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Nutrition and Supplements at Any Age

No matter what your age happens to be, you need to eat a nutritious, healthy diet. Learn how nutrition needs change throughout life, and the roles that vitamins and other dietary supplements take to fill in the nutritional gaps.

3 Diet Secrets Revealed

Trying to lose weight but just aren't getting anywhere. Losing weight can be easy if you know the right way to do it. I have lost over 30 pounds just by eating the right foods, and eating the right amount. Here are a few tricks of the trade.

Healthy Choices on the Hotel Menu

I travel a lot with via my company, and as such stay in hotels. I could benefit from losing a few pounds, however have a tendency to eat the food on the hotel set of choices where I remain. Is there certain options that are more healthy?

How Much Protein Do You Really Need?

Everyone pulls a book from a shelf, reads an article from a magazine, or watches a news program about a particular diet plan and thinks it will automatically work for them. The problem is that while the concept of the diet may work correctly and as advertised, it may not work in reality because ther

Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea: Effects of Oxidation

Unlike black tea, just to get the benefits of green tea, it needs to be imported to the western countries. The benefits of drinking green tea are that valuable that the tea is requested to ...

About Basil

If we turn back to the past, then the Basil was not one of the admired herbs. There was essentially some competition which certainly reviled it. In fact 'Basil' the word originated from the saying 'fragrant'. Although, the earliest people did not identify the good uses of Basil e

In Defense Of Salt, Sugar And Fat: Chemicals Are The Culprit

Salt, sugar and fat have become buzz words but chemicals are the bigger problem. Unnatural ingredients create unnatural appetites. Don't be a victim of science. Drop unwanted weight by changing your food selection criteria. Choose Mother Nature's finest. Eat food as it is found in nature.

The Top 10 Diet Tips

Here are the top 10 diet tips. In fact, these are the only diet facts you need ever know!

Weight Loss Is Mind Over Exercise Instead of Mind Over Matter

For many, exercise is something that they get tired from just watching someone else do and something that they just don't bother doing themselves. This is one of the worst things people can do, because it is important that everyone get a certain amount of exercise every day. Without enough exer

Health Benefits of Blackcurrant

Many of us can name the advantages a fruit like orange or apple or banana has on the human body. Some of us can even name the chemical compounds that are present in those fruits that are helpful to the human body. At the same time, a majority of us wouldn't be able to name even one of the medic

Healthy Food Tips: Food Substitution for Weight Loss

Staying healthy and maintaining a normal weight is all about choosing the right foods. Some foods provide most of their calories from fat and sugar, while others are rich in complex carbohydrates and fiber. You can make simple ingredient substitutions to create healthy recipes that taste and look am

Alkaline Stomach For a Balanced Inner Terrain

You have to get an alkaline stomach if you want to have a balanced inner terrain. With a balanced inner terrain, you will have a healthier and leaner body. You will lose weight and you will gain energy to do your daily tasks without any aches and pains or any huffing or puffing.

Elderberry And Its Health Benefits

Elderberries come from a tree known as the Elder or Elderberry. It is native to North America and grows to approximately ten feet. European trees are different in that they grow taller to 25 feet. These trees have been used for several years to help with a variety of health problems. Recently, studi

Balanced Diet

Due to the existence of high-level stress jobs, maximum people all over the world eat a lot of fast food and do not indulge in a healthy balanced diet. This, in the long term, gives birth to chronic diseases like heart attacks and cancer.

9 ways to eat healthier right now

Food marketers and fitness proponents, both are cashing in on the consumer anxiety and fetish with health. Yet, junk foods and several other foods with no nutrition are hogging shelve space

Decide on Higher Quality Food For Your Health

Choosing better food gains you better health. The article suggests three foods choices to improve your health eating habits. (1) Leaner meats, (2) Cinnamon, and (3) Acai Berry.

The Benefits of Organic Acai Berry

Organic food items have recently been more popular due to the common belief that they have a more nutritious value and antioxidant content. This has led to the rise in popularity for organic foods. Fo

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Good nutrition is very important to maintain a healthy body and for it you have to take enough macronutrients and micronutrients.