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Why a Healthy Diet is Better Than Any Diet Pill

An entire industry has sprung up from this desire, manufacturing diet pills and marketing them so lucratively that many people actually believe the "magic pill" might exist. A healthy diet is the best way to lose weight, combined with exercise.Long-term weight loss is a lifestyle change, n

Artificial Sweeteners - Healthy Or Harmful?

As more people turn to low carb diets as a way of healthy living, artificial sweeteners are used in a wider variety of foods to replace sugar. This article describes the history of the more common artificial sweeteners like sucralose, saccharine, aspartame, and stevia, and explains the potential hea

Places To Buy Manuka Honey

Whether you're from New Zealand or living overseas, you probably won't hear a mention of New Zealand without also hearing about Manuka Honey. Manuka Honey is one of the country's most well known products and is known all over the world for its great flavour and potential health benefi

A Vegetarian Diet Is a Healthy Heart Diet!

Making healthy food choices that are good for your heart can dramatically reduce the risk of heart disease. Thousands of Americans die each year from obesity related diseases the most common being heart disease and ...

Natural Health - Balance, Variety, and Common Sense

Every day one or two health foods are flooded into the market claiming superior health benefits. Almost every month, bookstores will stock up on books that sell health and dieting programs. On the TV, exercise programs and exercise machines are advertised to keep healthy and fit. The fact is all of

This Is the Most Common Deadly Killer - Are You Eating It?

Sugar is a chemical combination of Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen; it is a large group of carbohydrates that are soluble in water, and sweet to the taste. Depending on how the Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen are combined or uncombined, we get sucrose (cane or beet sugar), glucose or dextrose (grape sugar),

Specialized in Therapy Health Care Facilities

There is definitely a lot of confusion among the people that, which kind of medical treatment is more suitable to recover from the injury. Few say that taking medicine is appropriate, as it heals the ...

An Overview Of Wheat Intolerance

Lately, there has been a great deal of discussion about wheat allergies, wheat intolerance and gluten free meal plans. Here is what you ought to know about wheat gluten intolerance.

Child Nourishment and Kids Health Supplements

A huge array of pediatric nutritional supplements available in the market today, can well address a specific body need of your child. They are available not just in the conventional pills, capsules, or syrup form, but also as chewable tablets and soft dissolvable chews. These come in pleasant flavor

Simple Health - Two Great Age Defying Tips

Okinawa in Japan has more people over 100 per 100, 000 population than anywhere else in the world. The have the lowest death rates from the biggest known killers in modern times, that is cancer, heart disease and stroke. What Is Their Secret? This question has been studied and researched since the 1

Why Should We Be Healthy?

Food gives us life. Food makes us feel strong and gives us the energy to go about our everyday lives. Just two short weeks of not having access to food and we'll die. Considering this, you could say that food is important. Why should we be conscious of what we are constantly putting in our bodi

Glycemic Index Lifestlye

Without being aware of what is taking place inside their bodies, the effects of a "sugar crash" may be felt by most people. The body's experience of low blood sugar results in a feeling of general fatigue. When supplied with a constant supply of blood sugar, the human body will functi

Trans Fats - The Good and the Bad

Trans fats have been the talk of the nutrition world for some time now. There are two basic categories that trans fats fall under. GOOD fats help with muscle building, preventing cancer and losing weight. ...

Some Vital Aspects Of A Good Nutrition Program

The fact is that there are in order to remain healthy and fit, you must follow a healthy fitness routine. There are some nutrition basics that you must keep in mind and must also be aware of the fact that here are the essentials of a good nutrition program. Here are the main macronutrients that ever

Photo Facial Effects and its Use

Wrinkles and fine skin are the common signs of ageing. They can overcome by Botox Treatments. What is Botox? It is derived from the name Botulinum which is used as a muscle relaxing agent to ...