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Description of a Basston Dog's Traits

So-called "designer dogs," the offspring of two different purebred dogs, are becoming increasingly popular with pet-owners. Dogs resulting from this type of hybrid breeding typically have a combination of traits from the breeds of their parents in terms of both physical characteristics and personali

How to Build an Insulated Cat House for Feral Cats

The Feral Cat Coalition defines a feral cat as the 'wild' offspring of domestic cats, primarily the result of pet owners' abandonment or failure to spay and neuter their animals. They live on their own in rural areas, patches of forest, in warehouses or abandoned buildings, depending on people for f

Bengal Cats Gallery: Hobbes

The Bengal cat combines the exotic look and feel of the small forest-dwelling wild cats they descend from with the dependability and loving temperament of the domestic cat. For a walk on the wild side with an affectionate companion, you can't go wrong with a Bengal. Enjoy these pictures of exot

How to Train Your Cat to Stop Being Skidish

If you live with a skittish cat, you can help him to develop more confidence by using a patient and gentle approach, but the level of difficulty in helping him to overcome his skittishness will depend on his age and past experiences. Skittishness may indicate that the cat was never properly socializ

Cat Breed - Synopsis For Cat Lovers!

If you love to have a cat as a pet or already having it then you must know different kinds of this animal. Unawareness and ignorance of cat breed can sometimes lead you to face severe health conditions by your cat. Many types of this animal require a lot of care and maintenance but some are rough an

Common Kitty Conditions and How to PreventThem

There is no doubt that owning a cat can be quite expensive.In addition to having to pay for vaccinations, neutering or spaying and food, unexpected veterinary bills may crop up and really put the drain on your wallet.According to Veterinary Pet Insurance, which is the oldest and largest pet health i

Got Cats and Selling Home? Here's How to Stage Your House Around Cats

Is your home full of cats as mine is? If your house in on the market, there is absolutely no need, and certainly no use to try to hide the fact that you have cats in the house. However you can help prospective buyers by staging your home "around the cats" with these tips.

The Three Main Explanations for Cats That Spray, and What to Do About It

Cats peeing in the house is one of the best known people with cats can face. Despite its unpleasant nature it's a fairly simple problem to understand and solve. Health issues, stress and displeasure with the litter box are the three main causes of trouble. Understanding one's cat and worki

How to Care for an Aging Cat

Life expectancy in cats has risen dramatically during the past few years. It is not uncommon for a cat to reach 18 to 20 years of age and they are middle-aged by their eighth birthday. Awareness of the needs of your older feline friend makes caring for her easier, enhances your experience and increa

Cat Spaying Questions

An intact, unspayed female cat can have up to five litters of kittens per year, according to the Sacramento Area Animal Coalition. To prevent your cat from getting pregnant, you need to have her spayed, a medical procedure to remove her reproductive organs. Before having your cat spayed, find out mo

Terramycin for Kittens

Kittens are extremely delicate, especially for the first six weeks of life. Under normal sanitary conditions, and when the mother does not reject her young, most kittens grow up healthy, but occasionally, an illness may sneak in that requires the use of antibiotics. Terramycin is an effective antibi

Advantages & Disadvantages in Microshipping

A microchip is a small implant placed under the skin of household pets, including dogs, cats, birds and horses. The chips have radio frequency identification (RFID) technology and are about as small as a single grain of rice. Their primary purpose with pets is to identify them if the animals stray a

How to Adopt a Siamese Kitten

Although they might be remembered as sly and mischievous from their appearance in Disney’s “Lady and the Tramp,” Siamese cats are extremely social. They love to spend time with their families and interact well with children. As a pet, they require lots of human contact because they

Purrforma Plus XL Litter Box Instructions

Cleaning litter boxes is an essential part of responsible cat ownership. The most traditional type of litter box is a large plastic pan filled with clay-based cat litter that is scooped out with a plastic scoop after the cat goes to the bathroom. However, electronic litter boxes, such as the Purrfor

2008 Tortoiseshell Cats Picture Gallery: Cinnamon

Tortoiseshell cats are cloaked in the lovely colors of fall, so it is fitting to honor these lovely tortie ladies in November. Tortoiseshell cats, like their sisters, the calicoes, have spunky, sassy personalities - what we often describe as 'tortitude.' Enjoy these colorful tortie picture

Ooh, I Don't Want to Use That!

You know how there are certain toilet tissues that you like and some you do not like? Maybe some are too soft, too rough, or too scented? Well, your cat feels the same way about its litter. Be forewarned. If your cat is not happy about its litter, it may go outside the box. So your cat wants you to

2010 Winter Holiday Cats Picture Gallery: Prince and Meishka

Cats generally enjoy holidays, and Christmas and the other Winter holidays are no exception. Enjoy this picture of holiday cats lounging by the Christmas tree, sometimes dressed in Christmas finery. Other Winter holiday cat photos, including Hannukah and Kwanzaa are also most welcome here.