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Photo gallery dedicated to the real birds of Twitter. Add your bird's photo to the gallery by tweeting it to @AboutPetBirds!

How to Use Platform Feeders to Prevent Bird Disease

There are many types of bird feeders available. Some are designed to allow only small birds to feed, others are built to deter squirrels, and still others are built for specific types of bird food such as suet (large) or thistle (very small). Platform feeders are very basic in their shape and allow

Bird Feeders--Their Contribution to Bird Watching

If you have ever engaged in bird watching, you know that it is an activity that will fill your day with the sheer pleasure and entertainment provided by the playing and fluttering of these marvelous c

How to Make a Bird Tube Feeder

Birds are good for your yard because they eat bugs and garden pests. They can also provide hours of entertainment. To attract a wide variety of birds to your yard, hang several feeders. Make your own simple tube bird feeders from a wire mesh for a fraction of the cost of store-bought feeders.

How Do I Know If My Umbrella Cockatoo Is Happy?

Umbrella cockatoos are stunningly beautiful birds with snowy white plumage that deepens to yellow under their wings. Their crests are recumbent, meaning they lie down but can be raised at will to reflect the bird's mood. Umbrella cockatoos, often called "velcro birds" because of their need for physi

Birds & Lung Disease

Birds provide humans with companionship and affection. Wild birds offer a source of bird watching enjoyment and a sense of tranquility from their songs. Despite the many advantages to life among birds, dangers do exist. Both wild and pet birds have been known to cause serious, even life-threatening,

Attract a Specific Bird

Attracting a specific bird species to your yard can be a challenge, but these tips can help you make your backyard more attractive to the exact birds you want to see.

How to Care for a Pet Parrot

Parrot care is the subject of many large books, so naturally it can't all be covered in one article. Here are some tips to get you started and suggestions on resources that can teach you more.

How to Make a Hummingbird Feeder Out of Plastic Bottle

There are certain times of the year that draw hummingbirds to the backyard when the morning glories are blossoming and the sweet smells of the honey suckle creep low to the ground. The hummingbirds spent the major of their life in flight. A hummingbird feeder provide the little bird with a place

How to Breed Peking Ducks

Peking duck is a succulent Chinese delicacy. They are the most popular breed in the U.S. and U.K., where breeders have genetically improved the variety since their arrival from China in 1873. Peking ducks are a major source of meat, but do not supply eggs commercially, though they are better produce

How to Make a Woodpecker Suit

Woodpeckers are small birds that survive by eating the insects that live on and inside trees and other wooden things. They continuously peck and nibble at the trees, making a characteristic knocking sound, giving them their name. While these birds provide inspiration for the bird watcher, they also

How to Train a Cockatiel to Talk

Teaching a cockatiel to talk requires patience and diligence. As with all birds, the males usually have an easier time learning to talk than females. Choose simple words before moving on to phrases. Cockatiels can only say what they've heard and it's best to teach the birds when they are younger. Ol

How to Raise & Butcher Quails

Quail are small game birds that can be hunted or raised for their meat. Breeders can start by purchasing already hatched chicks, or buying fertilized eggs from a breeder. Brooding, feeding and keeping the quail in a suitable environment all impacts the final quality of the bird.

How to Take Care of Wild Baby Birds

Finding a wild baby bird abandoned and alone on the ground spurs many people to action. The rescue instinct kicks in and people often feel compelled to step in and help the baby bird. Caring for wild baby birds for an extended time requires expertise and knowledge. Additionally, the U.S. Fish and Wi

Types of Marsh Birds in Michigan

Marshlands are found near lakes and other waterways.Lake Michigan Beach image by Keith Biros from Fotolia.comMarshes are flooded grasslands and can be found near lakes, such as the Great Lakes, rivers and ponds, and even in the depressions between sand dunes. The area given over to...

What Bird in the Northeast Makes a Siren Sound?

The twitter of birds coming from trees and bushes is a sound that many people are used to hearing. These bird songs can even allow some listeners to identify the type of bird by the song alone. What a listener may not expect is to suddenly hear the sound of car alarms, ambulance sirens and cell phon