Don"t Keep Betta Fish in Vases

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Remove Aquarium Algae -4 Golden Rules For A Clean Tank

Learning to remove algae from your fish tank is an important step towards ensuring it stays clean and hygienic for your fishy friends and disease and sickness are kept at bay. We bring you an easy 4-step method to cleaning your fish aquarium of algae build-up.

What's Behind the Popularity of Siamese Fighter Fish?

You might well wonder why Siamese fighter fish are so popular, aside from the fact that they are so beautiful and striking. Not all aquarium fish that are both striking and beautiful, after all, are popular-fish like the discus fish are delicate and need expert care, whereas others like the jewelfis

Fungal Aquarium Fish Diseases

Funguses commonly affect overcrowded image by Sining Zhang from Fotolia.comFungal infections commonly plague fish aquariums, according to The University of Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. (See Reference 2) Poor water quality, purchasing of ill fish...

How to Take Care of Freshwater Fish

One thing you should know about freshwater fish is that they are hardier than saltwater ones and therefore, they can even be more lovable. Freshwater fish need their own aquarium and there are certain elements such an aquarium has to contain.

Care of Banjo Catfish

The banjo catfish can make an interesting addition to your freshwater tank. This bottom-dwelling fish gets its name because of its banjo-like shape. This fish can be housed with other species of fish, although it will probably not socialize with them. The banjo cat does enjoy living with others of i

Three Steps To Bringing Home A Happy, Healthy Betta Fish

So if you're reading this, I'm going to make the (hopefully) safe assumption that on some level you're considering getting a Betta fish. Which is awesome, because every year more and more people get turned onto this fun pet keeping hobby that us fortunate ones have known about for yea

How to Clean a Glass Fish Tank With Mineral Buildup

Having a glass aquarium can be a great joy as well as a great responsibility. Glass aquariums can often suffer from hard mineral buildup, which makes the glass look cloudy and frosted. Keeping the glass clean requires maintenance, but is not a difficult task. With just a few ingredients and elbow gr

Edible Aquaculture

Aquaculture is the practice of growing or producing aquatic plants or animals in a controlled farm setting. It's a growing field of farming thanks to the fact that traditional fishing as well as environmental problems have depleted the populations of fish in oceans. According to the USDA, American a

Different Types of Salt Water Fish

Fish have come a long way from being the runner-up pet to a dog or cat. Aquariums can be as simple as a small fishbowl with one or two goldfish, or as lavish as a 150-gallon tank, complete with coral and dozens of brightly colored fish. Saltwater aquariums in particular offer a unique view of the ec

Top Three Hints for Reliable Cichlids Breeding

The key to success is with the planning. For that you need to know the required steps and what is best to be shunned. A good plan or guide or some hints will assist you to reach your goals. This short article gives three ideas to help guide you. Follow these tips and your chances for success will pr

Ultimate Secrets to Keeping Discus Fish

Fresh water Discus fish are a unique and wonderful option for aquarium hobbyists. This article will outline the basics of what you need to know to get started.

How to Tell a Male Baby Swordtail From a Female

The swordtail fish (Xiphophorus helleri), much like its closely related cousin the platy, are generally a peaceful and hardy fish, reports Joseph S. Levine in "The Complete Fishkeeper." Easy to breed, they also make a good fish for the beginning fish breeder provided you have a male and female fish

How to Keep Freshwater Tropical Fish

A properly set up and maintained fish tank, with crystal-clear water, colorful fish and thriving plants, can be an object of beauty and fascination. The key to a keeping a successful aquarium is to select fish that are easy to care for, that won't get too big and that coexist peacefully. There is so

Fluval Aquarium Filters

Cleaning needs are among the most basic needs of any environment whether it is the environment of your house or the environment of your pets' house. Such is the case when you have fish as your pet and you should not be unaware of the cleaning and clearing needs of the inhabitants of your aquari

Marine Aquarium Fish Are Fascinating

Marine aquarium fish are beautiful and a constant source of conversation and delight. There are many species to choose from, and with some care and knowledge, you can conscientiously populate your saltwater aquarium with some visually stunning specimens. It's always fun picking fish with the wh

Feeding Koi Through the Seasons

Koi are cold blooded creatures and their metabolism, growth and appetite are determined by the water temperature. Koi will feed when the water temperature exceeds 8 degree Celsius and will be feeding and growing actively at about 15 degree Celsius. A pong thermometer will provide an accurate reading