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Types of Flashes

Have you ever thought how those cameras produced the "flash of light" effect when somebody is taking a shot?I was surprised to know that it can be a separate unit and is actually called flash.

Wide Lenses - For Photography and Photographers

Even the simplest of compact cameras comes with a built-in wide-angle lens. But the view this range of focal lengths provides is essential for the tourist Since zoom lenses have become the norm for both ...

Memories and Photographs

The Romans call light by using the word "photo." "Graph," in the same language, means to write.

Photographers - 6 Tips For Working More Effectively

The photography industry is competitive. One of the best ways to compete is to offer more value than does the competition. To do this and still make money a photographer needs to work efficiently.

Photographing Weddings (If You Must)

If you've been photographing very long, you'll probably been asked at some point to shoot a friend or family's wedding. Here are some tips for staying out of the way, and getting the shots that the bride and groom may just treasure for many years to come.

What Is Portrait Photography?

Photographs are not just meant to shoot memories, but they are an effective way to show innovation. Portrait photography DC is also known as portraiture, which is a way to express the personality or t

The Truth About Digital Camera Image Sensors

If I asked a new camera buyer to describe his or her new camera to me, I would be willing to bet $100 that within the first 3 sentences, I heard the word megapixels. I would also be willing to bet $1000, that the word image sensor never comes up in the description whatsoever.

Backup Strategy for Wedding Photographers

in this article I explain the importance and procedure of a robust and easily maintained back up strategy for wedding photographers. I show specific examples of the equipment I use and the steps i take.

Equipment You Will Need to Be a Photographer

Photography is an art and it is not all about the cameras and flashes. In fact there are lots more equipment requires and the professional photographers are aware of that. In search of a good shot they need tripods, light meters, filters and not to forget the lenses as well.

Guide to the Functions of Digital Cameras

Many people today like to buy compact cameras - also called "point and shoot". They have many electronic features, many of which are common to most models and manufacturers. This article will help you to understand the most common ones. This will enable you to choose your next camera with

The Ideal Digital Camera for Family Photographers

If you've ever missed a great shot of your child because your digital camera was too slow, maybe it's time to consider an alternative. With a digital SLR at your side, you'll be ready to capture even the most fleeting moment.

How to Print Photos on Wood

With digital printing, we've become accustomed to seeing photographs printed on just about anything, but traditional darkroom printing may be more versatile than you think. The same emulsion that coats black-and-white photo paper can be applied to any surface, including wood. Take some time to exper

Information About Stock Photo Websites

If you are a hobby photographer or designer you probably heard about Stock photo sites before. Stock photo sites pay you money if you submit photos. Not when you upload them, but when they get sold after being uploaded.

Close Flash and Silhouette Photographing(2)

3. Backlit photographing The backlighting is the only light source for photographing silhouette photos. The stronger the backlight is, the more obvious the silhouette effect will be. When photographing outdoors, the time is best before ...

Photographing Slot Canyons

Understanding how to capture stimulating images in slot canyons is not always intuitive for all photographers. This article discusses lighting and implementing your camera's manual settings to ensure a great photograph.

Macro Photography - When Small Details Speak Volumes

Science and forensics often prove that sometimes the smallest details can provide volumes of information. Macro photography is a form of up close imaging that utilizes high magnification and a sharply enhanced focus to bring forth the finest of facets. The genre plays a critical role in a number of

Ideas For Black and White Photographs

I've been taking black and white photographs for about two years now. As you start to print your own work you get a feel for the kinds of things you like to take pictures of and what you can make a good print out of. These are a few of my favorite ideas for subject matter when taking black and

How Do People Sign Up for Home Makeovers With ABC?

According to Ty Pennington, the ABC television program "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" receives between 2,000 and 3,000 applications each week, yet only about a dozen homes appear on the show each season. The show focuses on designers, builders and organizers who completely gut homes and rebuild th

Digital Photography - Simple Tricks

The thing about digital cameras is that they are so easy to use. Everything from the most basic point and shoot to the most advanced D-SLRs have an "auto" function where the camera does everything except actually pushing the shutter button. But this is not always the best way to get great