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Party on a Blue Flag Beach

At present there are 4 beaches in Puerto Rico with this standard. While there are only 4 categories, there are over 29 criteria to fulfill in each of them put together. The Blue Flag beaches at present are: Cana Gorda which is located on the southwest coast..

Labor Day Deals in Chicago

Jeff here with yet another can't-miss holiday destination. Our Labor Day series concludes in one of my all-time favorite hot spots - The Windy City. I travel here time and time again to catch Cubs games at Wrigley Field and Bulls games at the United Center, take relaxing walks at Lincoln Walk,

A Trip to Nandi Hills in Bangalore, India

Last week, I went on my second visit, or should I say, drive, down to Nandi Hills. This place lies about 60-65 kms out of the Bangalore city limits.

Abundance of babies at Singapore Zoo

The year ended with a bumper brood of babies at the Singapore Zoo with nearly 300 births and hatchings in 2010, which include endangered species like the cotton-top tamarin, pygmy hippopotamus and the Douc langur. ...

Places of tourist interest in Spain - Sagunto (Sagunt)

Sagunto, also called Sagunt is a part of the Valencia province. This moderately populated town is one of the industrialized centers of Spain. It is also a popular tourist destination. The city has a long ...

Find Festival Accommodation in Edinburgh for a Happy Hogmanay

If you're looking for the perfect place to spend new year celebrating, you can't go wrong with a Hogmanay tour to Edinburgh. You'll find plenty of festival accommodation in the city, whether your after luxury, a basic hotel or a hostel. Though chances are you'll be spending most

Darakum Luxury Nile River Cruise

MS Darakum Nile Cruise recently launched in April 2008,72 m lenghth, one of the most luxurious boats on the Nile River. You will be assured of comfort and excellent service on your trip along the Rive

How to Bring Your Family Together On Disney Vacation

Having a vacation in different places is much happier if all the members are complete. And when it comes to family bonding, Walt Disney World offers the best place to enjoy. Disney World is not ...

What to See Outside of Florence, Italy

There are many great excursions from Florence that will let you enjoy the beauty of the Tuscan countryside. Find out more by reading this article.

Holidays in Cornwall

The UK has several beautiful hot spots to go and visit for a vacation, and you do not need to go abroad to enjoy yourselves. Although we cannot guarantee the weather here, we have had our fair share of good summers and spring times, so especially when the weather is great, you are guaranteed to have

Advantages of Renting Holiday Homes in Spain

For the well-heeled Europeans, the best places to relax in Spain are the ferienh¤user. Spanien holiday homes are noted for their opulence. Excellent facilities are guaranteed even in the holiday villas located in a sleepy ...

Celebrations of Festivals at Ladakh

Not only the beautiful mountain that entirely present here but also the rich and diverse heritage culture that attract many people from various countries, also makes the Ladakh a famous touring destination. The tourist who ...

Tips For Finding Good Luxury Package Deals

Travellers can save a lot of time and money if you go for luxury package deals that combine travel as well as accommodation requirements. Luxury package deals are made after meticulous discussions and consultations. So those packages always include provisions to meet all your requirements. Finding g

Norway Tourist Destinations for Magnificent Holiday Tour

Norway is a country located in the north of Europe. It is home to many beautiful landscapes, cities and culture. Its mountains, forests, rivers and glaciers make Norway tourist destinations popular among travelers. Oslo is ...

Tips For Getting the Most Out of Your Chicago Trip

Chicago, it's always windy and subject to snow flurries right? Well, not quite. Before embarking on your trip to the "Windy City" it's important to check out the latest weather info, because this is one city that can fool you. And nothing could be worse than packing wrong for a t

Things To Do Traveling to Myrtle Beach

The actual 25,1000 residents regarding Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, love site visitors. They available their gates to numerous them yearly! From its vast beaches to the abundant golf, Myrtle Beach gi

Top 3 Foods To Eat on Your Tasmanian Tour

Tasmania, one of the biggest islands of the world, is home to many unique food items. If you plan to visit the island then make sure to taste each of its unique delicacies. Otherwise, your tour to Tas