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Best Color Contact Lenses: Where To Shop For Them

Contact lenses can really be a lot of fun. Of course there are some people that have to wear them because they have a problem with their vision, a type of impairment and they are not able or do not want to wear glasses. Whatever the case may be, the most important thing is that you know that there i

Managing Lasik Flap Buttonholes

Thin, irregular and perforated flaps seem to result from a common etiology; an inadequate coupling of the blade to the cornea. Steep corneas have been compared to tennis balls that would buckle centrally upon applying pressure.

Why Buy Eye Creams?

You may be wondering why so many individuals buy eye creams especially women. There are tons of new products hitting the shelves everyday and for those who haven't used it really doesn't know what they are missing out on. The biggest reason people buy creams is to help with the dark circle

Care and Cleaning of Your Prescription Glasses

No matter how much you are careful while handling your prescription glasses, the need for cleaning and reglazing always arises. The cause may be dirt on the lenses, scratches or misalignment of the arms. A basic knowledge regarding these, like simple polishing techniques and adjusting the arms trick

The Vitality of Wearing Work Safety Glasses

Sight is a very important sense and so does making sure it is taken care well. While you want to be free from risking your vision, it can do a big help if you wear work safety glasses when working in

Vision Improvement Without Glasses - Getting Better Vision Naturally

Nowadays, more and more people are having eye problems compared to the past ten years. The lifestyle of today is the main culprit of the degrading vision of most people. People spend more time in front of the television and computer than any other activity and some are even addicted to those conveni

Give The Gift Of Sight!

It can sometimes be hard to choose the perfect gift for a close friend or family member. Money sometimes seems best. So, instead of going with a generic gift card, why not get them something they’d really love: the gift of sight!!!?

Glaucoma-What Increases Your Risk

Factors that increase your risk for glaucoma vary according to the different types of glaucoma.Risk factors for open - angle glaucoma (OAG) include:High pressure in the eyes. Open - angle glaucoma is often associated with higher - than - normal pressure i

The Importance of Vision Eye Care

A recent report released by Vision Monday has highlighted the link between vision care and consumers general health. The research has found that regular visits to a professional optometrist for the purpose of a comprehensive eye examination, can detect early signs of chronic diseases such as diabete

Bifocal Glasses - Choosing the Right Kind for Your Eyes and Face

Now if reading glasses are stigmatized as "mature" glasses then definitely, bifocal glasses are considered by the youth as the glasses for the "old" people. What people do not really know, unless they actually wear a pair, is that if they are already suffering from presbyopia and

Prescription Eye Drops Demand Due Attention

It is observed that people give minimum amount of attention to Prescription eye drops or dilation drops prescribed by one's doctor. The vital period of the usage of Prescription eye drops is the period of nursing rather than the period of a woman's pregnancy. This is because the drugs are

Find Designer Eyewear Frames Right For Your Face

Designer eyeglasses have that extra little something you can't always find in ordinary eyeglasses. It may be the color, the shape or the embellishments; it's always the design, the quality and the panache. In addition to finding glasses that simply look fabulous, however, it is also necess

Tear Lipid Layer Deficiency

Could incomplete blinking cause a tear lipid deficiency, even in patients with unobstructed meibomian glands?

Learn More About The Different Laser Eye Surgeries Available

We have all heard of the latest and greatest regarding laser eye surgery, right? Poof! All of a sudden, no more need for those pesky glasses and contacts! Well, enjoy this guide to learning all you need to know before going under the knife!