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Learn Digital Photography - 6 Keys to Shooting Weddings Like the Pros

If you'd like to shoot weddings like the pros do, you need to take a few tips from them. They've learnt the easiest way to do things and the most effective ways of getting stunning shots. Unless you want to learn from the school of hard knocks, take a few tips.

How to Use a High-Speed Camera

High-speed photography can capture some of the world's most beautiful and brief occurrences: a hummingbird's wings, an apple exploding, or a drop of water striking a surface. You need to know a few tips, however, to get the most out of it.

How to Paint Silhouettes

Before cameras were commonplace, painting silhouettes was an easy and cost-effective way of reproducing somebody's image or profile. Silhouettes first became popular during the 18th century, and the same principals are still used in such paintings today. Instead of depicting details, a painted silho

Photography Backlighting Issues

Outdoor photographers have to learn how to shoot pictures in many different types of lighting conditions. Studio photographers have the ability to control the light inside their studio by adjusting the position and power of the strobes. When shooting outdoors, you may be able to move your subject or

How to Sell Digital Pictures

In order to make some extra cash every month, many people have decided to dedicate a little part of their time to photo-shooting and then selling their photos online. Unfortunately, there's very little information for ...

Family Indoor Pictures Critical Reviews & Ideas

Many areas you should comprehend before you having image in family indoor photography including location, white balance, window/door light, managing light source, and also background.

Qualities of a Good Photograph

Know what qualities will make your good photographs great.happy photograph image by Laser from Fotolia.comTaking a good photograph is something that most people can do, but typically a good photograph is something that many people do by accident because they do not understand the...

Do You Want To Take Better Pictures? Check Out These Ideas!

In the world of photography, there are plenty of great resources available to both new and experienced photographers alike. There are many programs, e-guides, books, videos, and other resources available. This set of tips contains ...

HD Pocket Video Camcorders - What to Consider Before A Purchase

Since the invention of the digital camera, technology has doubled according to Moore's law, and circuits have gotten smaller and smaller over time. The question I want to address in our review today is; are HD pocket video cameras worth what you pay for them and what should you consider when co

Control Film Speed in Black and White Photography

Many processing controls are simple but effective changes of film speed. It's possible to boost or cut the speed of most slide films by simply increasing or reducing the time the film spends in the first bath of developer. Labs call this process "pushing and pulling", and you can spec

Children's Photography - Tips to Make Things Easier

A great children's photographer will make the whole experience fun for the kids and as un-stressful as possible for mom and dad. Dragging a child to the studio and making him sit still while some stranger pokes a camera in his face is not going to get the results you are looking for. Photograph

A Bride's Photography

Looking naturally beautiful in your wedding photographs is as important as looking beautiful on your wedding day. If the brides follow few tips they can manage to look radiant and glowingly happy in t

Photography Tips - How to Take Good Photos

You got yourself a camera huh? That's great news! I know you won't regret it. You are going to have a lot of fun with it. Photography allows you to capture memorable moments or scenes ...

How to Select Subjects for Creative Photography

When you consider what subjects you want to photograph, think about the photographic medium and its uses. The camera can be used as a scientific instrument, for objective exploration or to record and document the world. Recording the multitude of subjects in the natural world and their potential and

Features of a Canon PowerShot A1000

The Canon PowerShot A1000 IS replaces the A580 and is a compact digital camera. Incorporating a range of technologies, the Canon PowerShot A1000 is designed for ease of use. Easy mode is just one of 17 different shooting modes from which to select, which makes the camera ideal for...

Learn Digital Photography - Learning Creative Photography

Everyone wants to be able to create a beautiful image. Creative photography is a buzz word across the internet at the moment. People want to be more creative and learn to shoot images as seen in books and glossy travel magazines. Here's how you can become more creative.

Learn Digital Photography - Understanding Depth of Field

One the most fundamental techniques necessary to really to master creative photography is depth of field. It was always a bit pf a mystery to me because of the link to aperture and understanding all those back to front f-numbers. I think it was more of a mental block because it is actually quite eas