Don"t Make These 3 Raw Food Diet Mistakes

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Foods With Low Glycemic Index and Eating Yourself Out Of House And Home

Introduction to low glycemic index food, including a review of key factors to help make the transition a success. Reveals insights on the value of a gradual change. Explores the role of habit in both presenting resistance and also securing our gains. Yields instructive and actionable information str

Heart Healthy Meal Plans

I've been wanting to write about heart healthy meal plans for a while now. My family all seem to have heart problems, so I think this would help them out if they actually followed it. LOL, I doubt it though.

Health Benefits of Goji Berries

Also known as wolfberries, goji berries have been steadily growing in popularity during the latest years, and are consumed by many celebrities and public figures. Their usage can be traced back to thousands of years ...

Empowering Consumers - Watch Those Food Labels

Making wise choices about health-promoting foods includes avoiding a few common ingredients known to compromise health. Read further about hydrogenated fats, high fructose corn syrup and MSG products and their connection to obesity and disease.

Jumping For Joy!

Yes - I am jumping for joy!I have a couple of secrets to share.One of my secrets is that exercise has always been a challenge for me.Ugh.I'm a busy Mom.It's easy for me to put that last on my list of things to do.I don't even like the word exercise.I try not to use it with myself or w

Risk of Eating Unhealthy

As a teen, most of us do not even care if we are eating right, or begin to understand the implications of poor eating habits. As we age, however, we do begin to notice the effects of improper exercise, poor eating habits, and how they affect our health. Today, as the baby boomers begin their retirem

Exercise May Put Hip Replacement Surgeries Off the Picture

Another study reveals a new significant benefit of exercises especially to patients with bone problems. With exercise, hip replacement surgery may be off the picture. This study was funded by the Norwegian Foundation for Health ...

Learn to Eat Healthy Fast Food

If you want to maintain your on-the-go lifestyle, there really is no avoiding eating on the go.We all know that can mean disaster for any attempt at a healthy diet.But it doesn't have to be that way. Thanks to consumer demand from the millions of people like you who want to eat healthy fast foo

Lose Weight & Eat Great

Most food isn't' "real food" at all. The processed garbage we get from a bag or a box quickly leads to weight gain. For weight loss, focus on good nutrition and eat real, delicious foods.

High Fiber Bread Delicious and Nutritious

These days, adding high fiber bread into your diet is an essential. Bread is staple food that is universal to nearly every culture in the food. Because most people eat bread in some form every day, it makes sense to eat only the most healthy, high quality bread possible. Breads with high fiber will

All Natural Pain Reliever: fgxpress

Folks around the web are talking in regards into a genuine, seriously global marketing and advertising model that really is effective and additionally it is 100% Complimentary.

Are Soft Drinks Killing Us?

People seem very hesitant to link high fructose corn syrup to weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, and other health problems, but the scary truth is (whether people want to admit it or not) there is a serious connection! This super-sweet, super-concentration chemical concoction is wreaking havoc on

What is Optimal Health Anyway?

We all talk about health, but what does it really mean? How can anyone have a real discussion on optimal health without a common definition? Fortunately there is an internationally recognized definition of health and it's not about lack of symptoms.

Best Recipes for Liver Cleanse

A good lifestyle leads to a good health that will give you an energetic body and clear mind. But keeping a healthy lifestyle would be very hard to achieve with the uncontrolled pollution in our enviro

Vegetarianism - Top 10 Myths

Do you believe that vegetarians don't get enough calcium or protein? Do you think that the only way to ensure getting those nutrients is to eat meat? This article will bring light to the subject and clear up some common misunderstandings.

Why Green Tea Can Add Extra Years to Your Life

Green tea has more benefits to it than you think. Want to add extra years to your life? Green tea can help! Want to prevent a plethora of diseases? Green tea is the answer!

Good Nutrition For A Healthier Body

Make yourself look bright and feel to your body that you are healthy with appropriate nutrition. It is very vital to have nutrients in your body which will help us combat certain diseases that will ...