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How to Groom Animals

Properly grooming your pet is necessary, both for its appearance and its health. When fur becomes matted and excessively dirty, it can cause problems for an animal's skin that can become severe. When you are grooming your animal, make sure you know about the proper tools and techniques to use so tha

The Definition of Roadster

When you talk about horses, what are roadster? Find the glossary definition of roadster in About Horses Glossary of Horse Terms.

How to Get a Colt in a Horse Trailer

Horses that are difficult to load into horse trailers create interesting scenarios. Some people bribe their horses into the trailer with food or use ropes to try to push the horse from behind while another person pulls the horse in by the lead rope. Trying to force an unwilling horse into a trailer

Horse Colic Home Remedies

Horse colic, a form of abdominal distress, can be caused by stress, gas, changes in diet or weather, or by other variables, and can range from mild to life-threatening. The most serious form is impaction colic--blockage of the intestine--which is the No. 1 killer of horses. A colicking horse will be

How to Test for Equine Cushing's Disease

Equine Cushing's disease is endocrine imbalance often seen in older horses. It is also known as hyperadrenocortiscism, according to Penn State University. Horses of any breed can develop Cushing's disease, but it is seen with greater frequency in Morgans and ponies. Cushing's disease is caused by ei

How to Install a Horse Bit on a Bridal

A horse bridle is the headpiece that connects to the reins so you can direct the horse. The bit is the metal piece on the end of the bridle that goes in the horse's mouth. The bit attaches to the cheekpieces of the bridle so when you pull on a rein, the horse's head turns in that direction. Connecti

Tips When Buying a Horse

The majority of people in the Horse industry in Ireland are good honest people who can be trusted and will provide you with accurate information about the horse they are selling. There are however, as in any walk of life, those who are not so, and who's sole purpose is to make money. They will

How to Treat a Horse for Summer Itch

Summer itch is an allergic reaction to the saliva in biting flies. Since flies are most active during the summer months, the condition has been dubbed "summer itch." It can be very itchy and cause the horse to rub and bite to the point of bleeding.Flies are the curse of a horse's existence. They car

Horseback Riding - Stay Safe and Have Fun

Horseback riding is a high risk sport. Besides the obvious danger of falling off, horses are large animals weighing in excess of 1,000 pounds and should always be treated with respect and handled with safety precautions in mind. If you are smart around horses and observe safety precautions, it'

When Horses Cramp Up

Though horses are born to run, there are many that experience the painful problem of having cramps while trying to change speeds. When a horse quickens his gait pace to a gallop, cramping has been an especially difficult problem to deal with.

How to Teach a Horse Good Ground Manners

Ground manners are how a horse acts when you are working it on the ground. This includes leading, tacking, grooming and clipping. A horse that doesn't have good ground manners bites, kicks, pushes or doesn't stand still. Any horse, even trail or pleasure, can be dangerous if it doesn't have acceptab

Inspecting and Buying a New or Used Saddle

A new western or English saddle may set you back several thousand dollars, and even a quality used one can approach the four-figure mark. With so much money on the line, it makes sense to get the best value for your money. A number of factors influence the market price of a saddle, from the reputati

Fleet, much missed by Pat G.

Fleet horse gallery photo. A gallery of About Horses and Ponies reader's horses' and ponies. This online album contains photos of readers horses and ponies. Horse pictures and digital artwork. Submit your horse photo for inclusion in the My Horse Photo Gallery

Making a True Connection With Your Horse

Horses are very sensitive creatures. If they don't know you, they refuse to cooperate with you. They will not follow your directions. Moreover, they don't want to see you around them.

Instructions for Tying a Rope Halter

A halter slips over the horse's head and is a useful tool for transporting the animal between the stall, pasture and horse trailer. Halters are often made of nylon or leather, but rope halters are also a popular choice. Tying your own rope halter allows you to create a custom item for your equine co

How to Train a Horse With a Hackamore

The term hackamore is sometimes used interchangeably with the word bosal. Both mechanical hackamores and bosals are types of nosebands used to control horses when a rider doesn't want to use a bit. For instance, if a horse's mouth has been ruined by bad riders and the mount no longer stops when ask

How to Feed Beet Pulp to a Sheep

Sheep owners sometimes feed beet pulp to their sheep to increase protein in their diets. Shepherds usually augment protein intake during a ewe's last month of pregnancy and the first few weeks of lactation. Beet pulp comes from sugar beets. Manufacturers cut sugar beets into strips and soak them in

Cleaning Western and English Saddle Pads

Both western and English saddle pads need to be cleaned regularly in order to keep them at optimal performance. Your horse will appreciate it greatly, and you'd be amazed at how easy it actually is to keep them clean if you do it regularly.