Don"t Make These 3 Raw Food Diet Mistakes

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Good and Bad Food? Who Else Knows Your Exact Food Needs?

Eating is intended by nature to be a very simple, very comfortable and pleasurable experience. Instead of numerous rules, dogmas, theories of what you are supposed to eat you can rely more and more on your own nature. You need just a bit of awareness in this.

Live a Quality Life; Reduce Your Chance of Developing Chronic Disease!

Our society is plagued by Cancer, Coronary Heart Disease, Strokes and Alzheimers disease, and yet we can reduce our chances of getting ill, just by improving our diet and activity levels.Do you want to live a long, quality life?Well here are 3 things you can eat this week to help you achieve this.

Try This Superfood As a Healthy Alternative to Rice

The hull of the rice kernel is a potent superfood and is one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. When we eat rice, this part of the grain has been thrown away. Find out why rice bran is considered a superfood and the important contributions it can make in overall health.

How to Develop a Meal Plan

If you have ever attempted to make your own meal plan, you know it can get rather confusing. Trying to balance caloric intake as well as the correct proportions of carbohydrates, protein and fat can seem overwhelming, to say the least!Here Are Five Tips To Make A Great And Easy Meal Plan

Flour Free Diet

Whenever anyone goes on a wheat free diet, a gluten free diet, or a yeast free diet, you are basically going on a flour free diet also, since flour usually contains wheat, yeast, or gluten. The good news however is there is a loophole to all of this and you can still enjoy recipes containing flour,

Harm On Losing Weight With Diet Pills

So many people wanted to lose weight instantly. They have been drowned by this desire because they felt like they have lost so many things being overweight. All the means to lose weight: diets, gyms, ...

Cleansing Diet for Weight Loss

Excess weight can be caused by a number of reasons from slow metabolism to sluggish thyroid.A cleansing diet for weight loss will assist your body's natural cleansing processes to rid your body of excess waste.

Reds in Season

With the arrival of the end of the year holidays I get the impression that my clients think they have a pass on doing the right thing. Not! I know there is temptation at every ...

An Avocado a Day Keeps Body Fat Away

People are terrified to eat fat. Calorie counting, non-fat diets are a craze in the dieting world, but they make no differentiation between calorie sources. In these diets all calories are created equal, but this is a dietary falsehood.

Should We Take Food Supplements?

The recommendation by doctors to use food supplements may be fairly common these days. But 25 years ago, I felt like a food supplement rebel for taking a multivitamin and mineral supplement.

5 Amazing Fat Burning Foods

If you've never heard of fat burning foods then this is the perfect place to start. I'll show you some of my personal favorites, and some of the most delicious foods that burn fat!

What do Vegetarians Eat?

In the United States , vegetarianism is usually synonymous with ovo-lacto vegetarianism; and will sometimes be assumed to tolerate some meat, for instance, chicken (or "at least" fish). It is also possible to order a ...

Nuts Nutrition Facts Revealed

A study looking at nuts nutrition facts conducted by a team of Spanish researchers found that eating a handful of nuts (3 whole walnuts, 7 or 8 whole hazelnuts or almonds) had more health benefits than boosting the olive oil in a typical Mediterranean style diet.But before you go reaching for the nu

Whey Protein Concentrate or Whey Protein Isolate - Which is Better?

With the advent of Whey Proteins, the sports nutritional industry has grasped on the value of protein supplementation and peak performance and gain. However, how much of what we are told [in marketing language] is true? Which is better? Whey Protein Isolate or Whey Protein Concentrate?

Glycemic Index Values - Weight Loss Success is All in the Numbers

There are two primary items to be concerned with on a diet based on the glycemic index. Other than the index itself, the glycemic load is the other important part. One doesn't do you much good without the other, but in combination, their glycemic index values present a road map to health and fi

How Does Oatmeal Affect the Glycemic Index Diet?

When considering oatmeal and its place in the glycemic index diet, you must be aware of the two distinct types, traditional rolled oats and instant oats. Each variety has a different 'rating'. Instant oats are high in (GI) terms, whereas the traditional, rolled oats are medium.

Glycaemic Index

The Glycaemic Index is a measure of how quickly a carbohydrate will be converted into blood glucose. In other words, it is a measure as to how long a particular food will keep you sated. Low GI meals will be absorbed slowly and supply glucose over a relatively long period of time. It provides a slow