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Costumed Flasher Acquitted in School Bus Penis Flap

A man who allegedly flashed his penis at a bus full of high school honor students got off when the jury found that the penis was part of a costume. See him in the Weird Crime Mug Shot Hall of Shame.

Mark Littell's Nutty Buddy

As every Yankee fan knows, former Kansas City Royals pitcher Mark Littell can take a blow. Now, he's selling a new-fangled cup to help other men withstand a blow -- to their manhood.

Watch Confessions of a Shopaholic Movie Online

It is possible to instantly begin downloading movies you will possess the option to watch the films and retain them or you possibly can observe them the moment and delete them. You will be impressed i

Streaker Strikes

It doesn't take much to get some people to shed their clothes... and their inhibitions. See what happens when people drop trou in the most unusual places.

Daniel Examines

Photo of Daniel Examines from Lost episode 5x3, Jughead

999-999-9999 - The Phone Call of Death!

My caller ID says the incoming call is from 999-999-9999. Is it just some random telemarketer, or an evil omen foreshadowing a horrible death?

Quintin Jones

A photo of Texas death row inmate Quintin Jones from the Crime and Punishment Texas Death Row photo gallery.

European Oil Painting is a Rich Treasure of Art

European oil paintings have always influenced artists and they are preferred by art lovers or buyers willing to decorate their interiors. The popularity of these paintings have spread during the 15th


Photo of Hurley from Lost episode