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Cacao Nutrition - Health Benefits of Cacao

The Cacao is a tropical tree that provides one of the healthiest foods on the planet. Cacao beans are one of the leading sources of antioxidants and contain several other nutrients including healthy f

Junking Junk Food and Switching to Healthier Snacks

Many people worldwide consider snack food and junk food synonymous. But snack food doesn't have to be junk food. In fact, you can choose alternatives that are healthier than junk food being passed off as snack food.

The Sun Shines Light on Good Health

I have a confession to make - I take living in the Sunshine State for granted. I don't even think about the number of days that the sun brightens my daily outlook. My reality check came after chatting with friends in the Midwest who were so pumped up that the sun was shining. A sunny day is mor

Be Healthy - Learn the Benefits of Wheatgrass

An agricultural chemist named Charles Schnabel conducted an experiment in 1930: in an attempt to revive his ailing fowls back to health, he fed them freshly cut grass. The experiment was a success, but that's not it. The newly rejuvenated hens also produced eggs at a higher and faster rate comp

What Are Cranberries?

Cranberries are small berries that belong to the same family as blueberries. They are mainly grown in the Northern Hemisphere of Canada and United States, as well an in Europe. They are very popular in the United States and Canada for making cranberry sauce during the holidays of Christmas and Thank

How Can You Gain Maximum Nutritional Benefits From The Colorful Fruit Basket?

There are innumerable health benefits of drinking fruit juices according to nutritionists. People of all ages should drink fresh fruits juices prepared at home to prevent disease and improve health. Besides satiating sugar cravings, fresh fruit juices also help us intake maximum amount of nutrition

How to choose a Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Program Choosing a weight loss program or diet is an important decision and it should be approached with careful thought. You should do research by reading about the diet or weight loss program ...

Should Medical Students Learn More About Nutrition and Disease Prevention?

In the U.S., more people are being treated by diseases that can easily be prevented such as smoking, obesity, and heart failure, just to name a few. In 2008, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that five diseases account for more than 65 percent of the deaths of American me

The Facts About Carbohydrates In Pizza

People that are living with diabetes or those on a diet that restricts carbohydrate consumption, may be wondering if they can eat a slice of their favorite pie or not. For those that are wondering, ...

Red Yeast Rice and Its Significance to the Body

Red yeast rice is a kind of fermented rice that got its reddish purple color during fermentation with the mold Monascus purpureus. It is produced by first soaking the rice in plain water until the grains have completely absorbed the water. The soaked rice can be either sterilized or cooked before in

Alcohol Cravings - How Can Food Reduce Your Desire To Drink?Part Two

Recent studies show that eating certain foods can support a reduce alcohol intake.It is possible to reduce your alcohol cravings by changing your diet. In Part Two of this article: find out why malnourishment, hypoglycemia and coffee increase desire for a drink. Plus get a list of the top foods for

Top 10 benefits of wheat grass

Wheatgrass is the most powerful plant in the vegetative world which has a number of health benefits. It is, in fact, said to be the root of a healthy living. Wheatgrass can be consumed in a number of

How to Maintain Your Diet When Dining Out - 10 Tips

I've seen it time and time again; a diligent dieter eating clean all week long, then Friday night comes along and one restaurant meal throws all their efforts out the window. All the delicious sounding menu options, not to mention the yummy dishes your tablemates are ordering, can really tempt

Vegetable Juices RecipesDo It Yourself

Vegetable juices recipes? Do they taste good? Yes - hang out with me for a moment and see the benefits. If you’re looking for a quick, simple way to detoxify your body, you absolutely can’t do better than drinking vegetable juices. Read on to learn more…

Protein Powder Weight Gain little problem?

Protein Powder Weight Gain little problem?If u r fat shud u take protein powder substance gain or shud u not ? if i were overweight, i would not take it, if i took any supplement or what not it would

Why Most Commercialized Diet Food Plans Just Don't Work

Little prepackaged boxes of chemical laden foods called all sorts of fancy names are not going to do a thing for you. Most diet food plans just don't work. The best you can hope for is to lose a few pounds and then gain them right back as soon as you start eating normally.

Everyday Superfoods for Good Health

In this fast changing world, full of stresses in the home and in the workplace, people sometimes find refuge in eating. But eating should not only come as a form of pleasure to satisfy your ...

Switch To A Vegetarian Diet For A Longer And Healthier Life

The common belief that eating meat makes you strong is unfounded and misleading. The super-strong elephant, gorilla, rhinoceros and horse all sustain their great physical strength and stamina by eating only vegetation. Based on present evidence, there is nothing to suggest that meat is beneficial to