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High Contrast Black & White Photography Tricks

Using black and white film generally results in interesting and inspiring photographs. This type of photography is useful for creating artistic, bold, mysterious, emotional and unusual photos that capture and captivate the eye of the viewer. Follow a few basic tricks and techniques to create high co

8 Wedding Photography Tips For Beginners

If you're getting ready to take pictures at a wedding, check out these 8 wedding photography tips to make sure you're properly prepared to capture memories of this important day. With these 8 wedding photo tips, you'll be sure to take pictures that the bride and groom will adore.

Digital Camera Tips - Buying a Camera

The range of digital cameras today is considerable which has it's good and bad points. Plenty of choice but confusing for a beginners to digital photography. A little help in choosing which camera is right for you is available in this article.

Take Great Summer Vacation Photos

It's that time of year once again, the Summer Vacation officially starts after Memorial Day. The one common denominator on all summer vacations is people taking photos. Everyone wants to remember all the good times and places so what better way to record your adventures than with pictures.

How to Work With a Peavey Mixer

Peavey is an audio electronics company that makes many products, from guitars to microphones. Peavey mixers are commonly found in smaller venues, such as coffee shops and churches. As a sound engineer, it is important to have a basic understanding of how to work with a Peavey mixer, because you're l

Know About Wedding Photographer Malta

The reputation that JJ Chircop has built over the past few years in photography has certainly been impressive. The official photographer for several TV programs, noted concerts, official portraits, cover photos and events, JJ Chircop ...

Lytro 101: Get to Know More About Lytro

Photography enthusiasts nowadays have a lot of choices when it comes to cameras. There are the simple but reliable point-and-shoots, the highly advanced SLRs and then there's the Lytro, a camera that is used specifically for light-field photography. Light-field photography is a process that wor

Sell Pictures Online For Money

Learning how to sell pictures online is not hard. It may seem hard at first, but it is very easy due to the recent advancement of the internet and users that need photos. People that run websites and such are in very high demand of photographs and if you can supply these shots you can reap lots of p

The Best Tung Oil for Oak Refinishing

Tung oil has been used for centuries as a finish for wood and for many other purposes.The Chinese used tung oil to waterproof masts and sails for their junks. The U.S. military used tung oil to coat military parts during World War II. In addition to being water resistant, tung oil resists many alkal

Photographing Landmarks - Find Your Angle

How many times have you taken the perfect shot of that famous building or monument that you couldn't wait to show to your family or friends, or submit to a stock agency, only to slowly realize that it is only one of thousands of similar perfect shots of that particular icon? If I was asked that

Boudoir Photography As a Genre of Photography

Photography has emerged as more an art and a strong medium of publicity from mere means of capturing memories. It has branched out to different types and one such type of photography is glamour photography ...

Macro Digital Photography Simplified - Commencing With Your 50mm Macro

Macro photography can be an inspiring area of digital photography that can generate awesome photographs at extreme magnification. This article provides a basic introduction to macro taking photos, including some of the concepts together with terminology used and also the accessories you may want to

Different Parts of a Camera

Manual cameras capture an image on film by letting light into an opening for a specific amount of time. This light forms an image on one frame of the film, and then the camera manually or automatically advances to the next frame until each frame on the film has an image.

Hands and Feet and Female Model Posing

"What do I do with my hands?". This is a common question when new models step in front of the photographer's camera. So, here are some simple answers to help in female model posing and the right way to use body parts.

Digital Photography Tricks - Capture the Motion of Moving Water!

The sun is out and there's a faint breeze as you enjoy a leisurely walk in your favourite countryside location. You detect a faint trickle of moving water in the distance, and as you move closer, you observe a winding stream. The water is bobbling across the stones lying in the shallow pool. Yo

Wide Angle Vs. Fisheye Lens

A wide-angle lens captures a wide or broad area of view. A fisheye lens, one example of an ultra-wide angle lens, captures close to a 360-degree horizon.

The site on album for pictures

Making an album for pictures within your most valued recollections is definitely the closest move to tread following possessing these memories captured. An album for pictures is definitely the ideal t