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Cat Or Kitten - Either is a Good Choice!

Whether you are a newcomer a (a person who has never had a cat) or an old cat person (not considering age), let's explore living with a cat. A cat is not a dog, so do not expect the cat to behave like a dog, spinach does not taste like mashed potatoes, they each are their own thing.

2010 Winter Holiday Cats Picture Gallery: Calypso

Cats generally enjoy holidays, and Christmas and the other Winter holidays are no exception. Enjoy this picture of holiday cats lounging by the Christmas tree, sometimes dressed in Christmas finery. Other Winter holiday cat photos, including Hannukah and Kwanzaa are also most welcome here.

How to Get Rid of Cat Dander Around the House

Are you allergic to cat dander? If you own a cat there is a good chance you are. Studies estimate as many as 80% of persons regularly exposed to cat allergen become allergic. You can reduce your allergies if you get rid of cat dander around the house. But how?

When Do Kittens Start Eating Solids?

Cats are one of the most popular household pets in a number of countries around the world. They are independent, outgoing and adventurous, making them good pets for people with more active lifestyles. Cats begin life as tiny, mewing kittens that depend on their mothers to provide them with food and

Are Lilium Hybrids Poisonous to Cats?

Even if your pet isn't a plant-eater, keeping lilies around the house is a health hazard for your furry friend. Easter lilies and other members of the Lilium genus, including hybrid lilies, are toxic to felines. Eating even a little bit of these plants makes most cats sick.

Keep Your Cat Away From Fleas and Ticks

You should consult a vet before you buy and pet medication, as the vet will advice you on the best drug to use. Most vets go with Frontline plus for fighting against fleas and ticks in your cats.

Introducing A New Kitten

Want a new kitten for a friend? It is very important to establish a great experience for your new kitten from the moment you bring your new kitten home. There are some things you can do to assure that you will have the loving kitten you expect.

Cats of the World Pictures: Ace and Rimmer in Scotland

Though cats in different countries have different life styles, in part because of different climates, the one thing most cats of the world all have in common is that they universally love - and are loved by their humans. We honor cats of the world here, to embrace both their differences and their si

Train Cat to Use the Toilet Not the House

You can train your cat to use the toilet at home however this requires a little time and patience. It is worth investing in a little time to make sure your feline friend is potty trained.

Readers' Cat Collectibles Picture Gallery: Tommy

Cat collectibles are the finishing touch for homes that revolved around their resident cats. Almost nothing is more exciting to a cat lover than finding a new and unique object of art to add to his or her cat collectibles display. These pictures of cat collectibles were submitted to readers of cats.

Cat Urine Stains on Carpet

You need an effective treatment for cat urine stains and odors. Your cat did not use the litter box, and instead did it on the carpet. Your cat was house trained and everything was going fine. But then one day there was an odor odor coming from your carpet. With the best trained pets this can can be

2008 Cat Olympics Picture Gallery: Kirby & Hoover, Synchronized Sleeping Event

Cats all over the world have been perfecting their skills at Cat Olympic events, such as Synchronized Sleeping, Power Yawning, Sumo Wrestling, and Broad Jumps. Unlike human Olympics, which are of a short duration, the 2008 Cat Olympics will continue through the end of the year. New entries are welco

Ear Mites in Cats

Ear mites, or Otedectes cynotis, are tiny, common parasites that live within the ear canals of dogs and cats. These microscopic white parasites are most common in young cats but can occur at any age. Occasionally the mites appear to the naked eye as white specks, but most often they are detected by

Cats - What You Need to Raise Your New Pet

Cats make awesome pets and they are so cute and adorable. They take some responsibility to take care of, but they are relatively easy pets to have. Cats have the personality of what would be considered like one that a three year old child has, and they are very affectionate and loyal.

Automatic Cat Litter Boxes

It is true that automatic cat litter box is nothing but a modified traditional litter boxes. If you use automatic cat litter box then you don't have to spend lot of time in cleaning the box. This is different from traditional boxes where your cat will leave the wastethat will be cleaned by you.

Kidney Stone Symptoms in Cats

Help your cat stay healthy--recognize kidney stone symptoms.cats 2 image by Dusan Radivojevic from Fotolia.comSome cats develop crystals in their urine, as mineral particles build up over time. These may further develop into kidney stones. You can learn to recognize kidney stone symptoms...

Globulin Levels in Cats

When taking your cat to the vet for a checkup or health issue, many times a blood test will be ordered. The blood test is a great tool even for seemingly healthy cats, as it will bring to light inconsistencies that could be the beginning of a health problem, as well as help clarify symptoms. The blo

Would You Like to Know How to Train Your Cat?

There is a common myth that while dogs can be trained to perform all kinds of complicated tricks and tasks that cats don't have the intelligence or inclination to be trained. While it's true that cats can be much more stubborn than dogs they certainly possess enough intelligence to be trai