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Why is My Dog Being Sick?

Every dog owner must recognise that hacking sound which means that your dog is about to deposit the contents of his stomach on the floor. Have you got an ill dog on your hands you'll have to take to the vet? Or is this just a natural, if not pleasant for the humans, part of being a dog?

Roughhousing: Dangerous or Innocent?

Many people like to play a little rough with their puppies, but, what does roughhousing mean to the future of the dog, to its behavior as it gets older and bigger? Is roughhousing with your pup a fun time or will it be a regret later on? Can there be a happy balance between roughhousing and calmness

How to Remove Paint From Pets

Paint poses a safety hazard for pets. Not only does it cause skin irritation, paint may also lead to internal poisoning if the pet ingests it. Some paints contain zinc, which has a toxic effect. Zinc oxide poisoning may cause pain, lethargy, diarrhea and vomiting. Do not let a paint-covered pet atte

What, How and When to Feed Your Puppy

Puppies eat a lot of food, and from their births up until about six months they will need to eat twice as much as an adult dog in order to sustain their growth. This article contains information that will help you with the feeding of your puppy. Usually puppy food is richer in protein and enhanced w

Guidance on Beagle Dog Training and Care

Beagles are cute and playful. However they can be a real handful if not properly trained. This Article will provide you with invaluable breed info for a perfectly behaved pooch.

The Natural Choice For Treating Canine Bladder Stones

Canine bladder stones can be a very real and painful issue for dogs and their owners.If you've ever watched your furry friend struggling to urinate, needing to go frequently and suffering in obvious pain, then you know how difficult urinary tract problems can be.Now there are safe, gentle, natu

How to Get Rid of Dandruff on a Rottweiler

Dandruff can become a persistent and frustrating problem in dog breeds, such as rottweilers. Dandruff can be uncomfortable for your dog and may indicate an underlying health condition. It can also lead to future skin problems for your rottweiler. There are several different ways to treat dandruff in

Reach The Superior Health Level of Your Dog With a Clean Colon

Anyone who knows anything about dogs, knows that the best way to check the stake of his or her health is to run your hand across its nose or snout as it is known. If the snout is wet it is a sure sign that the dog is healthy and everything is functioning as it should be...

Dog Grooming - How to Train Them

All dog owners at one time or another will have a bad experience with their dogs such as cutting their toe-nail too short, brushing them too hard, etc. The dog got hurt or even bleeds out and now he does not allow anyone to come near him. Or he just simply does not like bathing. For whatever reason,

What Happens If a Dog Drinks Water With Mosquito Larvae in It?

Plentiful drinking water is essential for dogs, especially during warmer months when dehydration is more of a threat. It is during those months, however, that bowls of water might become infested with mosquito larvae. While the acid in your dog’s stomach kills the mosquito larvae during digest

What to Do About Diarrhea in Dogs

Dogs, much like their human owners, can have bouts of upset stomach or diarrhea. While it is not always a cause for alarm, diarrhea can be associated with health problems or require a veterinarian check-up. In dogs, diarrhea is an important sign of intestinal diseases and can be followed with other

Japanese Chin Dog Breed Profile

The Japanese Chin is a small dog that is found in two sizes: under 7 pounds and over 7 pounds. The weight can range from 4 to 17 pounds. This dog will be about 7 to 12 inches at the shoulder. The Japanese Chin has an appealing flat face framed by long ears.

How to Get Different Dogs on "Fable 3"

"Fable III" was released for the Xbox 360 in 2010. Your dog is your constant companion throughout your "Fable III" adventure, helping you attack enemies and find treasure. There are multiple ways to change your dog's breed: through potions acquired in-game, buying downloadable content from the Xbox

Dog Training Collars and Training Dogs

Even though dog training collars are surrounded with quite a bit of debate as far as training methods for dogs are concerned, this is mainly because of the electronic dog collars that are used to give shocks to the dog that are supposed to teach it to behave appropriately and is considered inhumane

Dogs For People With Allergies

Each person has a unique allergic threshold. There are dogs that are more suitable for people with allergies. Solutions to lessen or avoid allergy symptoms and make your life with dogs more bearable are offered.

Tips For Preventing a Urinary Tract Infection in Dogs

Why take the chance of your pooch joining the ranks of those canines suffering a urinary tract infection in dogs?With 3 easy steps, you can help prevent the malady and get to spend more quality time with your canine companion.

Do You Train the Child Or Train the Dog?

Play can get easily become over zealous; a dog may knock a toddler over or a child might poke the dog in the eye. If a child gets hurt in play it will either cry or lash out and a dog is no different. If a dog feels threatened, tormented or frightened, it will defend itself.

The Benefits of Dog Behavior Training

Most of a dog's bad behavior is the result of poor or no dog training from its owners. Give your dog the proper dog behavior training that he deserves and enjoy a more rewarding experience with your canine friend.