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Does Your Cat Have a Bladder Problem? Here's How to Treat it Effectively

If you discover that your cat has a bladder problem, no need to worry, there are plenty of ways to treat the ailment, and also ways to prevent it from happening again later on. If you cat has a low pH level in the bladder, this can result in different problems, among them being infections of the uri

Different Causes of Ear Mites in Cats

Ear mites are tiny parasites that can live in the ear canal of your cat. Learn the symptoms of this condition and the best way that you can treat it.

Reasons Why Cats Are Preferred As Pets

Throughout the world cats have come to be among the most common pets in people homes. Cats are also known as domestic cats to differentiate them from their wild cousins.

Baseball, for Cats?

Fun way to interact with your cat and provide healthy exercise at the same time. Cat baseball is fun and entertaining! No rules, no umpires, just plain fun.

Treatment For Cat Diarrhea

Cats cannot drink this kind of milk, some pet stores stock specially formulated cat milk; it can however, be quite pricey. While your cat has diarrhea, always use gloves when handling his or her stool and keep your cat indoors while the condition persists.

Your Cat Needs a Diet, But Why Did it Get So Fat?

It is vitally important for your cat that you make sure to feed it the right food with the right nutrients and in the right amount. Overfeeding has become a major problem for not only cats but also for the cat owners that will have to pay for the expensive VET bills when the cat needs treatment beca

Antibiotic For Cat UTI

Finding the right antibiotic for cat UTI may seem like a simple task. Most pet owners would assume the sequence of events goes something like this; call the vet and set up an appointment; tell the vet your story; vet writes antibiotic prescription; cat is cured in 3 to 5 days. It is possible that th

How to Get Your Cat Past Feline Distemper

Feline distemper is a serious and often lethal disease caused by the panleukopenia virus, which is transmitted from the saliva, feces, mucus, vomit or urine of one infected cat to another. The virus affects fast-growing cells in a cat's body, such as the digestive, lymph and nervous cells, causing a

Cutest Cat Contest Picture Gallery: Holly

Is your cat the cutest cat in the world? is pleased to announce the Cutest Cat Picture Contest. Please read the rules carefully, then submit your Cutest Cat photo by following these Guidelines.

What Causes Cat Acne?

Cats have more in common with humans that a person might think. Cats and humans share similar medical conditions, an example of which is acne. If you have noticed acne on your cat, it is important to understand the various factors that might have caused the acne and how feline acne can be treated.

2008 Memorials to Special Cats: Mama Cat

Creating a memorial to a cat you have loved and lost is a good way not only to honor your beloved kitty, but also to help you through the grieving process. These memorials speak for themselves of the bond between humans and cats that transcends life itself. It is always difficult to say goodbye by t

Do Animals Grieve?

Do you believe animals have feelings? How do you observe them expressing their emotions? Can you interpret what they are feeling? Of course, we want our companions to have feelings that we can understand and relate to. I believe that animals are capable of a range of emotions, such as happiness, sad

Five Things to Know Before You Buy Bengal Kittens

Everyone loves going out and picking out a new pet, all those cute little balls of fur with fangs are simply irresistible to anyone with a heart. But there are some things anyone looking for Bengal kittens need to know before they just go out and grab one to take home, otherwise your new pet may end

How to Litter Box Train a Kitten

Training your kitten to use the litter box is the first thing you should do when you first bring your kitten home. Getting this right will save you days of cleaning up puddles and messes later. This shouldn't be a hard job and it will help you create a bond with your kitten. Find out how to lit

Information on Cat Rabies

One of the main vaccination shots that you should get for your cat is for rabies. If your cat isn't protected and gets infected with the virus, he will most likely die. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about this terrible disease.

Preparing for the Euthanasia Decision: Knowing When to Let Go of Your Cat

Unfortunately, your cat will probably go before you do and you may even have to make the decision to help him or her to die. No one wants to say good-bye to a loved cat, but there is great peace in knowing that when the time came, you were able to do the most loving thing. Kari Winters helps you kno

Choosing a Brilliant Cat Name!

Make sure you choose the right cat name - you could be calling your cat every day for years and years!Read this article now to ensure you make the purrrfect decision when choosing a cat name!

Diet for Cat With Diarrhea

Cats and kittens often suffer from diarrhea. Diarrhea, or overly soft, watery stool is affected by diet. Changes in diet as well as food allergies can trigger an attack of acute diarrhea. If the cat remains ill for more than three weeks, she has chronic diarrhea and should be evaluated by a vet. She

Care Tips For Your Diabetic Cat

A diabetic cat has days where it may not be easy to care for her.With the right amount of care and keeping a schedule plus a little bit of patience and a lot of live your cat will live a long and happy life.