutorial

Achieving mystical lighting effects on your photographs can be done in a number of ways. While many photo artists choose to add mystical or fantasy-style effects to the photograph with editing software, you can achieve a more natural look by using physical lighting that is set up properly before you

Expert Wedding Imaging in Spain

Photography is an art or science of capturing and creating durable images. A person who takes photographs is known as a photographer. Photography has lots of uses in business, science, art and recreational purposes. Photography ...

Choosing The Very best Camcorders

Today camcorders may cost a lot of money, particularly for a top of the line one. This is why when you are purchasing camcorders you must pick out a high quality one at the first ...