Final Stages of Kidney Disease in Dogs

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Bladder Control in Dogs

A loss of bladder control in dogs is more common than many dog owners might think. The loss of bladder control may be temporary due to an infection, or it may be something more serious. Knowing the common causes and symptoms of a loss of bladder control in dogs will help the owner know when it is

The Benefits for the Coat of Purina One Senior for Dogs

Purina One is a line of dog foods produced by the Nestle corporation. The line includes dry and wet food formulations for dogs of all ages, including senior dogs seven years or older. The Vibrant Maturity Senior formula is claimed to improve all areas of the dog's life, including skin and coat healt

Heatstroke Prevention Tips for Pets

Unlike humans, animals can't change their wardrobe or turn on the air conditioning like humans do to keep comfortable. Follow these common sense tips to prevent a heat-related pet emergency.

What Happens to a Dog When it Has a Seizure?

Dogs often get the same kind of health problems and diagnoses as humans, including seizures. The diagnosis, treatments and interventions during the seizure are similar to those in humans. What happens after the seizure is slightly different than humans, but it's nothing to be alarmed about.

Canine Heart Cancer

Sometimes called hemangiosarcoma, canine heart cancer occurs when the cells in a dog's heart begin to grow uncontrollably and form tumors. Although treatment may prolong the lives of dogs with heart cancer, the disease is usually fatal.

How to Know If Your Dog Has Infection in Its Mouth

Infection in your dog's mouth can pose serious health risks to other organs in his body. The bacteria trapped in his teeth and gums can cause not only infection (called periodontal disease), but also tooth and bone loss and systemic organ failure. Once this disease develops, it becomes irreversible

Instructions for Sheltie Ears

While shetland sheepdogs are not a breed affected much by ear infections or other ear diseases, being generally aware of issues that affect the ears can boost the health of your dog. Even if a dog is only shaking its head or scratching at its ears, check the problem out. It might warrant a trip to t

Vet School Diaries: New Diary Writer Shelley

Shelley will be attending the Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine as a member of the class of 2012. Shelley has decided to pursue my childhood dream of becoming a veterinarian. She is in her mid-30s and is changing her career from IT to veterinary medicine. Classes start soon, a

Labrador Heart Disease

Although the Labrador Retriever has been at the top of the American Kennel Club's popular breed list for years, the dogs face many health risks. The breed often suffers from hip dysplasia, gastric torsion, retinal dysplasia, muscular dystrophy and elbow dysplasia. Heart problems are also particularl

Inherited Diseases in Dogs

There are many breed-specific diseases and disabilities that can interfere with a dog's quality of life. Many of these diseases can be prevented through carefully screening dogs before they are bred.

How Are Lipomas Tumors Removed From a Dog's Knee?

About LipomasLipomas are benign fatty tumors and can appear almost anywhere on a dog's body. They're most common in middle-aged and older dogs; overweight dogs are also more prone to them. Lipoomas typically aren't painful but can sometimes grow very large. Most vets don't like to remove...

Types of Small Animal Diseases

Small animals, such as dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets, share some common diseases.Puppies of the spitz-dog and cat in studio image by Ulf from Fotolia.comSmall animal medicine treats companion animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets. While these animals possess many differences...

A Guide to Latin Pronunciation Part A

This guide deals with liturgical Latin used by the Catholic Church, including the pronunciation of vowels up the letter J in the alphabet.

Difference Between Seizures & Stroke in Dogs

Although the symptoms of seizures and strokes in dogs appear to be similar, significant differences exist between the two conditions. Both conditions require a visit to the veterinarian, although diagnosis and treatment will vary.

What Is the Normal Liver Enzyme Level in a Dog?

A dog's liver has many responsibilities: breaking down toxins before they enter the body, removing waste products from the blood, storing energy and giving blood the ability to clot. While the liver is enormously resilient--it can continue to function even after large portions have been removed--the

Sucralfate for Pancreatitis in Dogs

Your dog is being discharged from the hospital after a nasty bout of pancreatitis. You have a special diet, antibiotics and a medication called sucralfate that will treat the gastrointestinal ulcers caused by the disease.

Stages of Canine Kidney Failure

Canine kidney failure is a common cause of death in dogs.Doberman image by Stana from Fotolia.comKidneys function as filters for the bloodstream, removing toxic byproducts of metabolism from the blood stream. In dogs, kidney disease is one of the most common causes of sudden illness and...