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The 31 Day Fat Loss Cure - The Pros and The Cons

An ex US Army soldier Vic Magary, has learned the secret to staying muscular and lean and keeping the pounds off,The idea behind the fitness plan is 'If a caveman couldn't have eaten it back

Real Vitamins Only Come From Food, Most Supplements Are Useless

Vitamins are organic (live) compounds that are vital for normal health. A vitamin is a combination of dozens (sometimes hundreds) of ingredients. Real vitamins can only be found in food or food-based supplements. Most supplements are synthetic, they are made in a laboratory from petrochemicals or co

Why Drinking Water is Better Than Taking Medicine

Today, doctors do not know the many roles of water in the body. Dehydration causes loss of some functions, many sophisticated signals given by the saving leaders of the body's water savings process during severe dehydration have been translated as signs of disease conditions of the body.

Blueberries Keep Away the Blues

Blueberries can possibly keep the health blues away in the same way that apples keep the doctor away, as suggested by what we are learning about them. They are only beaten by newly known exotics ...

Metabolism Boosting Foods

When I was 29 my dad had a heart attack. According to his physician it was due to a poor diet. This really rattled me because of my own lifestyle. A health disaster was in my future considering my lack of exercise, my bad food and my smoking. You know these things are bad, right? But for some reason

Making Healthy Food Choices is a Personal Thing

Teaching kids to make healthier food choices in the midst of "real life" situations is all about teaching them that their circumstances don't define them. See how this can be simplified to fit a child's world.

Read about the Recovery Drink Substitute

Moreover towards the understanding of the crucial minerals and vitamins that are being offered to the forced muscle groups. The absorption of a recovery drink substitute similarly supports in hydratin

Cheap Healthy Meals: How To Cook Beef Ribs

Beef ribs are a very popular item with many a restaurant offering them as a specialty. The best beef ribs are slow cooked and the difference between good ribs and great ribs lies in the marinade and the sauce.

The Vegan Diet - I'm a Vegan But Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

If losing weight was your objective when choosing a vegan diet or if your are not a vegan, but losing weight is your main motivation to become one, then there are some myths we need to uncover so you won't feel cheated when trying out this diet and not seeing results. You might have notice that

5 Fantastic Health Benefits of Cabbage

Cabbage was known as the "drug of the poor" for a reason. The health benefits of cabbage could not be better. This remarkable little vegetable will do many great things for your health. Here are the top five.

Why Do I Have Chocolate Cravings?

Chocolate is packed with antioxidants and certain nutrients including iron, copper, magnesium and potassium. Your body may need more of these nutrients and crave chocolate as a response.

Why I Eat Organic

This article talks about the importance of eating organic food and why it is vital to health. It explains some of the dangers of eating pesticide sprayed foods and why organic foods contain more nutrients.

Hair Vitamins - Mens Vitamins - Liquid Vitamins 099

Liquid life supplements cover all the essential nutrientsrequired by your body.This increase contains a number of minerals, electrolytesand vitamins.Liquid life containsderived from the TRC plant

8 Ways To Eat Healthy While On The Run

Most diets are broken simply because the dieter is too stressed, too rushed or too hungry to make wise choices. Here are some strategies for help you to make wise choices while dining out or in a hurry.

How to keep your sugar levels low

There are many benefits to keeping your sugar levels low and if you can accomplish this, you can be certain that you will lose some health and you will be closer to living a healthy life as well.

Migraine Home Remedies!

A migraine home remedy is a treatment to cure a headache that employs certain spices, vegetables, or other common items. Migraine Home remedies may or may not have medicinal properties that treat or cure the disease or ailment in question, as they are typically passed along by laypersons (which have

There Are Calories In An Apple

Apples are eaten around the world. Their flavorful taste and great texture has made them one of the most popular fruits in western countries. No matter what variety you prefer, be it Gala, Granny Smit