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The Benefits Of The Catit Drinking Fountain For Your Pets

The pleasures of having animals share your house and life are many. Anybody that owns a pet knows the feeling of coming home on a late winters night cold and tired after work only to be greeted with such happiness by their pet.

How Much Food Should You Feed a Cat?

The amount of food to give your cat depends on the cat's age, activity level and overall health. Although the amount you feed should be customized to meet your cat's unique needs, follow some general guidelines.

Feline Deworming Medicines

Feline deworming medication is important to a cat's health because parasites can cause anemia, reduced nutrient absorption or may be passed on to humans. Most felines need monthly deworming medicines to prevent the growth of some parasites. Though there are over-the-counter deworming medications ava

Signs of a Sick House

Fix a sick house before you move image by Brett Bouwer from Fotolia.comA sick house is hazardous to your health. The reasons vary. Generally a sick house is caused by humidity, chemicals or airborne pollutants. These pollutants can cause sinusitis, asthma, chronic fatigue,...

How to Stop a Cat From Urinating on the Carpet

If you are wondering how to stop a cat from urinating on the carpet then I really feel for you. Its a terrible smell and a real annoying problem. Fortunately there is techniques around that can help you get over this problem. Here are some of my top tips for people asking how to stop a cat from urin

Mange on Cats - A Mite Infestation

Mange on cats is a parasitic infestation of the skin. Common symptoms include hair loss, itching and inflammation. This skin condition is classified by the type of mite that causes it.

How to Feed a Cat With a Broken Jaw

Caring for a cat with a broken jaw can certainly be a challenge. Even the most routine parts of pet ownership, such as feeding and grooming, are much more difficult when a beloved pet has such a devastating injury. Making sure your cat receives adequate nutrition while the broken jaw heals can be a

Middle Ear Problems in Kittens

If your kitten suffers from a simple infection of the outer ear, it can quickly turn into a more serious ear problem, affecting your cat's middle or inner ear. The middle ear contains the eardrum, bones and nerves of the ear, which can cause dizziness if inflamed. A kitten with a problem of the midd

How to Get a Sick Cat to Eat & Drink

Cats that are ill tend to be lethargic and may sit huddled for hours without moving or engaging in normal activities. It is important to keep your cat's strength up when she is ill, but forcing your cat to eat or drink will only add to your cat's stress, which may hinder the healing process. An aver

What Are the Causes of Feline Asthma in Cats?

Feline asthma is the result of inflammation of the tissues in the lungs, which constricts airflow and impedes a cat's ability to breathe. Asthma attacks can be caused by a variety of stimuli.

The Basics Of Feline Communication

Pet cast are wonderful animals to share your time with. Learning their way of communication clues you in on what your pet cat is feeling. Who said they can't communicate?

Cat Dental Care

Teeth are used by mammals to hold, tear and chew both for eating, protection and keeping the tongue in the mouth. Since a cat is a mammal, it has the same structure and requires the same care.

Successfully Potty Train Your Cat

The potty training of your new cat is now upon you. For days, and maybe weeks, your children have been asking and downright begging you to get a cat.

Choosing the Right Cat For Your Way of Life

There is more to picking a cat than just finding the first one that you see that appeals to you. You have to consider whether you want an older cat that would benefit from an indoor life or if you live in a high-rise flat with no garden.

What is a Cat Whisperer?

Have you ever wondered what a cat whisperer is and what they do? This article will tell you what a cat whisperer is and how they relate to the feline population in such a unique way.

Feline Degenerative Kidney Disease

Feline degenerative kidney disease, more commonly known as chronic progressive renal disease, is the most common cause of death in older cats. If detected early, however, it can be successfully managed for years.

Are You Prepared to Keep Your Cat Safe in a Crisis?

This article is all about the pre-planning you should do to insure that your cat is kept safe during a disaster. If you want to give you cat a fighting chance in the event of a natural disaster like a fire, tornado, earthquake, flood, wildfire or hurricane plan ahead or even if you plan to stay in y