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Save Your Eyes With Full Spectrum Lights

Many people may not have even ever heard of Full Spectrum lights.The ability to see, really see, what we are doing is something we take for granted, especially when we are very young.However, as early as twenty years of age, there begins a slow but steady reduction in the amount of light that enters

How to Tell If Your Children Need Glasses?

More and more children become short-sighted nowadays, parents are worried about this issue. How to know if the children are short-sighted? Where to buy the best glasses are all the problems faced. The article tells you all this.

Eye Health Research and Studies

Find WebMD's comprehensive coverage of eye health research & studies including medical reference, news, pictures, videos, and more.

How to Improve Eyesight Without Surgery

Several foods are packed very well with good nutrients that they have gained the name "Super foods", and they are also alleged to contain healing qualities to decrease the danger of heart disease and cancer. A lot of these super foods also have qualities that better eyesight or decrease th


Dry eye is one of the commonest eye problem in modern time, affecting 15-40 percent of the population above the age of 30 years. Use of computer and several drugs tool cause dry eye. It is more common

Tips To Appear Ten Years Younger

The tendency of many women is to increase the amount of foundation as they age. They worry about changes in the texture and tone of the skin as they mature so they keep adding more makeup. As a result, it is easy to develop a mask-like effect that accentuates fine lines on the face.

Contacts Versus LASIK

Why consider contacts when one of the reasons for having LASIK performed is to become free of lenses or eyeglasses?Because, the fact is that even many successful LASIK surgery recipients will later on need to be prescribed eyewear.

How To Apply Eyeliner

Whether you choose a soft line or a stunning stroke, you can decorate the window to your soul by spending just a few minutes eyeliner with a pencil in front of a mirror. In addition, because you are still working on your eyes, you are obliged to disturb your mascara so that it to flake off.

Eye Tests For VDU and Computer Screen Users

It may be a little known fact but Health & Safety Regulations have set down a specified requirement which instructs employers to provide regular eyesight tests for staff who use a VDU (Visual Display Unit or Computer Screen) at work. For those with undetected sight problems, the eye test can be a vi

LASIK Eye Surgery Can Also Be Used For Farsightedness

As LASIK eye surgeries are received by many nearsighted patients, people tend to think that such surgeries are just for people with myopia. But the fact is that LASIK surgery is suitable for any people who wear glasses. That means far-sighted people can also receive LASIK surgery.

The Effects Of The Allergies To The Eyes And Efficient Treatment Methods

The eye allergy is a common eye disorder, which is a result of dust, pollen, contact lenses, animal hair etc. The symptoms are usually seen as bloodshot, itchy and watery eyes, sneezing and runny nose. The allergy symptoms usually affect people's life bad and cause an uncomfortable situation. T

Is There Hope for Glenn Beck's Eyes?

Struggling to maintain composure in front of 6,000 fans Glenn Beck disclosed that he had been diagnosed with a serious eye condition, macular dystrophy, a progressive genetic disorder that may lead to blindness. As he told his story he took a shot at health care reform, quipping that he "went t

Do Carrots Improve Vision?

While carrots do not actually improve vision, they do indeed help keep our eyes healthy. Orange carrots are high in beta carotene, which our bodies turn into vitamin A--essential for healthy retinas.

Ocular Migraine information and symptoms

Ocular Migraine ordinarily should not be cause for too much concern, however ocular migraine symptoms can impede your everyday activities that you take for granted such as Driving and Reading. Suffers

Lens Selection in Motorcycle Eyewear

We will look at different lenses and their different uses. You need to pick a good quality lens like Polycarbonate. It comes in several lens ratings.