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How to Get Rid of Red Eyes

"There are a variety of reasons you can develop bloodshot eyes, ranging from eyestrain and fatigue to colds and allergies," says Dr. Kristie Leong. Red eyes can even be the result of cold weather or a severe weather change that reduces the amount of moisture in the air. Occasionally it indicates a m

The Right Way to Wear Contact Lenses

People who are used to wearing spectacles often have a hard time adjusting to contact lenses. It may take weeks before one becomes completely comfortable with lenses.To make sure that you are wearing your contact lens the right way, follow these tips:

Don't Worry, LASIK Surgery Risks Are Minimal!

LASIK surgery is a method of non-evasive surgery that allows for the correction of vision problems. LASIK uses the assistance of a laser to reshape the cornea to produce better vision. As with any procedure there are LASIK surgery risks, but they are rare. Some of the most common risks include halos

How to Hire a Full-Time Chauffeur

When you hire a full-time chauffeur, you're employing a driver to drive you to and from your destinations on a daily basis. A full-time chauffeur earns an hourly wage in addition to you supplying the vehicle and gas. If you want a driver on call at all times, you can hire a full-time chauffeur.

Dry Eye Syndrome - Get Rid of it Today

Dry eye syndrome is not an eye problem that is not popular among people in modern times. If it is not taken care of, it can get worse and even affect our normal life. In order to treat and prevent this eye ailment effectively, we need to go through the symptoms, causes and cures of dry eyes one by o

Cataract Treatment with AcrySof ReSTOR

In the 18th Century, the cataract lens was removed through various methods where the lens could be squeezed through a small incision. By the early 20th Century, a small suction cup was invented to eas

Best five yoga and meditation destinations in India

Every Indian state is a hub of yoga centers, meditation schools, spa resorts and ashrams. The huge number of health and wellness centers leaves tourists and travelers confused over the choice. For you

Narrow Angle Glaucoma Treatment

Narrow-angle glaucoma, also called angle-closure glaucoma, is a serious eye condition that can lead to blindness if not treated immediately. According to The Glaucoma Foundation, narrow-angle glaucoma affects almost half a million people in the United States. Medication and surgery are the preferred

The Skinny On Putting in Contact Lenses

Ok, you have been wearing eye glasses for years and you are getting sick and tired of them, but the thought of putting something into your eye is making you squeamish. And it should, until you learn how to properly put contact lenses into your eyes.

Progressive Bifocals VS Traditional Bifocals

In the eyeglass lens industry, the most advanced and complex lens type is very probably progressive additional lenses (PAL). These lenses are sometimes called progressive addition lenses, varifocal lenses or just progressives for short.

Eye Exercises to Help Improve Short Sightedness

Wearing glasses and undergoing laser surgery are the most established cures for short-sightedness, also known as myopia. However, maybe you prefer not to wear glasses or contact lenses and do not have the money for laser surgery. In that case, another option is to try exercises that, according to so

Advantages & Disadvantages of Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

Soft contacts are less durable than gas permeable lenses.damaged contact len image by Melking from Fotolia.comContact lenses, a common solution to visual acuity problems, allow wearers to have perfect vision without wearing glasses. There are two main types of lenses: rigid gas permeable...

What are Multifocal Glasses

Increasing age brings with it vision disorders on which human beings have little control. It is known that after the age of forty, many individuals develop presbyopia. This eyesight problem makes simp