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Rules for Drawing Social Security for Divorced Persons

People who work and pay Social Security tax are entitled to receive Social Security retirement benefits. If you are the spouse or divorced spouse of a person who is entitled to receive these benefits, you are also entitled to receive retirement benefits based on your spouse or ex-spouse's work. To b

About the Blue Book Value for Used Cars

Kelley Blue Book, often referred to as the "Blue Book," offers online vehicle appraisal guides to help buyers and sellers determine fair pricing. The Blue Book offers pricing for used and new car purchases, private sale and trade-in values. It serves as one of several appraisal guides available to t

The Best Way to Find Out All of Your Credit Scores

Your credit scores give lenders and creditors a quick assessment of your financial history through a score ranging from 300 to 850. You can expect lenders, utility companies, insurance companies and even some employers to review your credit scores. You may not realize that numerous credit scores exi

Will I Still Get My Return If My Wages Are Being Garnished For a Student Loan?

For taxpayers who owe money on their student loans and are in the process of seeing a wage garnishment as a result, the prospect of a tax return may be dim. The decision depends on the type of student loan you have, the terms of the wage garnishment and how much more you have left to pay on the loan

How do I Calculate What a Dollar Was Worth in 1963?

A dollar will change value only in relation to the amount of inflation from one year to another year. To calculate how much a dollar was worth in 1963, you need a second date to compare the dollar value with. This will show you how much a dollar is worth in that year's dollars. For example, if you c

FHA Credit Score Qualifications

Your credit history and credit score are the two most important factors that determine if your mortgage application is approved. The housing market disaster of the early 21st century forced many lenders to tighten their mortgage underwriting and credit score requirements. On Sept. 3, 2010, the Feder

How to Make a New Credit File

You cannot legally create a new credit identity if you have delinquent payments, repossessions, bankruptcy or other credit problems. You do have the power to get some credit report entries removed and focus on building up positive items in your file. The law places limits on the reporting periods fo

Reasons to Have a Second Checking Account

The personal checking account has become ubiquitous with the advent of ATM cards, or debit cards as they are known today. Also, because companies may often save significant amounts in banking fees if they pay their employees by automatic deposit, you need an account to get paid. It is...

Inherited IRA Options

IRAs are Individual Retirement Accounts that shelter you from taxes during your working years. Then, during retirement, the IRA allows you to draw an income. This income may be taxed, if it's a traditional IRA, or it may be tax-free, if it is a Roth IRA. However, if you inherit an IRA, you must unde

How Are Checks Paid?

Some say money makes the world go round. Of course, that money isn't always cash. The check is a long-standing means of settling debts.

How to Switch a 401(k) to a Roth

Transferring money from an employer sponsored traditional 401(k) to a Roth IRA is known as a rollover conversion and procedurally fairly simple. However, there are many things that factor in to how and when you complete this conversion. First, you must qualify for a 401(k) withdrawal. Second, you w

How to Make a Creative Word Wall

Whether you're a teacher, tutor, home educator or parent of a child, word walls are a great way to measure children's vocabulary and encourage learning in a fun manner. All it takes are a few art supplies and an open wall to work on. With a word wall, you can track children's progress in vocabulary,

Florida Unemployment Eligibility Rules

Florida Statute 443.191 dictates the establishment and control of the unemployment compensation trust fund. The fund must be kept separate from all other public funds. It also holds the advances from the amount in the federal unemployment compensation trust fund, which are credited to Florida's acco

The Benefits and Downfalls of a Variable Annuity

There are many different pros and cons of variable annuity investments, and before you go ahead and make the investments make sure that you have a variable annuity explained to you. When you are investing ...

How to Find a Merchant Account

Merchant accounts are critical tools for business owners. If you desire to receive payments via credit or debit cards, a merchant account must be in place to process the charges. On the surface, the process may seem cut and dry -- in reality, setting up a merchant account is often tedious and time c

How an IRA Works

Roth and traditional Individual Retirement Accounts, or IRAs, each provide a different type of tax savings for money an individual puts aside for retirement. Both types of accounts are inexpensive to maintain and flexible.

How Can I Pay Off Loans Sooner?

Loans help consumers achieve home ownership, buy a vehicle, go to college and achieve other financial goals. While useful, you also pay interest on the amount borrowed, adding to its cost. Paying off your loan in a shorter period of time means you pay less interest and eliminate the debt for a lower

Grants & Scholarships for Mentally Retarded People

An intellectual disability, sometimes referred to as mental retardation, limits a person's intellectual ability and often their social behavior. Usually mental disabilities, including Down Syndrome, are apparent in a person before they are 18 years old. One way to test for intellectual disabilities

Conditions of Buying a New Car

Several financing or lease options may exist for your new car purchase, so you may need good to excellent credit for approval depending on the lender or method of purchase you choose. If you want to pursue manufacturer discounts, restrictions may also apply. Expect to also pay various fees and your