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Stages Of A Financial Loss

The Internet has a lot of information. I have tried to make money because I thought that would fix my money problems. I also have investigate all the emotions I felt and why I felt ...

Family Wealth Strategies

When building family wealth, every cent money money image by Arman Zhenikeyev from Fotolia.comIt is true that money doesn't grow on trees, but you can manufacture wealth for your family with detailed financial planning. To develop family wealth, it's important to know what...

Credit Restoration Help

Credit restoration involves fixing a low credit score and improving your credit habits. Credit history determines if you are eligible for loans and credit cards and, if you are approved, credit scores determine the interest rate you pay. Some consumers have a bad credit rating because they don't kno

How to Arrange Giving Money to Children After Death

Parents typically want their children to inherit any money left after passing away. This allows the children to be more financially secure for the future. However, ownership of money, similar to any other asset within an estate, must be transferred legally. To set this up, you can use wills, estate

Education Requirements for Environmentalists

Educational programs in environmental disciplines are on the rise, according to an August 2009 "USA Today" article by Jillian Berman. As agencies, organizations, businesses and the government take the environment into consideration, relevant education and training becomes increasingly important. Tho

Income Requirements for Food Stamps in Oregon

In Oregon, like other states, people with little income and assets are eligible to receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program payments, or food stamps. Food stamps are given out every month and can be used only to purchase food from participating retailers. Food stamps cannot be traded or exc

How to Go From SSI to SSD

Social Security Disability Insurance or SSDI and Supplement Security Income or both programs provided by the Social Security Administration to assist with financial needs. SSDI is funded by payments made to Social Security through employment and is paid based on the length of work history. SSI is th

How to Fund a Defined Benefit Pension Plan

A defined benefit pension plan is a plan where an employer promises an employee a specified monthly amount upon their retirement. The amount is predetermined by a formula based on earnings history, years of service with the company and their age. Instead of depending on investment returns like other

How Can I Change or Protest a Credit Score?

Your FICO credit score is based directly upon the information contained within your credit report. According to MyFico, 35 percent of your score reflects how well you pay your bills, 30 percent is how much debt you have, 15 percent is the length of your credit history, 10 percent reflects the types

How to Increase a Credit Score Without Credit Cards

Having a good credit score determines your ability to obtain credit. A good credit score also helps to obtain a good interest rate when applying for credit. Your credit history determines your credit score, and is detailed in your credit report. Often times, there are errors in your credit report w

An Easy Way to Build Credit

It is important for young adults to establish a good credit history so they can show lenders their good financial standing when it comes to making larger purchases, such as a vehicle or home. A good credit history not only helps when it comes to financing options, but can also make a difference in a

Inspection Checklist for Homebuyers

When you are in the market for a new home, you want to make sure any home you buy will be a quality residence. A professional home inspection usually is done before purchase, but this costs money and there might be no need to hire an inspector once you have had a look yourself. A self-inspection can

7 Ways To Increase Your Net Worth

If you've calculated your net worth and it's less than what you'd hoped, don't be alarmed! There are lots of way to increase that number, starting today.

Wages & Benefits of an LPN

Licensed practical nurses complete training programs of about one year and work with patients under the supervision of physicians and registered nurses. The benefits an LPN receives depends on whether or not she is full-time, and wages vary based on factors such as the industry and location in which

How Does the Federal Government FERS Retirement System Work?

Retirement plans are a common employment benefit, helping employees to plan for their later years and providing additional value to the time they spend working. Common retirement plans include IRA contributions and 401(k) plans. For federal civilian employees, however, the Federal Employee Retiremen

IRA Account Withdrawal Regulations

Congress created individual retirement accounts, or IRAs, to provide tax incentives to encourage retirement savings. To prevent people from abusing the tax incentives for money not being saved for retirement, the Internal Revenue Service sets rules about withdrawals from the accounts.

Debt Validation & Credit Repair

For individuals whose credit rating suffers due to one or more collection accounts appearing within their credit reports, debt validation may be an effective method of credit repair. Debt validation allows an individual to request that the credit bureaus remove negative collection accounts if a coll

How to Change a Receiver's Name With Western Union

After you have sent a money transfer using Western Union, you may find that you need to change the recipient. You can do this as long as the money transfer hasn't been paid to the original recipient yet.