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Wedding Photographer –Expert in Wedding Coverage

Everybody in the world knows that the wedding day of a person is one of the most significant days of his/her life and this special day bring a lot of happiness and excitement. It also reminds people o

How to Create Backgrounds for Pictures?

The quality of the picture taken does not only depend on the camera but also on the kind of background you use. Digital photography has come a long way. You can click as many pictures as you want and use those which are quality pictures.

Everything About Landscapes

Landscapes usually represent a photographer's starting point, being included in a series of steps which help with defining their personal style. Although photos seem very easy to take, they are not. There re a lot of things which determine a successfully taken landscape, elements such as the co

Cat Heating Pads - Outdoor Cat House Winter

When winter approaches and the temperature begins to drop the cat still wants out but the owners are reluctant to allow them. A cat heating pad designed for outdoor use is a perfect solution to ...

How To Sell Your Images With Fotomoto

I have been a photographer for the last five years and have collected images taken in different countries around the world, like the United States, France, China, Japan and maybe another fifty countries. I have searched on the Internet on how to sell my images as stock photos and found a lot of stoc

Passionate About Photo Albums?

or that once-in-a-lifetime event such as a wedding or civil partnership, you want the best possible photos you can afford. The best images don't come in bunches and if you start mixing things, you might end up having just black shades and nothing else!

Worth of Employing a Certified Big Event Photo Taker

You are likely to not have a lovely women who does certainly not want to find themselves some sort of stylish wedding by using a magnificent light gown, little a bouquet of flowers, cheerful friends ...

Digicam File Formats

Looking at the digital camera, a person can visualize it as a combination of a camera along with a miniature computer system that stores the images as files or sets of bits, rather than a chemically ...

How to Make Black & White Copies

Black and white prints are a chic and trendy way to decorate a wall, and you can group a set of these prints together in plain frames to turn a bare wall into a conversation piece. You can make your own black and white copies using any image you like, perhaps from a torn out page of a magazine or a

Do You Really Need a Digital SLR Camera

Digital photography has introduced some exciting new opportunities to the beginner and advanced photographer alike.Withdigital cameras there aremany ways to exercise creative control, and without the cost factor of film. You can take 10 shots and if they aren't what you want you can just delete

How to Shoot Time Lapses

Time-lapse photography is the process of taking incremental photos over a span of several minutes to several days and splicing them all together to watch something that normally happens relatively slowly, happening quickly instead. Blooming flowers, sunrises, sunsets and caterpillar into butterfly t

Photography Objectives Are Key to Choosing the Best Camera

There are no exact rules in buying a camera, but be sure that the camera you buy does the job you intended it for.You should have a first hand knowledge, or at least some basic ideas about cameras. This article provides great tips for choosing the best one for your needs.

Choosing a Boudoir Photographer

Thinking about having some sexy photos done, maybe for a special occasion or gift? Well if you don't know where to start, or what to expect this may be just what you need to know.

About Shi Xinning - A Chinese Artist

Shi Xinning was born on 1969 in Liaoning Province, China. Trained in China, Shi Xinning's paintings are influenced by both social realism and European styles. Using the authoritative qualities of both, Shi embarks on history painting with a twist.

Canvas Prints - Digital Photography Leads to Printing Innovation

Most everyone loves are and wants to display it in their home, but most are not able to shell out the money to buy it often. Printing reproductions of beloved pieces onto a medium worthy of the original is both a simple and profitable venture that allows almost anyone to take home and display someth

Free Photo Prints - Q and A

Why do some photo printing companies offer free stuff? Here are some commonly asked questions and answers. Plus a place where you can find free photo prints.

Professinal Photography

If you are nave, passionate, and want to do something exclusive, if you'd like to consider photography as something more than just a creative outlet or a hobby you may be on your way to discovering a new career path, the one that would lead you the success and top profiles. This is not to say t