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Information on Checking & Savings

Bank customers looking for a safe place to deposit money may choose a checking or savings account at almost any financial institution. Though these accounts offer a number of benefits, including interest payments on the account balance for some accounts, customers must exercise caution to avoid expe

How to Check Old Bank Accounts

If you are moving to a new home or cleaning out the house of a deceased relative, you may come across old bank cards and statements and want to check whether the account is closed or if there are any funds remaining. When you can't locate the original institution, there are other ways you can check

How do I Request a Credit Freeze Online for Georgia?

Identity theft is a frightening prospect because of the damage it can do to your credit rating. Delinquent debts, collection accounts and even default judgments the thief has incurred in your name hinder your ability to obtain new credit. By placing a security freeze on your credit reports, you can

How Long Does a Late Payment Affect Your Credit Score?

Late payments on your credit accounts can cost you in both late fees and damage to your credit score. While a single instance of a late payment may not do too much damage to your credit rating, it can trigger concern in other creditors which can raise your interest rates. Keep an eye on your payment

How to Apply to Be a Limousine Driver in Atlanta

In Georgia, all limousine drivers are required to have permits. As a driver, you can obtain the permit only once you are employed by a limousine company. This means that when you apply for a job to be a limo driver in Atlanta, you must have already been in training for two weeks before you can apply

Fastest Way to Repair Credit

If you struggle with poor credit, you aren't alone. Many Americans struggle with bad credit due to a variety of circumstances, including job loss or health issues. Repairing credit is an important step to securing better interest rates on loans, gaining employment and even getting insurance. Credit

How to Set Up an Educational IRA

You cannot start too early to save for a child's college education, and an educational IRA is one tool that is available to help you prepare for that upcoming expense. An educational IRA, also known as a Coverdell Education Savings Account, allows you to save and invest money for your child's educat

Phases of Retirement

Understand the phases of retirement.retirement worries image by Jale Evsen Duran from Fotolia.comWhile many workers spend their lives dreaming about retirement, some of those workers will find that retirement is not a single event. Rather, retirement consists of a number of phases, and...

How to Get Your Complete Credit Report History Online

With the economy in its current state, most people know that credit is extremely tight. Without a pristine credit rating and a credit score in the 600's or above, you have no chance of getting accepted for any loan whatsoever. If you are looking for a car loan, mortgage, or even just a credit card,

Legit Grants

Though an offer out of the blue to apply for a government grant may seem too tempting to pass up, you'll want to proceed with caution -- especially if the offer comes unsolicited and with an application fee attached. Legitimate government grants are available through the U.S. government with no appl

How to Create a Tutoring Flyer

If you offer tutoring, creating a flyer is a great way to advertise your services. A flyer is a single sheet of advertising that can include graphics, but usually presents copy. The copy can be persuasive, or the copy can be informative, meaning it conveys the facts about the services provided. One

Which Should You Choose - Roth IRA or Traditional?

Taxes and death are life's tw certainties, or so goes the classic saying. Fortunately when it comes to IRAs we have some options at least about when we pay those taxes. Most people seem to ...

When to Drop Collision Insurance?

Collision insurance will cover the damage to your car, regardless of who is at fault in the accident. However, it does not cover the cost of damage inflicted on the other person's car. The amount that you have to pay for this coverage will depend on your driving record, value of the car, and risk fa

Can a Collection Agency Pull My Credit?

When you request a copy of your credit report, you can review not only your current and past accounts and payment information, but also which companies have evaluated your credit file in the recent past. Collection agencies sometimes pull the credit reports of debtors in the hopes of gleaning inform

The Logic in Not Trusting Automated Systems

Automated trading systems include Forex robots and trading signal software. The latter is a milder type of robot. Instead of performing the trades on behalf of the human like a robot does, it will just ...

Prime Advantages of Opting for the Offshore Investment

Offshore investment has always been a beneficial investment for many and it will remain so. You can trust the assets protection companies and claims if you really want to establish your organization and business in ...