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Metabolic Bone Disease Treatment for Birds

Metabolic bone disease is a condition where the composition and function of bones is compromised. It is usually a result of poor nutrition and improper husbandry. There are treatment options for birds diagnosed with this condition.

How to Identify Birds in British Columbia, Canada

Birding has always been a popular pastime for outdoor enthusiasts. The peaceful seaside, the expansive forests, and the mighty Rocky Mountains of British Columbia provide a vastly diverse landscape that is home to an incredible array of wildlife, including birds. Thousands of species of varying type

Pet Bird Health

When you are considering buying a pet bird, there something that should be determined right from the start. This is pet bird health. You do not want to end up with a bird that is sick from the beginning. You should shop around for reputable breeders. This will reduce the chance of getting a pet that

What Causes My Parakeet to Go to the Bottom of the Cage and Chew the Paper?

Parakeets are natural chewers. They will chew on anything within reach. Plastic toys and metal chains don't chew well, but wood and paper are great. Paper especially is easy to chew, shred and play with. Parakeets are also inquisitive, active and love to play. If you want to break any habit, includi

How Do I Do a Loon Call With My Hands?

Loons are large birds known for their ability to dive into bodies of water and for their evening songs. Loons are commonly found in North America, though some can be found in Northern Europe and Asia. By folding the hands into a particular position, loon enthusiasts can make a whistle that sounds so

How to Care for a Blue & Gold Macaw

The blue and gold macaw originally comes from swampy forests of Central and South America but is also kept as a pet by bird lovers around the world. Most blue and gold macaws weigh around 2 lbs. and grow to as long as 34 inches. Blue and gold macaws are identified by their vivid blue wings and tail

What Kind of Quail Lays White Eggs?

Quail are small birds in the pheasant family. Quail make interesting pets and do need diversions in the aviary as they are active but spooky birds. The eggs of these ground-dwelling birds are considered gourmet products. Most quail lay speckled eggs, but a few types are raised for their eggs. Bob

How to Put Budgies Together

Parakeet, or budgies, are social birds in the wild and budgie fanciers often choose to house two together for company. Pet budgies typically bond with their owners and can become jealous, so introducing one budgie to another requires patience and time. Always purchase the new budgie from a reputable

How to Achieve Feathers in "Angry Birds"

"Angry Birds" pits the player against a legion of pigs. His arsenal consists of a flock of birds, most of which are tiny sparrows and bluebirds, and he shoots them at the pigs using a slingshot. In order to proceed through the levels, he must hit all the pigs. However, he can also destroy scenery, s

How to Build Suet Bird Feeders

Suet is a sweet treat for birds that is packed with seeds and nutrients. All natural cedar suet feeders provide an area for suet to hang in a tree, off a pole on in any location outside. Birds normally peck in holes in trees to retrieve insects to eat. A cedar board feeder satisfies the same motion

Tips for a Pet Bird

All birds have some general needs that must be met.Cockatiel Karma image by Kit from Fotolia.comThough small, most birds have very big personalities and often require very specific care. Owners should always take into account issues such as bird play times, entertainment, cage size and...

House Sparrow History

Discussion of house sparrow history, including how the bird was introduced to the New World, how it has successfully become the world's most abundant songbird and what threats it now faces.

Learn More About the Double Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot

If you want to learn about Double Yellow Headed Amazons, then you've come to the right place. Double Yellow Headed Amazons make great pets for the right owners. Check out this species profile for help deciding if a Double Yellow Headed Amazon is the right bird for you.

How to Make a Male Canary Sing

The male canary is known for his exuberant lilting song. Only male canaries sing, so often when a new pet canary won't sing it's because the bird was misidentified and is really a female. It's impossible to tell the sex of a canary by sight, and females are often accidently sold as males. Male canar

Four Tips For Buying a Pet Canary

If you're thinking about buying a pet canary, there are a few things you need to know beforehand.This article will give you a few tips.

How to Build a Field Shelter

Field shelters can be a way to support habitat for certain bird species as well as a lovely addition for any birdwatcher. Whether you are building a field shelter for your backyard, a nearby field or marsh it's heartwarming to see your shelter inhabited by friends of flight. The following will lead

How to Kill Mites on a Parakeet

Like many other types of pets, parakeets are prone to mites. There are three main types of mites that parakeets usually encounter: red mites, scaly face mites and feather mites. These types of mites can cause skin and feather irritation, scaly growths and either restlessness -- such as excessive pre