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Wedding Doves

Information about white wedding doves and how they relate to wild birds, including what to do if you find one in the field. Includes tips for celebration dove releases.

How to Raise an Egyptian Goose

Egyptian geese are renowned for their beauty, mystique and small size. Regardless of whether you are a seasoned goose caretaker or a newcomer, it is important to inform yourself about the needs of the variety of goose you choose. Raising and taking care of Egyptian geese can be hard work but also r

Adopt a Hummingbird

Support hummingbird conservation through bird adoption and sponsorship programs.

Oppossum Diet

Opossums are omnivores that eat many kinds of foods, including plants and living or dead animals. They are opportunistic, adaptable, and will raid areas where humans live. They can eat anything from fruits and vegetables to snakes.

Easy Homemade Hummingbird Nectar

Easy homemade hummingbird nectar will teach you a quick, easy, inexpensive recipe that's fun to makeand saves you money. Also learn the best way to clean your feeder.


The definition of the term "clutch" as it pertains to birds and bird breeding.

How to Anchor a Floater Decoy

Duck and goose hunting is a pastime enjoyed by thousands of people annually. Duck and goose decoys (also referred to as floater decoys) are artificial decoys that are set out on the water by hunters to attract other water fowl to the area. Before setting a decoy, hunters should have a way to weigh t

Blue and Gold Macaw Photo

Photo gallery of macaw parrots for pet bird lovers! Check out the beautiful macaws in this gallery, and add a photo of your own if you are a macaw owner!

How to Invite Doves to Your Bird Feeder

Mourning doves are comfortable in a wide range of habitats, and many migrate south for the cold months. Those that remain to endure harsh northern winters are common visitors to backyard bird feeders. Doves are ground feeders that consume mainly seeds, so snowy conditions can be hard on their foragi

How to Make Salt & Pepper Shaker Tassel

Salt and pepper shakers are common household items usually designed to complement dishware or other interior decorating themes. With a little fabric, elbow grease and some creativity, you can transform any salt and pepper shaker into a tassel or ornament, which can be hung from a Christmas tree, any

How to Treat Avian Pox in Finches

Avian pox occurs in a bird's unfeathered areas, like legs, mouth and wattle (on roosters). It attacks all ranges of birds, from wild turkeys to household finches. This viral disease can be rated as mild to severe, and is most common in warmer climates. Clinical signs are weakness, loss of feathers,

How to Measure Agility in Young Ducklings

Ducklings grow at a rapid pace and measuring the agility of the birds requires constant attention. The trick to assessing the nimbleness of a duckling is to associate its movement with its type and age. Certain breeds of ducks prefer to swim, for example, as opposed to other varieties. Watch ducklin


Defines the term “scoter” as a type of duck, including examples of scoter species.

How to Make Parrot Toys

Parrots are very intelligent creatures that require constant stimulation. Providing them with toys is a great way to keep them stimulated. Many pet stores sell them, but they are often expensive, and could contain toxic ingredients. The best way to ensure your parrot is playing with something safe i

How to Catch a Bird

Catching birds can help you learn more about them. If you are careful not to damage the wing feathers, the bird should be fine when you release it. Wild birds do not do well in captivity, so it isn't a good idea to keep one for more than a few hours, or it may die. Once you learn a technique for cat

Different Breeds of Broilers

Until World War II, many families kept chickens in their back yards for their meat or eggs.chicken image by Pity from Fotolia.comBroilers are chickens bred and raised specifically for their meat produce. Selective breeding has meant that only a few strains dominate the modern market and...

How to Choose the Right Pet Bird

Birds can be wonderful additions, but the wrong one can turn into a nightmare. It's important to do your research and find the right bird, plus ensure your lifestyle can truly accommodate such a pet. With a little time and effort, you can make a compatible choice.

A Look at Snowbirds and Their Pets

Long before winter's blustery chill begins to sting the bones, plans are being made by people in Canada, the Northeast and Midwestern United States to seek the warmer climes of the south. It's an interesting phenomenon that occurs each year and mimics the migration ritual of our feathered