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How to Make a Rooster Shut Up

Roosters traditionally announce a new day's dawn. Yet these cocky fowl do not restrict their vocalizations to mornings exclusively. They crow throughout the day for reasons that ignore the sun --- boredom, monitoring territory or gloating in response to hens' egg-laying. Those responsible for rooste


Description of the term "taxonomy" and how it pertains to the study of birds and aviculture.

Health Risks of Having Birds Around Kids

Although several diseases can be transmitted from birds to humans, few are carried by common pet birds like cockatiels, budgies, parrots and finches. In fact, children are much more likely to give a pet bird a disease than to get one from handling a bird. Still, safety is an important consideration

How to Attract Doves to Your Field

As one of the few species that mate for life, doves are a natural symbol for love and a beautiful addition to any field. Use water, flowers and grains to attract doves into your field, and give them adequate shelter so that they will stay. Not only can you enjoy bird watching in your own field, you

How to Hand Rear Baby Budgies

Budgerigars are small, colorful birds which are commonly kept as pets. Naturally, Budgies live in Australia and eat a diet of seeds. Individual birds do not require large cages, and have very playful personalities. They breed easily and come in a range of colors -- from greens and yellows to blues,

Some Remarkable Facts About Eagles

I heard some very interesting facts about eagles the other day. I always knew that they were rather majestic and regal creatures, but I was never aware of these particular facts before.

How to Raise Bobwhite Quail for Pets

Of all the game birds, bobwhite quail are the most recommended for commercial and private farming. While the process of hatching and raising quail is time consuming and can sometimes be disappointing with problems such as diseases wiping out entire stocks, the final result of healthy, happy quail is

How to Tell How Old a Yellow Parakeet Is?

If you have ever had a pet parakeet, you likely know that unlike people, it can be very difficult to detect ages of birds. Many pet parakeets look almost exactly the same from for their entire lives, and many chain pet shops do not label parakeets with ankle bands. Fortunately, there are a few subtl

How to Raise Baby Chicks

Chicks need feed, water, heat, light and space to grow into healthy chickens. If you're purchasing your chicks, read "How to Purchase Chicks" or "How to Hatch Chicks."

Finch Care Tips - Breeding Zebra Finches

Finches make great pets due to their hardiness and their quirky little personalities. They are easy to care for and that does not change when it comes to breeding. Along with the Society Finch, the Zebra Finch is one of the easiest types of finches to breed.

Owl Species of Alabama

One U.S. state with a rich diversity of birds is Alabama. Because of the state's mild winters and range of habitats, Alabama is home to birds ranging from waterfowl and waders to birds of prey, such as owls. According to the Alabama Wildlife Damage Management, there are eight species of owls that ar

How to Make an Eastern Bluebird House

Birdwatching is a popular pastime, as some birds are among the most beautiful creatures in the wild. While you can see many birds by going on hikes in the woods or in parks, you can also bring the birds to you by constructing a birdhouse. This design will help you provide the best possible home for

Types of Birds in North America

North American birds include numerous types, colors and sizes. Many birds of prey, songbirds and others belong to the North American birds group.

How to Build a Chicken Barn

Building a chicken barn or a chicken coop takes some resources and skill, but the results are worth it. Poultry raising provides a fun and lucrative hobby or small business. Chickens can be raised for pets, eggs, meat or both. All poultry need a barn that provides shelter, keeps them warm and dry a

Habitat of the Mynah Bird

Mynah birds are part of the softbill group, Passeriforme order and Sturnidae family of birds. They are related to robins, sparrows and starlings. Most birds in this order and family are short-tailed and smaller in size. Mynah birds tend to demonstrate social and learning abilities, making them adapt

How to Make an Automatic Poultry Waterer

Providing chickens with fresh water at all times is one of the most important aspects of keeping chickens healthy. Adequate hydration is vital for digestion and metabolism. Without adequate hydration, hens will stop laying eggs. People without access to running water near the coop must haul buckets

Information wanted on wild bird feeding

Birdwatching is a profound pleasure for millions of people around the world. The surest way to attract birds to your backyard is to provide food. Different types of feeders attract different species.

Duck Decoy Carving Tools

Duck decoys can be very decoy image by Julianna Olah from Fotolia.comDuck decoys are model ducks used by hunters. These models cause real ducks to believe a pond is safe, encouraging them to land. They may range from very simple models that look only roughly like ducks to...

The Birds of Tennessee & Kentucky

Birds obviously do not conform to artificial geographical boundaries set by humans. Deciding whether one species is domiciled in a state or is a rare and transitory sighting will give an understanding of which birds are common to that region. Therefore, societies and dedicated organizations take it