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What You May Not Know About Vitamin K

Vitamin K is one of those vitamins that you do not seem to hear a lot about in the media or in the doctor's office. So what is vitamin K and why should you care about it?

Are Egg Yolks Safe To Eat?

Conventional wisdom will tell you that eating the yolks of eggs will raise your cholesterol and lead to heart disease. Here at Fitness Contrarian; however, we feel the opposite. Egg yolks are the most

Don't Make These 3 Raw Food Diet Mistakes

I was interested in finding out more about the raw food diet, and as I began scouring the internet for information, I found myself slowly but surely buying into the idea. Eating whole-fresh, live foods - how could that not be good for you?

What is a Protein?

Proteins, like carbohydrates and lipids, are composed of carbons, hydrogens and oxygen. Proteins also contain nitrogen, and sometimes sulfur. The building blocks of protein are amino acids, which is a carbon structure with an acid group and a side chain.

Defining A Child's Nutrition Life Plan

The first fifteen years of a child's development is the most important. It's crucial for your child to take in various foods to maintain energy, to grow, and build a healthy body for years to come. We as parents must define their eating habits to ensure proper nutrition.

Can A Vegan Be Overweight

Yes. There are several explanations as to how this can happen. It could be that the individual is eating too much. Eating too much of anything, even vegan food, can result in weight gain. It ...

Delicious Blender Smoothies For the Whole Family

Blender smoothies are highly addictive, in a good way. The main reasons why more and more people are hooked to the healthy habit of drinking smoothies are: smoothies are delicious and nutritious.

Great Snack Choices for Fat Loss and Energy

Most people eat crap for snacks! Sorry but that's the case! Often carb or sugar loaded, these snacks can kill energy levels and often set the ball rolling for blood sugar highs and lows - the exact thing you want to keep balanced for high energy and minimal fat loss.

Massage Therapy – What are the Different Types

A very popular therapy is the Swedish massage which has become quite a favorite among most Westerners. In this form, the masseur uses long and smooth strokes along with kneading and circular movements

Choosing Organic for Health

In this article, we will look at what is required in order to call a product organic, how choosing organic eating and farming impact the environment and our health, discuss the benefits of eating organic foods, and what research says about the nutritional benefits of organically-grown produce.

2011 Diet Resolution

Almost half of American adults make New Year's resolutions. Most of them will include diet and exercise. Let this be the year you stick to your resolution and achieve your goals.

The Eat This, Not That Mentality

The eat this, not that mentality of comparing foods and swapping out one food for another has become very popular, but is it a good way to approach nutrition? This post examines this approach and explains how to get much better results by using other nutritional strategies.

Quick Late Evening Snacks That Fight Body Fat

Along the way about your daily diet, one factor that you might end up battling with every once in awhile is late evening snack. You are in your own home, bored, frequently alone, there really is not m